Whats The Best Weed For A First Time Smoker?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by JayShad, May 31, 2010.

  1. JayShad JayShad

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    Alright, I'm new to this site and will be smoking weed for the first time next week. Just wanted to ask what's the best weed to start out with if that even makes sense. Oh and I guess some tips, what not to do or a brief first time experience. Thanks. :)

    Welp. My bad. I posted this yesterday but couldnt find it anywhere. Again, new to this site. Ill leave it up though.
  2. Freshness420 Freshness420

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    Ha I'd say if you can find Sour Diesel that would be the best first strain.

    Just kidding unless you want to get incredibly stoned then I'd say if you even hear Sour Diesel then ask about it. I know my first time I just wanted to get a little high and my friend only had mids(which is like the bare minimum of weed). Kind of like the cheap stuff when it comes to weed, but it still gets the job done. Make sure you smoke as much as possible your first time.

    Good luck my friend.
  3. Buzzby Buzzby

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    I'd say go with a medium potency Indica, if you really have a choice. The most important thing for a first-timer is not to overdo it. Cannabis starts to take effect as soon as you inhale, but it doesn't reach it's peak strength until ten minutes later. A lot of beginners, not knowing this, smoke up a whole bunch very quickly. When it reaches it's peak, they find that they're more altered than feels comfortable. This can lead to a panic attack, which, besides being very unpleasant in and of itself, can make you prone to panic attacks in the future because you're anxious about having one.

    I'd suggest that you take a hit or two and then wait ten minutes. At that point you can decide if you want more. Repeat this cycle until you get as high as you want to be.

    A lot of people don't get high the first (second, third, fourth) time they smoke, so don't be too disappointed if you don't get much of a reaction.
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  4. yoshi31 yoshi31

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    Thats a good advice there ;).
    But I did the opposite haha, smoked some good mids, taking loong hits. I was stting in my patio and then after around 10 hits i thought i was not getting high. I just standed up and damn it it was so good hahah. Walked to my room and listened to music in the floor. It can also be great to be stoned out of your mind on your first time.. that way you will remember it forever hahah.
  5. High High

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    Buzzby - stoner buddah of knowledge..
  6. rocknroll0258 rocknroll0258

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    Yeah, definitely don't do anything really dank the first time. You'll get kicked out of the YMCA. Trust me.
  7. DankMoose DankMoose

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    Just get mid's/regs your first time, it'll mess you up pretty good. You'll get used to it in a while.
  8. partysmasher partysmasher

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    I'm with Buzzby... you likely won't even have a choice.
  9. buddlydoright buddlydoright

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    this is terrible advice. Get some regular shwag or mids for your first time. Then I would suggest taking a hit and waiting a bit to see if you want another one. Sometime people can smoke too much their first time and put themselfs in a panic attack. So take it easy and just chill and relax.
  10. buddlydoright buddlydoright

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    exactly!!! I wish I would've read your post before posting mine.
  11. SaNcT17 SaNcT17

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    I'd suggest smoking an anti-anxiety strain if you want to get a pleasant high on your first time. Something like strawberry cough or flo would be great.
  12. SpiralSpindle SpiralSpindle

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    Cannabis sativa would probably be the best. Don't wanna smoke no garlic mustard or anything.
  13. TheRealTupac TheRealTupac

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    Buy snacks you will fucking thank me once you're high and stay indoors get high for the first time otherwise you wont erm enjoy it if you're with people you don't really trust:D enjoy my fellow junckie:rolleyes:
  14. TheRealTupac TheRealTupac

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    People dont get high the first time? LOL... must be their rolling or not inhaling also @ the OP dont use alot of weed to get high or you'll get a tolerance believe me you wont want that and don't listen to anyone who says to smoke more and more because more and more=less weed happy tokin :angel:

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