wheres a good place to hide my weed in my house?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Tystuh, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Tystuh Tystuh

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    just list off a few good places to hide weed,

    i usually out it in a baggie then wrap a fabric softener sheet around it
  2. HereDaBassWnIOnDaBlk HereDaBassWnIOnDaBlk

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    I just saw a thread a few days ago about this.

    But I tried finding it and I can't :(

    If you have speakers in your house a good place is the vent in them. My ports are quie big(4inches) Plus there is a large space past the vent where there is nothing.

    Tissue boxes are amazing too.

    Paper shredders are my favorite.
  3. Waldy Waldy

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    in your alarm clock battery socket
  4. Phenom Phenom

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    Well I used to use an iTouch box. It fit my pipe, weed, lighter, and eyedrops. It was completely smell proof and I would tuck it in my waistband and it wasn't noticeable under a sweatshirt or even a loose fitting t-shirt. I left it in the open on my desk and was never found, until my parents found it in my bag on vacation D:
    Now that I don't have that I use an altoids container and I cut and hollowed out an opening in the foam in a futon I have in room. I unzipper the cover thing and you can barely see the slit in the foam and it is pretty good at covering the smell up.
  5. I'mwithweed I'mwithweed

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    Guitar cases are good. I keep my shit in a spare soft case.
  6. IVIario IVIario

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    Dude I keep it simple and original. I stash my weed, cigars, and bowls in my clothes drawer under a shirt. I hope my parents find it, that way, I don't have to hide it anymore. Just put it where the fuck I want.
  7. SourDieselMan SourDieselMan

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    I keep all of my stuff in my custom computer case since there is so much room in it lol. Bong, weed, lighters, etc.
  8. mallitia95 mallitia95

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    Gigbags, speakers, sock, etc.
  9. Teleo9 Teleo9

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    That's what I do, my parents wouldnt know how to open it even if they wanted to lol.
  10. Tystuh Tystuh

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    haha, i just built a custom computer and it has a lot of space, but i do have like 4 fans blowing out air constantly and it would smell up the small room its in, in no time

    OMG just found the PERFECT FUCKIN SPOT

    if you have a phat ps2, theres an extension bay on the back all you have to do is pop off the plastic cover on it, and its just a huge empty space, slide your "paraphernalia" in and pop back on the plastic!

    I love that spot!
  11. Phenom Phenom

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    I've heard of that. I used to have one too, but I sold it to GameStop for way too little money. I have an obese PS3 taken apart in my room, but it has no spaces for stuff. I fixed my ps3 when it got yellow light of death (The CPU get's so hot the saudering loses connection to the motherboard, so I had to take it completely apart, use a heat gun on it to fix it and put it all back together.) I did that 3 times before buying a ps3 slim.
    This post is extremely :offtopic:
  12. Tystuh Tystuh

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    Lol I had a ylod too. Anyways my new permanent spot is underneath the deodorant cake in my axe deodorant.
  13. WolfGang Paco WolfGang Paco

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    The search bar just didn't occur to ya did it?
  14. the_fourth_dimension the_fourth_dimension

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    forget about places like under the mattress, in a dresser, in the speakers,in a cd player etc.those are the first places people will look if the suspect anything.

    Hide it in the battery cover of something that you never use, make sure its a screw in battery cover because the added inconvenience of the screwdriver being required to open it would eliminate the risk of someone else opening the battery cover. Then hide that thing underneath other things (but dont make it obvious that its hidden. If its like a dime bag, an empty 9 volt battery cover could be big enough to hide it. If you have like an eighth, you may be out of luck with this method, unless you have something that uses several D cell batteries. (no , do not use a flashlight, cause ur parents may need to use that the next time i the power goes off etc. hide it in something that nobody will ever need to use. Or you can even hide it inside of an electronic that you wont ever need to use again: take it apart, put the weed in , and then screw it back together again. dont put it in any object out in the open, cause u dont want anyone to smell weed

    i remember the days of hiding it in creative spots. that was actually pretty fun. But i just started college, and now i can just put it in my desk drawer without hiding it at all.
  15. UsernameHere UsernameHere

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    Black jar. Don't have one buy one. Or any jar, i say black because it blocks light.
    Anything airtight. If you're going to store it, at least store it properly.
  16. Eamsch Eamsch

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    This can be kind of annoying if u smoke alot but take a deodorant stick, take out the deodorant part and put it underneath, then just screw it back in.
  17. justchill justchill

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    Everything in s backpack and into some sort of cupboard

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