What's so good about a bong?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by theman33, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. theman33 theman33

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    I'm pretty new, BUT ANYWAY:
    what is the feature about a bong that makes it so much better than using a pipe? I have a pretty big pipe which i can take huge hits off of. I get pretty baked off it.

    and if I were to get a bong, I would only be able to get a small one, would that be better than using my pipe?
  2. Frid Frid

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    well. The water will cool the smoke to let you take WAY bigger rips "rips are hits from bongs. Called rips because the of the big amounts know after hitting a bong". A bong is also alot cooler looking than alot of pipes. Vapes are the best thing to get tho but not so good for begginer smokers. Toke on
  3. xM1DN1GHT T0K3R xM1DN1GHT T0K3R

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    huge rips, smooth smoke, general fun awesomeness.
  4. Juank Juank

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    You can take bigger hits because it's cooled. The high comes on more intensely because you're taking more at once.

    The hits aren't as harsh as the hits from a pipe, but it's all personal preference.
  5. burdturd burdturd

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    You can get absolutely retarded.
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  6. T0K3N00B T0K3N00B

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    If you get a bong I highly suggest you use cold water (ice cold) here are the benefits with cold water:

    Very cool hits
    Bigger hits
    Less wasted (because you take HUGE hits so the weed doesn't burn as much as it would if you took a hit, exhaled, and repeated a lot from a pipe
    Much more enjoyable because you do not get those really bad chest burns
  7. Frid Frid

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    want all that plus somthing even better? It is hot enough to make all the thc release into a vapor and you dont get all the bad extra crap. ITs called a vaporizer. Buy one youll see.

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