Would you like this as an Xmas present?

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Would you like this as an Xmas present?

Yes 26 vote(s) 66.7%
No 13 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. StonedCoder StonedCoder

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    Leaf Cozie Blanket in

    It's a snuggie covered in pot leafs! lol. I was browsing around online, stumbled upon this, and I've been thinking about getting my friend one for xmas. I'd get one too so we'd both be chilling and he wouldn't feel stupid for being the only one wearing a snuggie. I think snuggies are dumb in general(IT'S A BACKWARDS ROBE!) but I crash at his place pretty often and we always smoke in the evenings so it would be a nice accessory to our evenings.
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  2. MXM MXM

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    for sure
  3. Jester Jester

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    Haha, I can see myself buying something ridiculous like that for some of my smoking buddies. I think it would be hilarious to have a session with everyone wearing one of those.
  4. Lion of Judah Lion of Judah

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    Tired of reaching for your pipe, only to have your hands trapped inside a blanket?

    Now with The Snuggie [Leaf Edition] you don't have to worry about that! Keep warm and have your hands free to grab your pipe, hit a bong, or even light a joint!

    As and added bonus, if you call in the next 15 minutes you will also receive a free booklight.
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  5. sammysmoker sammysmoker

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    so convienant, i would love it! here in washington it gets cold at nights, and i can only smoke outside so my parents dont smell it. So i just throw on the leaf cozie and hop outside for a quick sesh while looking fresh!
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  6. pyromanizak pyromanizak

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    Id wear it for the sake of being a strange stoner overlord
  7. Canta Canta

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    Nice find, I'm tempted to order a few.
  8. Vicki Vicki

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    I didn't even realize that was Spencer's online, I should have known. :laugh:

    You should also get these, and I'll bet they look familiar to 29yeartoker!!! :rofl:

    Stoneware Smokin Dice Game in
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  9. klax klax

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    I think the snuggie is ridiculous, but if someone bought me this I would totally put it to good use.
  10. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    You There! bring me my Snuggie! and you! i want 6 hot pockets ready by the time i finish this bowl!
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  11. jakspar0w jakspar0w

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    that looks like the stoner grim reapers outfit.
  12. smokeymadpot smokeymadpot

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    I'de so fucking love that. It would be hilarious to smoke with that on. Great session topic too. Get some good laughs. I actully would buy it, but I hate Spencer's to an extreme degree. Once I stole a $0.99 button that said "Happy 4/20." I know I shouldn't have stolen, but I was arrested, strip searched, treated like shit, and drug tested. Fucking bull shit. And this happened back when I was 14.

    But anyways, If I were you I would totaly get it. I'm sure your friend would love it.
  13. Maximus Maximus

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    Plain old Snuggie, meh...I have plenty of blankets around here. A snuggie with pot leafs on it? Hell yeah, that would be my "Funday Sunday" wardrobe.
  14. Mazzinator Mazzinator

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    MINE!!!!!!! aww man that would be the best fucking thing ever! pop a squat on a cold winter day, chief your brains out and enjoy your cozy snuggie. i mean if someone walked in your room and you had that on, that means, "im blazed.im chillin right now.please leave a message." :p
  15. StonedCoder StonedCoder

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    It's settled then. I'll buy one for my friend and one for me. I don't think I'm waiting till christmas to give it either. His parents(they're cool) will die laughing when they see us.
  16. StonedCoder StonedCoder

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    "Sorry, the Leaf Cozie Blanket - out of stock.
    Your Shopping Cart is empty."

    How many did you guys buy!??!?!? I'll just hit up a store then...
  17. smokeymadpot smokeymadpot

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    Haha, I have those same exact dice!
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  18. Hookahs Hookahs

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    That is freaking awesome, I might have to get one myself.
  19. pkster8235 pkster8235

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    It's kind of cool looking but I wouldn't really want it as a present.. I don't like to advertise, if you know what I mean ;) That's me though.. the person you might be buying it for might absolutely love it :)
  20. Csharp Csharp

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    and get ready to call an ambulance.:)

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