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Strain BreederDNA Genetics
Lineage/GeneticsOG Kush x Master Kush x Sour Diesel
Indica/Sativa %70% / 30%
Yield500-600 g/m2
SexFeminized, Regular
Flowering Period9-10 weeks



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Headband’s name is a throwback to the early 80s where everybody in the know wore a headband to celebrate their freedom, youth and lack of fashion sense. Headband is a strain that reminds you of wearing a headband due to the motion of the high. It moves back and forth from the front of your mind to the back all while easing anxiety and producing awareness.
This Headband strain was reverse engineered by DNA Genetics. While 707 Headband was making it rounds, DNA Genetics took a stab at recreated the 707 Headband strain under their own name with the great qualities Headband 707 was known for.
Headband, the offspring of DNA Genetic’s Sour Diesel and OG Kush strains brings together many great qualities of the parents. Headband will use all of the space that is available to this short and fat, bushy plant. It will grow fast and thrive during the vegetative phase and will produce a large canopy with many tops. During flowering, Headband will nearly double in size. Headband doesn’t reach the height of its Sour Diesel father, nor stretches as much as the OG Kush mother. She also doesn’t need as many nutrients as her parents. This strain is a very colorful plant which gains a pink hue around week 4 of flowering. During the last two weeks of flowering you can expect your plants to take on a wide variety of colors and hues: blue, purple, dark red.
Headband is great strain for bag appeal and has a great high that you’ll be craving again and again. She has a unique sour fuel taste that you won’t forget. Soil growing methods is the preferred way to grow, but yields are still good when grown in hydroponics and other no-soil growing methods. Make sure you flush the plants around the last week or before harvest though. Headband has a enjoyable high that is too overpowering but is a good trip during the daytime. It is also known to reduce anxiety and is easy to grow.
Headband won 3rd place in the Coffeeshop category in the 2009 Cannabis Cup.
Imagine, if you will, throwing caution and all fashion sense to the wind, and donning a headband a la John McEnroe in the early '80s or Luke Wilson in the Royal Tennenbaums - or for the ladies, Olivia Newton-John aerobics video style. The Headband is like a reassuring little brain hug, and its presence may bring a heightened awareness of the gray matter. Imagine a strain that, when smoked, mimics that feeling, moving rapidly from the front of the mind to the back, easing anxiety while inducing awareness. Now you have the idea.

The Headband is a brilliant case of reverse engineering by DNA Genetics. A choice, unidentified strain nicknamed the 707 Headband was making the circuit and gaining attention for its combination of potency and dank flavor. DNA breeders made some educated guesses about the parents of the 707 Headband, and then worked on recreating a strain from scratch that mimicked the 707's superb qualities.

This Headband's Sour Diesel / OG Kush combination brings together many admirable qualities from its already notorious parent strains. This is an agreeable squatty, bushy plant that makes the most of the available space. In the vegetative phase, it grows fast and spreads wide when allowed to go au naturale, producing many tops and an even canopy with minimal coaxing. At maturity, the size roughly doubles. This plant does not grow as tall as Sour Diesel or as stretchy as the OG Kush, ans is less picky about the nutrients. Straight out of the gate, Headband is very pungent and colorful, taking a pinkish turn around the 4th week and gaining a wow factor with photo-worthy tones of blue, purple, and deep dark red in the last two weeks of ripening.

When finished, the Headband has great bag and head appeal. Its uniquely enjoyable fuel-sour taste makes it memorable. Soil does the best job in bringing out the flavor, but this plant produces good yields of high-grade medicine in coco, hydro, or other soilless methods so long as the plants are flushed with pH-balanced water for two weeks prior to harvest. The high is not too overpowering, and lasts a long time, making it good utility daytime smoke. Headband is good for reducing anxiety. The beginner or hobby medical grower will find that this plant cooperates in the garden and delivers high quality yields.

May 18, 2012