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Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese

Strain Data

Strain BreederBarneys Farm
Lineage/GeneticsBig Buddha Cheese x Blueberry
Indica/Sativa %100% / 0
Yield500 g/m2
SexFeminized, Regular
Flowering Period8-9 weeks
Height55-65 cm.


The world renowned Skunk #1 Cheese pheno bred with the initial Blueberry line. These are the regular seeds, though you can also acquire the Feminized varieties in the Barney's Farm Feminized Seed section.

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Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Cannabis seeds are a true cannabis champion. with a soaring high and an unbeleivable tast, Barneys Farm Blue Cheese is a Cannabis smokers dream. Here we look at the history of Barneys Farm Seeds and a closer look at Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds.
The owner of Barneys Farm seeds is Derry. He decided to collect seeds from landrace Cannabis plants as he was travelling across Asia and the Middle East. During the early 1980's Derry travelled extensively, covering such places as Thailand, Tibet,India and Nepal to name but a few. For three years Derry, along wth several other Cannabis seed breeders based himself high in the Himalayas and spent his time cultivating and cross-breeding some of the Cannabis Strains he had collected. Through crossing and backcrossing these cannabis strains Derry made new and exciting sativa-indica mixes which would later become the foundation of Barneys Farm Seeds.
In 1992 Derry returned to Amsterdam and took over DBarneys Farm Coffee Shop. Derry had returned with the seeds of the best Cannabis strains he could combine and it did not take long for Barneys Farm Seeds to start gaining a reputation for high quality Cannabis Seeds. Today, after winning many Cannabis Cups Barneys Farm Seeds is renowned throughout the world as a leader in the breeding of new and exciting Cannabis Seeds, one of which is Barneys Farm Blue Cheese.
Barneys Farm Blue Cheese is a crossed cannabis or hybrid of two strains of Cannabis. Firstly you have the Big Buddha Cheese. A well known and much documented Cannabis Strain that came from the Skunk #1 strain, that in turn was a cross of a very potent and resinous Afghani Cannabis Plant, So by crossing a Blueberry Cannabis Plant with the Big Buddha Cheese, Derry, the owner of Barneys Farm Seeds produced Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds. A strain that captures the equisit taste of Blueberry with the essence of the Big Buddha Cheese. In growth, Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds produce short and stocky plants with heavy bud laden side branches, a throw-back to it;s Indica parentage. The aroma that Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Cannabis generates is of a Cheesy, skunk smell quite pungent and strong. It produces a thick smoke that has a distinct smell and produces a narcotic high that leaves you in a confused state of mind. Not one to smoke when there is work to be done, but excellent for creativity. For more information on all the Cannabis Strains of Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds visit our website today.
The famous Skunk #1 "Cheese" pheno bred through the original Blueberry line. Easy to grow. Yields maximum with a pronounced skunky-Cheese aroma and taste. this plant grows short and stocky with strong side branches of resin-filled buds. The effect is powerful, stony and comforting.
Barneys Blue Cheese Feminized cannabis seeds are a famously successful cross between Big Buddha Cheese and Blueberry, resulting in a cannabis strain with a strong and distinctive taste and odour; Cheesy Skunk with a hint of fruit. Be aware of the odour, you will need to control it if discretion is important to you.
The stature of Barneys Blue Cheese Feminized weed is typically Indica; short and stocky with a heavy, compact central kola. The side branches are also productive and become filled with thick, resinous buds. This makes Barneys Blue Cheese weed an ideal candidate for yield improvement techniques such as SOG and SCROG.
Barneys Blue Cheese marijuana is a heavy Indica smoke, best enjoyed either laying down, or at least in the vicinity of a couch. It is an easy to grow plant that is very popular and ideal for those who like their weed smelly and strong.

May 18, 2012