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Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold
Colombian Gold

Strain Data

Strain BreederWorld of Seeds
Lineage/GeneticsColombian Santa Marta
Indica/Sativa %100% / 0
Yield350 g/m2
SexFeminized, Regular
Flowering Period8-12 weeks
Height150-250 cm


Medicinal value: Average (average content in CBD). Aplication like an antiemetic and in treatment of intraocular pressure in glaucoma.
Smell: Sweet, intense
Flavour: Fruity sweet.
Effects: Psicodelic, electric
THC Level: 19.3% measured upon the rest of cannabinoids. 7.8% measured upon the rest of organic substances belonging to buds like: aminoacids, sugars, terpenoids, vegetal hormones, and cannabinoids (determined by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry)
Interesting crossback 25/75 indica/sativa landrace from colombia., giving as a result a mixture of pure lines come from santamarta zone. The history dates tell us that this variety was used by Simon Bolivar in his trips around amazonas, in which he interchanges spices and medicinal plants with natives during his conquests. High, vigorous and branched, its smell is sweet and intense, stands out for its flavour and powerfull psicodelic effects.

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Columbian Gold regular cannabis seeds from World of Seeds are an interesting 75/25 Indica/Sativa cross, this is a blend of pure strains from the Santamarta mountain range on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Some say this variety was used by Simón Bolívar (The Liberator) during his conquests when he would travel through Amazonia swapping medicinal herbs and plants with the natives. Tall, vigorous, well-branched and with a sweet, intense aroma and taste, Colombian Gold’s outstanding features are its taste and powerful, psychedelic effect.
Colombian Gold is a really interesting Cannabis strain that was crossed back to retain 25% Indica genetics and 25% Sativa genetics, both from varieties originating from Colombia. More specifically, the parents of this crossed back Cannabis strain came about as a result of a mixture of pure Cannabis varieties coming from the Santamarta region. Colombian Gold expresses strong, vigorous, and branched growth that emits a pleasant smell that is both sweet and intense. She stands out for her flavor and powerful psychedelic effects. This Cannabis variety has a tendency to grow 2 – 2.5 meters tall, flower within 60 – 75 days, yield anywhere between 350 – 600 grams/m2 depending on environment, have an average THC content (which is still a lot), and have a very pungent smell with a sweet flavor.
Good Columbian Gold seeds are not that easy to find. Those who ever tried it before miss the Columbian buss of this popular marijuana strain. According to a linguistics book, 'The gold in the name of the cannabis originally described the golden hue of the leaves on the plant, but later came to refer both to the high quality of the marijuana and to the especially high price it commanded.” In the sixties, Columbian Gold marijuana fuelled the North America, $40.00 an ounce, not easy to get your hands on. Sensible Seeds are pleased to offer you a modern indica (25%) and sativa (75%) cannabis hybrid.

It’s a mixture of traditional cannabis seeds, pure bred strains from the Santa Martha mountain range in Columbia. We keep its (ohhhh) sweet smell spicy smell and delicious mellow taste. While using, you will enjoy the smooth smoke steam. The effect of Columbian Gold marijuana is strong psychedelic and last for about 3 hours. We also made it easy for you to grow this marijuana strain indoors. The seeds are resistance to mould and produce the plants with great big long rounded buds. Flowering time is 9-10 weeks.

Usually, THC is 19.3%. But if you are an experienced cannabis grower, you may want to increase the THC percent. Many techniques such as this are used by traditional growers to shock or stress the plant during flowering by cutting through the xylem and phloem layers of the stalk. This supposedly would cut off the flow of nutrients to the plant, leaving the stalks and buds a blanched golden colour at harvest time. In the belief that the plants will respond to stress by producing more of the active (THC-containing) resins responsible for the plants' medicinal potency.

May 18, 2012