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Himalayan Gold (CBD x 2)

Himalayan Gold (CBD x 2)
Himalayan Gold (CBD x 2)

Strain Data

Strain BreederGreen House
Lineage/GeneticsSkunk x Northern Lights x Haze
Indica/Sativa %70% / 30%
Yield450-600 g⁄m2
CBD1.4% / 0.5%
Flowering Period8-9 weeks
Height4-5 feet


Effect: very creative high, very strong body feeling.
Flowering indoor: 8 - 9 weeks with a yield between 600 and 1000 gr/sqm.
Flowering outdoor: ready by the end of September in the Northern half of the globe; in the Southern hemisphere in April.
Yield up to 1500 gr/plant.

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The Himalayan mountain range separates the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan plateau. it is home to the planet's highest mountains, stretching across six countries with its dramatic contrasts of icy peaks and alluvial plains. This region, not far from the proposed origins of cannabis itself, is home to some fine landrace cannabis strains. The parents of the Green House Himalaya Gold originate in the Himalayan-bordering countries of Nepal and North India. These combined Indica Strains produce a fast growing plant with choco-smelling buds and a strong mellow high.

Himalayan Gold is well adapted for indoor or outdoor environments and can be finished by the end of September in south Europe when started in March. This rapid grower is very branchy, so much so that untamed branches tend to compete with the main cola. The Himalayan Gold plant works best as a trained multi-branch plant or in a screen of green setup; sea of green limits its potential.

Himalaya Gold's buds are elongated cattails, with a tight structure of indica chunkiness. These plants can become impressively large and prodigious yielders. Indoor plants tend to finish at around 4-5 feet, but outside, they become giant bushes or small trees, getting as tall as 8 feet. The chocolate aromas of this plant carry over in the dark flavors of its buds, with sweet and spicy edges of coffee and a hint of pepper, wood, and floral sweetness.

This all-indica treasure is a stoney pot that hits the legs before it reaches the head. It has the potential to be a lazy, couchlock, snackfest buzz. It may bring out or enhance your inner procrastinator, so better to smoke when putting off until tomorrow is truly an option. Take pleasure in the relaxing bodily effects. This is a fun strain for playing videogames - the meditative, puzzle Tetris tpe, not the shoot 'em up variety. because of the easy growing characteristics, tempting aroma and flavor, and potent effect, this strain is great for medical users looking for pain relief, including those with MS or insomnia. Himalaya Gold can also really dial down the stress level.
Himalayan Gold seeds have both Nepalese and North Indian heritage making it certain that you will strike gold with this strain. Great for either indoor or outdoor cultivation.

A very creative high! Good for inspiration, meditation, pain relief and for arts & craft.

Genetics: Nepal, North India. High Effect: Very creative high but with a strong body feeling.

Usually finished by the end of Sepember in the Northern hemisphere and by May in Southern hemisphere

All Himalayan Gold seeds dispatched by are not pre-packed by machine and sold off the shelf, all offers are individually counted and selected by hand and any cracked, broken, crushed or immature seeds are ejected prior to posting, thus ensuring that you, our valued customer, will come back time and again and be happy to recommend to your friends and neighbours.
No other strain is quite as exotic as Green House Seeds Himalayan Gold Feminised! With roots that can be traced back to ancient Nepal and Northern India, this hybrid’s reputation is second to none. A winner of more than its fair share of private awards and harvest festival competitions, Himalayan Gold is one of the most popular strains currently available to the general public. Order yours today to bring home the Gold!
Himalayan Gold has been a true inspiration over the years. This variety stirs the imagination and promotes creativity. If you’re starting your next masterpiece, learning to meditate, or working on a new riff, Green House Seeds Himalayan Gold Feminised can act as your muse. This strain is also known for its strong medicinal properties; if you suffer from chronic pain or lack of appetite, Himalayan Gold can be an effective part of your treatment program.
Every batch of Himalayan Gold cannabis seeds delivered to our warehouse is produced by perfect Himalayan Gold parents at the Green House Seed Company. As the fruit matures, the lovely green trichomes glisten with crystal-clear THC. Mixed in with the velvety fronds, golden hairs are interlaced with every frond. With yields that range from 850 grams to a massive 1,350 grams per unit, this strain is a virtual powerhouse.
Himalayan Gold is known for high THC levels as well as generous amounts of CBD and CBN. It does well inside or out, but goes a little further in an open environment. Maturity cycles are short, branches and internodes are long, and the final results are powerful. As the name implies, Himalayan Gold thrives in northern regions and works perfectly in colder, mountainous areas. In fact, this hardy strain can out-produce the competition in almost any venue. Order yours today to add a powerful punch to your collection!


May 18, 2012