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Afghani #1

Afghani #1
Afghani #1

Strain Data

Strain BreederSensi Seeds
Lineage/GeneticsLandrace; Afghanistan x Afghanistan
Indica/Sativa %100% / 0
Yield125 g/m2
THCRoughly 15%
Flowering Period7 weeks
Height130 cm


Afghani # 1 is an outright must have for the Indica enthusiast. A combination of finely selected top quality Afghan cannabis selections that happen to be ordinarily used for hashish creation in the a East. These beautiful ladies show short, compact Indica excellents having large dark green leaves. They are quick flowering producing higher yields of heavy compact nuggets coated having an abundant volume of thick resin. While budding Afghani # 1 needs a powerful acrid hash-like smell as well as when smoked, a pungent hash flavor with a narcotic numbing couching consequence.

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Strain History(top)

The plants from the fast, heavy, compact side of the cannabis family tree are named after India, and it’s true that these strains are commonly grown for charas in the mountainous north of the country. However, the most perfect examples of the dark, ultra-resinous Cannabis Indica genotype are actually found hundreds of kilometres to the northwest, in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Dedicated students of Indica bloodlines often refer to these varieties as ‘Afghanica’ when speaking of their favourites and as ‘hash plants’ when talking generally of the strains found across India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Many Indica-heads prefer their ganja without a trace of Sativa or Skunk, while some purists will only consume weed or hash that they know to be 100% Cannabis Indica

In years past, the most determined Indica-lovers have journeyed all the way to Pakistan, then across the Afghan border into ‘hashish country’ — the high reaches of the Hindu Kush between Chitral, Mazar-i-Sharif, down to Kandahar in the south — in search of pure, unaltered local seeds which might be brought home to grow into the Afghanica of their dreams.

A more reliable and cost-effective option is simply to obtain a packet of Sensi‘s Afghani #1. The very best parents from our unparalleled range of Afghani cultivars have been distilled into a single seed variety that gives growers textbook examples of the Afghanica genotype every time.

Anyone looking for a fast, easy-growing indoor strain capable of copious yields and almost-frightening resin production need look no further. Whether growers want uniform crops from seed or outstanding pure Indica mother plants to fill their flowering space with dynamic dark green clones, Afghani #1 has it covered.

The all-Indica strain, Afghani #1 marijuana is a combination of Sensi Seeds' best Indica Strains. This strain is for serious Indica-lovers, those that don't even like a hint of Skunk or Sativa in their medicine. Afghani #1 medicinal cannabis plants grow fast, compact and heavy. She exemplifies the characteristics that people search for so diligently in Indica Strains. This powerful marijuana strain is a meshing of genetic elements yielded by Indicas throughout India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other regions that make it the prime example of what the term "Afghanica" means.
Indica lovers worldwide are spared the hassles associated with traveling through the Hindu Kush, Mizar-i-Sharif and Kandahar regions in order to find a strain of marijuana as impressive as Afghani #1. Instead, they just order their seeds online. Fast-yielding, easy to grow even for first timers, dark green and well-balanced, the Afghani #1 strain of medicinal cannabis is an outstanding choice for all home marijuana gardeners to experiment with. Begin your exotic Indica journey today...
Afghani #1 was developed using only the best Afghani strains. The result is an original Indica with a powerful body stone effect. The Afghani #1 is characterized by some of the darkest leaves you have ever seen on any Indica strain. This plant also produces an enormous amount of resin, which makes it a suitable candidate for hash production.
It should be said that the yield is not enormous. The smell is very strong but with a nice lemony flavour. If you want to grow her indoors without spreading the smell around, be sure to use a carbon filter.
Afghani originated from a very harsh and unforgiving climate. Because it is adapted to such difficult conditions, it can be seen as an extremely easy variety to grow that copes with nutrient problems without problems. This makes Afghani #1 a good choice for beginners. Growers with a bit more experience who bring out the full potential of this plant list her among the best Indicas ever.

May 18, 2012