Where to hide weed in a car??

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by sean6626, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. sean6626 sean6626

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    I am getting a car soon, where is a good place to stash some weed in a car?

    any trick hiding spots that people won't check? maybe safe from cops? that sort of thing?

    feedback is appreicated, thankss
  2. JoshK JoshK

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    You should keep it in your ass, that seems to be the safest place.

    Just kidding, I used to stash in in the back seat. I was always able to find a place no matter the vehicle, plus it never seemed to get much attention when pulled over. Don't smoke while driving and drive responsibly and everything should be okay.
  3. Pass Da Blunt Pass Da Blunt

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    Try hiding it in the gas tank
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  4. sean6626 sean6626

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    thanks guys, keep the answers coming! :)

    . also i a have random question - i hear ALOT about people smoking in there cars/hotboxing. i have never done that before because it seems like you get caught easily? what are your thoughts?
  5. JoshK JoshK

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    If you wanna hotbox do it in the bathroom with the hot shower on, that's lots of fun. Doing that shit in the car just isn't worth jail and probation.
  6. Gongshow Gongshow

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    Underneath the dash there's a lot of ledges and empty spaces.
  7. Le0n Le0n

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    Dude do what everyone else does and hide the weed inside your pistons....
  8. PepeTheMano PepeTheMano

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    The best way to avoid even having your car searched is to look like the average guy. Don't blast Wiz Khalifa or wear the super baggy pants. Also, don't smoke in your car. The car will smell like weed and the police will be extra suspicious if you're pulled over. Those are the best ways to avoid even being in the situation.
  9. kronik kronik

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    In some meat. If they have a dog search it they'll think the dogs going after the meat. It was on manswers. :p
  10. Mr Charles Fiji Mr Charles Fiji

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    A dog is going to find your stash in your car 99.99% of the time, no matter where you put it, so might I suggest leaving your stash out of your car?

    I only have herb in my car when I'm picking it up. I learned from a mistake I made, that could of had very large consequences.
  11. doriangray doriangray

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    I had a friend that would take the light out of his ceiling and stash it up there and then pop the light back in. Worked for him.

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    Agreed, if you're carrying keep it in an air tight mason jar and have it in your trunk is my advice. Looking like you're not a pothead helps too! haircut & polo shirts from here on out brotha.
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  13. Nepo Nepo

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    In between the seats where the seatbelt buckle goes in... just make sure it's not too far in, then you'll never get it back >.>
  14. Le0n Le0n

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    Hide it in your left blinker....
  15. jerseyskum jerseyskum

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    First thing is first.If you get pulled over and the cop suspects u have something he will rip your car apart.If he doesnt find anything and still suspects something...the dogs come in.A good spot tho is the side panel of the door,modify it to be removed and u cn stash it inside the door.Try not to fuck up the car too much cuz you might fail inspection.
  16. Le0n Le0n

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    Hide it in the CD player then reinstall the CD player...
  17. johnvilla johnvilla

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    You can hide the bud packet in the cover of the back sheet
  18. Midnighttoker Midnighttoker

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    There's no where you can hide it that a cop won't find it. especially if they bring the hounds. If I were you, I'd avoid driving with it at all costs.

    When I absolutely have to, I take a couple pre-rolled joints or something, so I can easily eat them if I'm getting pulled over.
  19. samxix samxix

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    just keep your car dirty as shit and hide it in a old mcdonalds cup lol if a cop goes threw all the hundreds of peices of trash in your car he desirves to find it lol anyways Good Luck :D
  20. dbx64 dbx64

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    I keep it in my backpack in the bed of my truck.

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