Why does bud make me tired?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by InfectedWithMJ, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. InfectedWithMJ InfectedWithMJ

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    I think its because your body fights THC and tries to get rid of it. I am not sure but from what I understand euphoria and some sensations are not the result of the chemical by itself, but rather our body fighting it off.

    If not, then why do people often feel tired when the high wears off? I know a kid who has never been high for more than 1 minute. He passes out from bud almost instantly (not sure how, since it doesn't let you have Stage 4 sleep...).
  2. hippie557 hippie557

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    I'm sorry but I had to giggle at the thought of someone just rambling on about something pointless, taking hits from a joint then passing out mid sentence in an instant. I don't know why it makes you tired, maybe because of all the stimulation in the brain it needs time to recuperate.
  3. right_meow12 right_meow12

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    Sorry this is incorrect,
    smoking weed increases your metabolism, and what goes up, must come down. So after you have increased your metabolism and it begins to go back to its normal state you feel tired
  4. InfectedWithMJ InfectedWithMJ

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    Really? Is there any link to that article/study? Does it let you burn more calories? I know coffee lets you burn 60 more calories per day or something. What about weed?
  5. KevyB KevyB

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    loool the body doesnt try to get rid of the THC, this aint alcohol, the THC breaks down on it's own without help of the body, whereas alcohol breaks down with the use of proteins in your body, hell i can feel my body telling me it likes weed, somehow its an internal language, and it doesnt get stressed by THC - way around, sometimes when im after a stressful day and relax with a bong hit, it's veeery good.

    If the body would try to get rid of it you'd:

    Have a hardcore headache, possibly vomit (i smoked a huge blunt once, didnt even feel like vomitting), youll start hurting, nausea ofcourse, etc etc. Your brain gets tired because marijuana is a relaxant, its like sleeping pills in a way, except it doesnt kill you.

    Ofcourse, with proper actions while being high, you dont get sleepy at all. For example when i do some workout or just hang out with friends and move around etc i dont feel sleepy at all.

    Hell, with your way of thinking i could say my body is fighting off books, because usually when i read some school stuff i get sleepy.


    Plus you don't need a study for saying that metabolism increases, its common sense and observation worth, sometimes when i get high my heartbeat goes up and i feel stronger and stuff, and i know that basically im in overdrive mode, and its obvious the body needs to rest after that.

    Depends on the strain of weed aswell, some work as a more physically-active stimulant, and some work more relaxing
  6. wildcat420 wildcat420

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    CBD found in pot makes you tired on your come downs as the THC gives you the high.
  7. potboy potboy

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    yesterday was the first time that i was "forced asleep" or passed out from weed. I was hotboxing a cooler with a blunt and the last thing i remember being said was "i think he's about to pass out" and the i wake up 20 min later high as fuck and spark a bowl.
  8. Rhymenocerous Rhymenocerous

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  9. meet the decline meet the decline

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    i used to only smoke pot before bed because it made me tired. i got used to it though and it stopped helping me fall asleep. and my moms reasoning for not enjoying weed is because it makes her sleepy.
  10. KevyB KevyB

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    I think were mixing up the meanings behind our metabolisms.

    What i mean with metabolism is not the speed cells process matter, but the speed with which energy passes through my body, utilizing blood cells and neural reactions (NOT reflexes mind you, just the amount of chemical reactions between em)

    There is no study for that yet.
  11. smoke4therestofmylife smoke4therestofmylife

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    I always go to work high and i need to be really quick on my feet as a bus boy.

    what i do is
    2.try to get ak-47/haze/other savitas
    3.a 32 fl oz energy drink
    any other way and the weed makes me to tired to move fast
  12. Chunkz Chunkz

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    i get sleepy after a while. but i stay awake.

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