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Atomic Shiva

Atomic Shiva
Atomic Shiva

Strain Data

Strain BreederDr. Atomic Seeds
Lineage/GeneticsNorthern Lights x Super Skunk x Hash Plant
Indica/Sativa %Indica-dominant
Yield70 - 100g per plant
Flowering Period7-8 weeks


Trying to find relief of pain? Couchlock? F**Ked Up? Hefty Sluggish Stone? Try out some Shiva, Quick compact and HEAVY!

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The buds are light-green with sparsely strewn-about short, orange pistils. They reek of skunk and fruit and are large and dense. She’s a quick-flowering strain at just 7 - 8 weeks, where she’ll produce up to 2 ½ oz/plant indoors. It’s recommended to vegetate these ladies for at least a month if a decent yield is to be had as well.

Atomic Shiva has excellent flavors of skunk, fruit, spice and hash with a predominantly skunky aftertaste. This strain is great for those seeking relief from chronic pain, insomnia or issues associated with chemotherapy. Look for Atomic Shiva to go for around $55 an eighth at most places.
May 18, 2012