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Black Widow

Black Widow
Black Widow

Strain Data

Strain BreederPositronics Seeds
Lineage/GeneticsWhite Widow x Misty
Indica/Sativa %n/a
Yield300-400 g⁄m2
Flowering Period8-10 weeks
Height150-200 cm


Light endogamic mixture of two exceptional indica varieties. The Misty gene was groundbreaking in the BOs. The origin from this variety is
guarded secret but, granted its high CBD levels, Positronics chose to preserve it by importing it straight from the US. Throughout the mid nineties, White Widow was unveiled and {quickly|immediately} became one of the more prestigious varieties available. Positronics chose to combine both varieties and advise its use for medicinal purposes because of its higher level of CBD concentration. Robust, compact, bushy plant. Very short internodal distance with thick and durable stems. The foliage is tremendously broad and large with evidently defined veins. Moderate volume of leaves and maximum level of chalices (buds) which get very hard, which can be appreciated by commercial growers.

Outside, can reach a height of about 1.5-2m. Indoors, they have difficulty reaching 1m. Intolerant to higher humidity levels in later lowering stages. Generally well immune to pests.
Strong floral smell that's a fusion b/w fresh mint and forest floor. It is really a touch of floral explosion. Utilization of an active carbon filter is utterly required.
A lingering menthol aftertaste that's challenging to forget. A true delicatessen experience for fulfillment seekers.
Very sedative and calming with very high CBD levels. Undoubtedly among the best varieties for medicinal use. Its use is suggested late in the day with clearly introspective qualities.

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HYBRIDIZATION: Slightly inbred crossing between two varieties outstanding rates. Misty Genetics brought about a revolution in the 80's. The origin of this variety is kept anonymous, but given its high concentration of CBD Positronics decided to keep it and import it from U.S.. UU. In the mid-nineties the market appears in a variety called White Widow, which soon became one of the most prestigious varieties. Positronics decide hybridize these two varieties, recommending its use for medical purposes due to its high content in CBD. PHYSIOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION: Plant robust appearance, compact and highly branched. Internodal distance too short, thick and woody stems. The leaves are extremely wide and big, with clearly defined ribs. Moderate amount of leaves and maximum number of chalices (buds) that reach an extremely hard appreciated by commercial growers. Outside, she can reach 1.5 m-2m high. Indoor hardly reaches 1m. Not tolerate high humidity in advanced stages of flowering. Successfully resists pests in general. Sensory properties: AROMA: It gives off a strong floral scent with fusions of fresh mint and forest land. Truly a touch of floral explosion. Necessary to use activated carbon filter. TASTE: linger on the palate a taste minty hard to forget. This is certainly a gourmet delicatessen. EFFECT: Strongly sedating and relaxing with high content of CBD. Undoubtedly one of the best varieties for medicinal use. Recreational use is recommended at the last minute of the day with an inward light. PLEASE NOTE: Not tolerate large amounts of fertilizer. For medicinal use is recomendienda grown in biological systems. In hydroponic systems is recommended not to exceed the EC at 1.6. It is in these systems where the plant diversity of available food, which it transfers very dark green leaves, hence the name Black Widow. For the more experienced white family farmers like to keep your garden in the dark the last 2 or 3 days before harvest to a marked increase in resin.
Black Widow is the less popular sibling of the White Widow marijuana strain. Black Widow was derived from the same strain that’s won numerous awards since 1994. Many different Widow varieties have all received numerous rewards and kudos across the globe. They all have naturally high THC levels promoted via selective breeding.
The first Black Widow strain was established by Mr. Nice Seed Bank, and maintains her own personality with different colors and genetics. Black Widow, like White Widow is glistening with numerous resin glands and has just as much resin as her sister, giving it a shiney, cobwebbed look. Black Widow has a strong, sweet scent that is overlayed with an ammonia odor. The strain’s flavor combines with the smell to make a great sweet pine taste. The high is very lucid and relaxing, perfect for just laying around all day.
Black Widow has the common Christmas tree plant structure. Give it some tender loving care to get a beautiful looking plant out of it with great yields. While growing indoors give it 8 to 10 weeks of flowering to get the most amount of resin as possible. The male pollen from Black Widow can be used to make some interesting hybrids as well. When growing Black Widow outdoors, too much rainfall can result in reduced yields.
Madly popular around the globe, the Black Widow marijuana strain was a 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup Champion. Since then, she has continued developing her fan base of medicinal cannabis patients and recreational users alike. Brazilian Sativa is combined with a South Indian Indica hybrid to produce plants that generate copious amounts of crystalline resin, yield heavily and are an absolute treat for the mind and body both. Black Widow is highly recommended for amateur marijuana gardeners because she is easy to grow and naturally resistant to mildew, mold and pests. Just give her quality nutrients, lots of light and basic love and she will perform for you to levels that exceed your expectations.
Plant your Black Widow medical cannabis plants indoors with a SoG setup and watch them thrive. Black Widow is a vigorous grower that gives you proof every day how much she loves you. Her buds will stretch out as they grow sticky and stinky. They'll become so covered with trichromes that you won't be able to even see the bud beneath them any longer! You'll know she's in the room because of her strong citrus aroma. And when you smoke her, if she's been cured properly, it will be smooth and not expand too much in your lungs. She only wants to please you so why not begin your gardening experimentation with the Black Widow marijuana strain today? Your brain and your body both want to...
he counterpart to her White sibling, Black Widow derives from the same strain that has won a number of awards since the Widow was introduced in 1994. Widow vaieties have received kudos from around the globe, and rightly so. The widow strains have high natural THC levels, achieved through selective breeding.

Black Widow parted from her famous sister to follow her own color and genetic destiny with the establishment of Mr. Nice Seed Bank. She maintains the resin production that give the variety a white, cobwebbed look. Her name has encompassed the added intrigue of the famous female spider who devours her mate. Black Widow has a pungent, sweet scent with an acrid, ammonia overlay. The smoke's flavor improves upon the scent, tasting of sweet pine. The high is very lucid, but may sometimes make you want to lie in a hammock and doze.

This plant's structure is like a lanky Christmas tree. Black Widow likes TLC to achieve optimum results. For indoor methods, 8 to 10 weeks of flowering are necessary to produce the immense resin of which this plant is capable. In outdoor gardens, high rainfall can result in reduced yield. Great to use in experimental strains for the layman, the male pollen is recommended to achieve some interesting hybrids.

May 18, 2012