What to say to parents if caught with weed.

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  1. Weedman1333 Weedman1333

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    Hey, i'm a fellow stoner. I'm kinda new. I'm young as well. I'm wondering what is something to say if my parents catch me high or with weed. Should I tell them I found it and was curious or what? Also, what are some things I could use in a sploof instead of Dryer Sheets or Bounce Sheets?
  2. Malliwirapesheake Malliwirapesheake

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    i will probably be greatly unpopular for saying this but you are so better off waiting till you have your own place and know what you are going to do... it is not the best idea when you are younger... i know it is not the end fo the world if you do...but it like alcohol can have more effects on you when you are still growing... not to mention your parents are not likely to handle it well... better to defend it first and feel out their position rather than get caught with it... if they are dead set against it you will only be looking at several long years of distrust and suspicion if they catch you... it is just an opinion... but you have alot to do over the next few years till you line things up so that you can live happy and productively.... bad time for distractions... i think the closer you are to 18 the better you will be equipped to handle it... but that is just my opinion... best bet is dont do it around them ever and if you get caught it is always your first time and you DID NOT like it... and remember VIzine and those kind of meds are bad for your eyes over time... only the natural stuff like saline drops are ok for repeated use and they dont work as well for some people... but seriously at the risk of sounding like a total party killer..wait till you are on your own...you have plenty of good smoking days ahead but think of what you are going to do/be first... make sure it lines out...
  3. XplodingDuck XplodingDuck

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    It really depends on the situation. If your parents find a bag of weed, yeah you can pull the "I was just trying it" card. But if you have a lot of smoking-related items and they find those, the curious excuse is total BS.

    My suggestion would be just to tell the truth no matter what, it's a lot easier in the end, trust me, been there done that. I know that probably sounds lame but it's a lot easier to just tell the truth than have to keep up with your lies.

    For the sploof:
    You could use old socks or clothing, but it will probably start to stink after a while.
  4. Bud Is good Bud Is good

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    The turth gets you in alot less trouble than lying..

    I suggest having them rent The Union..That should clear up some of the lies they have been brainwashed into thinking is the truth..
  5. Kranter Kranter

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    The truth is way better. Its so much easier in the end.
  6. new2twistinup new2twistinup

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    parents know that their kids will experiment with illicit drugs sooner or later so the first time is usually pretty innocent but the 2nd and 3rd is a different story...
  7. m1dg3tj3sus m1dg3tj3sus

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    Just be honest, if they catch you in a lie you won't gain their trust back for a long time.

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