Whats your favorite thing to watch while high?

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by Calypso, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Calypso Calypso

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    Wuts your favorite move/TV show to watch while blazed?My favorite movie to watch is the Crow and my favorite TV show is MXC. :chokin:
  2. DDButter DDButter

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    Family Guy!

    Probably in the wrong forum btw
  3. Up In Smoke Up In Smoke

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    I totally agree with you that MXC is the best/funniest show to watch. Family Guy is hilarious, but then havent been producing them in a while, so ive pretty seen every episode. Sometimes i'll watch the most random channel and just watch it, somtimes it gets really interesting, sometimes; not soo much. I'll watch anything that looks interesting. Good Channel for that is Discovery Channels, they have a lot, and TLC. (samething)
  4. Redline Redline

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    OMG!!!! i bought both DVD sets just so i could watch them high.
  5. Skyline Skyline

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    I have the 4 DVD box set for Family Guy. I can laugh my ass off for hours to that stuff.
  6. LawnBoy LawnBoy

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    Late Night with Leno then Conan.
    Or a live music dvd such as ,

    Grateful Dead: View from the vault I,II,III
    Grateful Dead: The closing of Winterland
    Grateful Dead: New Years Eve
    Allman Brothers: Live at Beacon Theatre (2003)
    Allman Brothers: Live at Great Woods
    Phish: Bittersweet Motel

    and so many others but especially those
  7. dopenose dopenose

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    Most of the things that LawnBoy said, I'm also a fan of watching south park.
  8. ManMulcahey ManMulcahey

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    Phish - Bittersweet Motel. (God that movie is so good, i tear up at one point)
    Phish - Live in vegas.
    Deazed And Confused.

    For tv
    Family Guy
  9. TimeGuardian TimeGuardian

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    Haha, the family guys awsome man. I love that show.. the baby is the best. :laugh:

    I saw the simpsons medical marijuana episode today guys and it was funny as heII. Homer gets a promotion lol, and homer and otto in the attic! "and otto spelled back wards is otto".."now im scared" lol

  10. SmokerForPeace SmokerForPeace

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    What is MXC?
  11. DaDornta DaDornta

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    Well I LOVE watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. I think Big-O, Family Guy, Futuramma, Space Ghost, Brak Show, and Cowboy BeBop are awesome. They were showing a 6-episode mini-series called "FLCL" which ROCKED. I had to download all 6 episodes. It's so crazy that your like "huh?!" the whole time even when your not high...but it all makes sence eventually.
  12. sHo'nUFF sHo'nUFF

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    The X-Files is the trippiest thing to watch.
  13. Calypso Calypso

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    MXC is Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

    Btw I was watching Family Guy when i started this thread :cool:
  14. GrassyAss GrassyAss

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    I like to watch COPS when high. Also Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Adult Swim is hillarious too. I usually watch whatever I can find that's good and watch it.
  15. chunti boy chunti boy

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    Most extreme elimination challenge=a whole bunch of retarded asian ppl doing some lame ass games while their voices are dubbed over.FUNNY AS HELL
    MXC and Family guy-made by stoners for stoners
  16. strict9 strict9

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    That 70's Show & King of the Hill .. best shows on TV :)
  17. GreensTHC GreensTHC

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    i just watch movies or howard stern some mtv bet comedy central some 2pac
  18. Experience Haze Experience Haze

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    I DO NOT CONCUR! the evil monkey is the best, like my avatar?
  19. Mookie_Hustle Mookie_Hustle

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    Chappelle's Show is hand down the funniest show i have ever seen!!
  20. FitShaced FitShaced

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    yea adult swim kicks ass.sux they dont show Lupin the 3rd anymore that show was great.gotta love the history,discovery,science channels too.

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