Where in Ireland can I buy weed???

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by tensionhead101, May 6, 2003.

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  1. tensionhead101 tensionhead101

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    I live in Dublin, and its been a good while since I've had any decent weed:sulkoff:. Nothing but hash these days. I mean I love hash and all but I'd really like soom weed. Different high for a change. Everyone I ask hasn't been able to help me:bawl:. So if anyone knows anyone selling weed or if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone selling weed. Please reply. Or you could just laugh at my misfortune.

    I'm knee deep in doodoo here. Help Me!!! Please!!!:(


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  2. WNB WNB

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    So you WANT weed instead of hash? Most stoners would kill to be in your position!
  3. Jaycrills Jaycrills

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    No way man I would never trade the green for the brown =/ Even if the stone is more intense
  4. HappyMan HappyMan

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    Sorry, but marijuana.com can't be used to find sources.

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