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Holland's Hope

Holland's Hope
Holland's Hope

Strain Data

Strain BreederDutch Passion
Lineage/GeneticsAfghan x Early Skunk
Indica/Sativa %80% / 20%
Yield450 gr./m2
SexFeminized, Regular
Flowering Period8-9 weeks
Height180 cm


One of the first Dutch Outdoor strains, grown in Holland since the early eighties. A heavy Indica variety with a knock-out stoned. Very mold resistant. Recommended.

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Holland’s Hope is a tough, mostly-Indica hybrid with a very short flowering time.

For many years, Dutch growers have enjoyed the advantages of Holland’s Hope. In fact, its superior performance in cool climates is the reason for its name - it was one of the first cannabis strains to give hope to Holland’s outdoor cultivators!

This variety is ideal for outdoor growers in cool climates where short summers may limit the growing season. Holland’s Hope seeds produce vigorous, hardy plants which are resistant to pests and fungus and can often reach a height of two metres, even in cooler summers.

Holland’s Hope is a stable mix of Afghan and an early-finishing Skunk. It is a highly potent smoke with a fruity, earthy flavour.
The Holland's Hope marijuana strain was masterminded and bred to produce a strain that was tough enough for the chilly, wet Netherlands climate. She represents the standard for the indoor cannabis strains in Holland, and for many other geographic locations as well. She takes on unpredictable weather conditions and somehow still manages to thrive in them. Hence, she gave hope to the outdoor Dutch growers. Holland's Hope cannabis is 100% Indica and that means that she is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and fungus attacks.
The Holland's Hope strain of cannabis will grip your brain tight and command it to block your pain receptors. Her buds grow dense and compact, filled with THC-loaded trichromes that pack massive Indica powers within. You will feel just fine soon after toking up on a heaving bowl of Holland's Hope; so go ahead and load it to the brim! It's the right thing for people who suffer from depression, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, cachexia and so many other debilitating health conditions. Outdoor and indoor marijuana cultivators can expect seriously heavy yields from the Holland's Hope strain of marijuana. Enjoy growing and benefiting from her!
Hollands Hope is a time honoured outdoor strain, one of the very first to be fully acclimatised and grown outdoors in Holland since the early 1980’s. Hollands Hope is noted for its mold resistance, this is a hardy and reliable variety that is ready for harvest around the end of September or early October after around 8 weeks of flowering.

This is a quality Indica bred to tolerate the Dutch outdoor climate but it will grow well in other outdoor climates. The plants are typically 1-2m tall, this is a heavy yielding Indica strain with a real knockout stone and has been a favourite outdoor strain of ours since the beginning.

Plants can yield anywhere from 100g to 1000g per plant depending on the growing conditions. Be careful not to give too much nutrition to Hollands Hope as it can encourage too many leaves and actually reduce bud production. Buds typically reach 50cm in length and contain small leaves.

Hollands Hope has been a reliable and productive outdoor strain for many years, the smoke is quite sweet and the effect is a heavy, sit-down smoke that will be appreciated by recreational smokers and medical users alike. The stone lasts for a solid couple of hours and many outdoor growers that plant Hollands Hope have done so for many years. At their best the plants develop into a heavy yielding bush with plenty of side growth. This variety comes recommended by a generation of outdoor growers.

May 18, 2012