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California Orange Bud

California Orange Bud
California Orange Bud

Strain Data

Strain BreederWhite Label
Indica/Sativa %55% / 45%
Yield100-500 g⁄m2
Flowering Period6-9 weeks
Height100-130 cm


Famous orange indica from California. Lots of orangehairs and a citrus taste. An easy to grow plant with thick dense buds, quick flowering time and a nice yield. Also suitable to grow in a greenhouse.

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White Label Orange Bud is a famous outdoor seed-strain originating from California and was brought to Holland in the early Eighties. It is perfect for indoor and greenhouse growers. Orange Bud is a plant with plenty of power and has an amazing zest in both performance and taste. The citrus aroma is sweet during the flowering stage and delicious when smoked. Thick clumps of pistils grow over solid, resinous buds to complement the orange flavour. When mature, this give the plants an overall colour that is more orange than green. The result is a fruitful yield in more ways than one! Orange Bud is a fast, trouble-free variety of cannabis that is suitable for beginners or experts. There is no need to choose between production and quality when Orange Bud can give you both!
May 18, 2012