WI: Montel Williams' Drug Paraphernalia Charges Dropped

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    WI: Montel Williams' Drug Paraphernalia Charges Dropped

    eonline / 4/13/2011 / By Josh Grossberg

    Sometimes a pipe really is just a pipe. And in Montel Williams' case, that's a good thing.

    A Milwaukee judge has dismissed a drug paraphernalia possession charge against the former talk-show host at the prosecutor's request after learning the pipe in question that was seized from him at Milwaukee's Airport tested negative for marijuana.

    Williams, of course, is a card-carrying medical marijuana advocate, and has said the green stuff helps treat the chronic pain from his multiple sclerosis.

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    But that didn't stop TSA agents from confiscating his pipe from his carry-on at a security checkpoint last January, temporarily detaining him and then issuing him a $484 citation.

    Williams, who was returning from the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he's been undergoing experimental treatments for his MS, kept his cool throughout, was described as being cooperative and paid the fine.

    Thankfully before the case was set to go to trial in May, the D.A.'s Office decided to drop the matter for lack of evidence, since a field test failed to turn up any trace of ganja whatsoever.

    "Our office dismissed it," a prosecutor's spokesman tells E! News.

    The sometime actor was unavailable for comment. But Williams told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel after the hearing Tuesday that he was glad the matter was resolved and hopes a good lesson might come out of his arrest.

    "This isn't about somebody trying to do something illicit. I'm really just trying to take my medication," Montel said. "Hopefully this issue and incident will spark some conversations that will help more rational minds find a way to solve the problem and take the patients off the battlefield."

    Williams added that he didn't realize he had accidentally left the pipe in his bag. He also apologized to airport security and authorities for causing them such a headache.

    By the way, the pipe will not be returned, but he is getting his money back.
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    the pipe should be returned

    when i got busted i had papers, weed, and a hand held postal scale. the case was dismissed due to illegal search and seizure. I had a right to get it all back, even the weed, but they could have busted me for the weed, the postal scale and papers though were not drug related according to my lawyer and they were returned to me in the courtroom.
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    It sure is nice to hear some Good News FOR A CHANGE..
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    I am glad to hear this as well. However, to Mr. Williams the $484 citation was chump change...to someone else, it might mean a mortgage payment missed or milk for the kids..and, since no trace of anything illegal was found, why isn't he getting his pipe back? Jes' wonderin'....
    PS Montel should be vaporizing...
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    So wait, before they even had a shred of evidence that he has smoking weed, they brought him to court. If I had bought a pipe from a store and then showed it to the police, without having used it, I could be arrested? Don't they need to have proof that the pipe in question was used for marijuana?
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    They only dropped the charges because he was Montel Williams. The celebrity factor is what got him off.

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