why do they call it high

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by virusnick, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. virusnick virusnick

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    who decided to call it getting high and why?
  2. Midnighttoker Midnighttoker

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    Don't really know.

    But I read in this book that said in like the 1600s and stuff Witches used to take drugs, and think they were flying, then admit to flying on broom sticks

    and thought they were actually high in the sky

    or maybe that's just a bunch of bullshit I read

    at least you certainly don't feel low when you're high
  3. Kushy Kushy

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    When you're high, you feel better than you usually do.
    It's a simple enough concept ;)
  4. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    what if when youre sober you're actually high? and when you get high thats normal, thats what you're supposed to feel like?

    makes ya think doesnt it?
  5. emuhhleee emuhhleee

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    well you're not low are you?
  6. Kushy Kushy

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    Hey bro, wanna go get sober?
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  7. hector hector

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    maybe they call it high because marijuana heightens your senses
  8. JointEngineer JointEngineer

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    you feel like you are above anything
    that's my piece
    I couldn't really define the root of the expression
  9. Hour Hour

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    I actually don't like call it getting 'high'. It just doesn't sound right you know? I prefer stoned, cause when you're stoned you feel like a god damned stone. You don't want to move at all cause life feels so good where you are.

    I think my reply would of been more creative if I was stoned aha. xD
  10. Raptor Jesus Raptor Jesus

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    Why is a chair called a chair? Why is Marijuana called Marijuana? Why is a pipe a pipe?

    Everything needs a name, this name suited its definition so it was chosen, just like any other word. Asking what single person created a word, or a slang termm is generally a waste of time. :)
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  11. OldTimeToker OldTimeToker

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    They call it high because it takes you to different places :)
  12. virusnick virusnick

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    almost everything has there name for a reason whether it be from the latin root or just created by americans usually everything has a reason of why its called that specific name
  13. 024 024

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    Stop getting high behind there!
  14. pyromanizak pyromanizak

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    haha i was reading about that, apperently it was a mixture of powerful shit including the deadly night shade.
  15. StonedLife StonedLife

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    hmm,when im high i feel like i am flying,maybe thats where it came from
  16. TheNomadicGanja TheNomadicGanja

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    Maybe someone was stoned one day, called it being high then it catched on?
  17. iAmerica420 iAmerica420

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    (sometimes?) when you're "high", you feel like youre above everything.
    like...did you ever experience that?
    youre sort of out of your body looking down on everything including yourself

    anyway, youre in the clouds.
    everything is better.
    its like heaven!
    youre high in the sky
  18. Raptor Jesus Raptor Jesus

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    It may have latin origins, made up of words that were just made by man. Everything is just given a name, whether or not it comes from names that has been given its name.

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