Wuts The Diffrence Between Body High And Mind High?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by DesideriobC, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. DesideriobC DesideriobC

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    can anyone explane it to me
    peace out
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  2. poolman950 poolman950

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    Body high refers to purely physical sensations of pleasure - a narcotic effect. Feeling that your body is heavier, getting that little tingly weed feeling all over your muscles - these are both examples of effects that could be categorized under body high.

    Mind high refers to the mental effects of marijuana. These include (but are not limited to) mild euphoria (eg you feel a little happier than before), increased creativity, slightly altered vision, change in emotions, etc.
  3. ncj ncj

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    i love mind highs. body highs are ok but they make me lazy and i like to play sports and stuff while im high. mind highs always make me think alot especially when i make important decisions.
  4. Flashbax Flashbax

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    Both highs are enjoyable. Admittedly body highs are detrimental to physical activity as muscles tend to relax more and it suddenly becomes much easier to chill and roll another rather than getting some frickin exercise! Mind highs are more fun due to the increase in aural & visual capacities i.e. listening to music, watching movies, playing video games etc. all (as most will know) become more intense.
  5. 420DoGGFaThEr 420DoGGFaThEr

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    I always thought a Body Stone was when you were in essence paralized and couldn't move, but it was a pleasure beyond words, at least thats what ogre said when he fell off the bed and couldn't get up...


    Da DoGGFaThEr:wave:
  6. TimGunns TimGunns

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    I have to say I'm more down with the mind high than body. Only cuz I'm kinda overweight (yea i know its nice for FAT), and I like to do stuff. And when i get the really intense mind high, its like I can explain the whol world. Once though, I thought too much, and the concept of infinity crept into my mind, it was so surreal, i thought i was going insane. A bit off topic, but yea the difference is just what everyone else has said.
  7. 420DoGGFaThEr 420DoGGFaThEr

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    I am fat too, I clock in at over 320lbs and I am 16, I do credit the bulk of the weight to my muscles, I am not the strongest person around but I am not the weakest either, I can lift the front end of a car and the rear end of a large chevy truck but I am otherwize lazy so I dont use my strength much.

    Da DoGGFaThEr
  8. SmokerForPeace SmokerForPeace

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    My favorite high is a mix of mental and body. Just where you can sit and think crazy thoughts and still have your body going crazy.
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  9. bookworm bookworm

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    i have always enjoyed mind highs over body. what i was wondering is there any way to distingush what weed will give you what type of buzz...
  10. thegoat thegoat

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    i enjoy mostly indica body stone...toking up spacing out and completely relaxed...the kinda stone where everything seems kinda zoomed in or zoomed out and the music is slower and sounds more vibrant and colors are more interesting...
  11. TheGoldNugget TheGoldNugget

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    -MIND HIGH: that's when you smoke* pot, you think a LOT, that's all you do actually ahah, but you do it unconsciously, ideas everywhere. Sometimes, you'll think of something really crazy, u run to ur buddies to tell them but you FORGET the crazy idea. U'll be relaxed, your body might seem a little more relaxeed too. If you smoke blunts, you might have a headache because of the amount of weed smoked. ( 5 blunts in one night 4 me ahahh.) DON'T do sport, like running,a lot, u'll hear your heart beating inside ur head and u'll feel even higher.

    slightly altered vision: look at street lamps or any small strong sources of light, You'll understand, and you got to be high ;) and talk to me about it ahahh. Nobody noticed. ever. Now you know.

    -BODY HIGH:that's when you eat* THC, I remind the only method to do it right is to make cannabutter. so , ur body is more jelly ahahh, you think less, ur eyes aren't red and small. U'll feel relaxed and kindof tired, but ur confortable. you feel ur body, like it was heavier, like u were in water, but in the air..ya.. loll.... and When you reach the point where ur the highest in ur high. U'll realized... OHHH!! ..the brownies.. riiight... ahahah. + You just won't feel for sport ahahh, more like playing video games, watching t.v. or ..smmoking =)

    when ur mind is high, u'll be out of this world, u just think of something else. U may become paranoid if ur too high , like u think someone'S following you.

    when ur body is high, u have attention of what's going on, but ur body is too relaxed. your just ..comfortable.
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  12. PowDawg PowDawg

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    Indica = High THC, Low CBD = Body High

    Sativa = Low THC, High CBD = Mind High
  13. Plaidheart Plaidheart

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    I only get a body high when I smoke outside for some reason...
  14. midnighttoker420 midnighttoker420

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    i get both highs depending on the type of bud im smoking i like to have a mixed feeling tho
    and thanks for asking this question i was tyring to find the term used for the 2 types of highs but i couldnt remeber the spelling lol
  15. marijuanavillle7 marijuanavillle7

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    Sativa during the day, indica at night :D
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  16. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Indica = High THC, High CBD = Body High
    Sativa = High THC, Low CBD = Mental High

    It's the higher CBD:THC ratio that causes the body high
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  17. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    Body high usually recommended for musculo-skeletal pain treatment; mind high usually recommended for anti-depressant treatments.
  18. Calculus Calculus

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    Now that I look back at the times where I smoked with friends and acqaintances and I didn't know about strain names, I think the times where I had a mind high was when I had a couple encounters with panic attacks. My mind already overthinks during certain situations already when I'm sober and couple of that with sativa is no good. I've been mainly buying indica-dominant strains at the club I go to and I love the body high. I love the couch lock. I love how there's a thought in my mind, but it somehow gets lost in the shuffle. It's like my mind is clear with a body high. It's just me and the wonderful music I listen to.
  19. backformore543 backformore543

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    Body High is really just a sense of high. Mental high is when you know your doing or saying something then say it anyway no-matter what it means.
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  20. Medicalifornication Medicalifornication

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    Get to know both of them. There are situations for both.

    If you and some friends are in for a lazy night of nice smoking, I would go with an indica.(generaly a body high)

    If you are alone, looking for an introspective night, wish to meditate on something, or are going out to be social I would go with a sativa (generally mind high)

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