WORLD: Effects of teen marijuana use persist in adulthood

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    Effects of teen marijuana use persist in adulthood
    12/24/09 | Top News | Anjali Singh

    In teens use of marijuana may bring about neurological changes in the developing brain. These changes in adulthood leads to increased anxiety and stress levels, new animal research suggests.

    The study, by Dr Gabriella Gobbi, a psychiatric researcher from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, suggests that daily cannabis consumption can lead to depression and anxiety.

    Gobbi after a study stated, "We found after working with the animals that when those that were exposed to cannabis as adolescents became adults they had low serotonin activity, which is related to depressive behavior, and high norepinephrine levels, which is related to an increase in anxiety and stress.”

    The results of the study were published online on December 5 in advance of publication in an upcoming print issue of Neurobiology of Disease.

    It was also reported that marijuana’s main ingredient, delta 9, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), was previously believed to have an impact on receptors in the brain that regulate cognition and emotion.
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    What any drug or medicine does to animals doesn't interest me,until some animal asks me for a toke. A lot of these studies are paid for to find harm,and the National Institute on Drug Abuse has searched for 40 years to find any harm that would justify marijuana being a schedule 1 drug,and they are still looking.
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    Exactly, how can you actually say that marijuana will affect one brain of a species the same way it will affect ours. Sure theres lots of similarities, but still its not the same thing.
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    These studies are BS. How are they going to actually determine stress and anxiety in animals on the same level as humans.

    I know there is plenty kids and or adults who would GLADLY take up a job in testing marijuana's effects on the brain all day. Hell, if they give me free weed, and free food, I'll sign up a 20 year contract with them to do these test all day long.

    Animal Test = BS
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    i wouldnt say there 100% BS. i mean daily use of any drug isnt exactly a positive let alone in a teenagers devoloping mind. However i would like to see more studies done and how they were connected.
    and as far as testing on animals goes, there must be some simularities something there cause we have been doing it for some time now.
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    You guys got it right, this was not a study done on people, let alone done on teens. Additionally, this study only "suggests" an emotional problem may exist later on in life.
    Shouldn't that be reflected in the title? This title is sensationalist and is misleading...
    "Study on Rats shows Marijuana use by teens may cause problems in adulthood" would be a bit less biased, don't you think? But then, it's never about being fair, is it?

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