Wow Iran/Tehran is so beautiful.. Fuck war

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Ghoast, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Ghoast Ghoast

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    So I just recently stumbled across this picture of Tehran which is in Iran..

    You've probably heard but the US is turning its focus on Iran for their next bombing target.

    Can't we just get all the people who are causing these conflicts and put them in a colleseum so they can fight it out while the 99% watches.. it will be like the olden days..

    We can get all the old time Americans with greying hair who are responsible for all these conflicts and pit them against the other greying older leaders of the world and if they really want to fight it out they can..

    Stop dragging all the young innocent people into your old men fights, we don't give a shit..

    I mean look how beautiful this place is.. and they want to bomb it? Like 99% of people are completely uninvolved and innocent.. let the damn 1% across the world fight it out and kill each other..

    Peace and Love people :mj:
  2. Dedbr Dedbr

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    What the fuck, the whole world is telling them to not enrich uranium and they won't listen? I'm sorry that the common people need to suffer, but bomb 'em if they can't pay attention.....

    Besides, if we wait long enough Israel will bomb them......;)

    Too bad, so sad, your dad.....

  3. Ghoast Ghoast

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    It's not 'they' it's the 1% again..

    Ahmadinejad and his pals are enriching uranium.. they wont listen.

    Bombing Tehran won't do anything except ruin that beautiful landscape in the picture.. Do you think Ahmadinejad or any other of the officials will be there when that happens? nope.. they'll be on a private jet somewhere playing cards and laughing..

    I hate this small minority that is runing everything..
  4. RogueNCO RogueNCO

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    I served for 5 years and I would tell you that we shouldn't want any part of Iran.

    Or Israel. Israel could whip the crap out of Iran; if they want it done so badly then they need to do it, not the US.

    A wise man 200 years ago said something about avoiding entangling alliances...
  5. Buzzby Buzzby

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    The United States has had an all-volunteer military since the end of the Vietnam war (1974). Anyone out there fighting to defend his or her country is there because he or she asked to be. It would appear that all of our combatants do give a shit. Otherwise they would have looked for something safer, easier, more comfortable, and better paid.
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  6. vvicked0471 vvicked0471

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    Care to expand on that?
  7. Ghoast Ghoast

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    Oh yeah of course the soldiers aren't forced into it. I have friends who serve in the military. You have to remember there is a propaganda machine out there that will sway more feeble minds into whatever the establishment wants. Some of the 'join the military' commercials that I've seen make it out to look like Call of Duty or some fun first person shooter.

    And I don't believe that the only reason you join the military is because you believe you're fighting for you country. I know people who are serving in it and the only reason is: they're extremely good at being soldiers and they have no idea what else they could do for a job. One of my friends said if he did anything else he would probably end up going on a rampage and shooting everyone in the office - so that was his reason for joining; so he could kill people and fight 'legally'.

    And don't tell me you buy into the whole, 'fighting for our country' bullsh*t. As I've said I have friends who are in Iraq right now and they've told me what it's really about or how they perceive it and it's a world away from protecting the homeland.. but hey it's a job and it pays and some people are just good at being soldiers so why not do it.. - I've heard that attitude from many people in the military.

    I also know people who are in the military but have not been out to Iraq or on a mission yet - they are the ones who tell me they are proud to be fighting to protect their country. Then when they actually go out there and see what it's about they change their tune pretty quickly.

    Anyway I posted this thread not for a discussion on the troop's mentality but just to show you guys a beautiful picture and say, 'wouldn't it be sweet if we all just got along'.. ;)
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  8. iCurlBabies iCurlBabies

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    There are various reasons to why a person primarily joined the military. America doesn't have The Draft anymore, so no one's forced to. Personally, I'm joining the military for personal experience; I've done nothing with my life. My Brother-in-Law joined because he needed the college scholarship, as well as my sister.

    "Serving your country" is just a bonus, imo.
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