What's Your Pipe's Name?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by KewlBum, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. bfaulkner420 bfaulkner420

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    Just ordered a new zoom tube its a 7 in. one made by grav labs with a green label I'm gonna call it monster because it's got green and smoking it will make me feel good so it will be like I'm drinking a monster but I'm smoking instead. Only reason why I ordered it was because I gave my college friend last december my old zoom tube same brand but it was 5 in and had an orange label and we called it blue balls because the parts used to make sure it stayed level if you put it on a flat surface was blue.
  2. ashleebaybay ashleebaybay

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    I just bought a pipe a weekish ago and its a deep blue on the tunnel part then where you put your mouth is clear. then it has bob marley stripes going all down to the other end where it makes a flower. most of glass around the flower is clear and that changes colors like pretty shiny rainbow colors when you smoke out of it. i want to name it a real girl name that is kinda like beautiful flower or something that changes everyday and is magical. :mj2::tyedye:
  3. Sm0ked-one Sm0ked-one

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    Wildflower?cause its kinda a hippy name at the sametime
  4. cabriosnap cabriosnap

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    post pics
  5. Enso77 Enso77

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    I just got this small pipe at a local headshop. It's a pretty little pipe. Local made too. Plug-a-Nug Pipe Co. in Clarksville, IN. Anyway, the bowl is blue with a simple natural looking swirl on it. The stem is a creamy sand color and has three red marbles on it. And that is why I named it Riptide. It's neat. Hits great, average bowl, and easily concealable.
  6. SmokeThatBuddah420 SmokeThatBuddah420

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    I named mine "Cupid" because it was a gift from my girlfriend.
  7. Zoup Zoup

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    I named mine Prickly because he always pokes me in my pocket.:bananaride:

  8. Dingus44 Dingus44

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    My friend once had a pipe named Frankie Bellfarts... I have yet to find out where he came up with the name. But mine is called the Poop Cat as the bowl is a ceramic cat head and the first hit I ever took off it, it pooped in my mouth ;o

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