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Indica Strains

Indica Strains
Indicas tend to be short plants, ranging from a few feet up to 8. Its leaves have short, deep green broad-fingers, often tinged with a purple hue. The buds fluctuate in color from purple to dark green, much like their marijuana leaves. Indica strains carry a robust, pungent odor.

The cannabis produced by the Indica plant is generally higher in CBD and lower in THC when compared with sativa plants. This implies marijuana from a pure Indica strain will deliver a sleepy, heavier type of effect (as compared to a Sativa strain).

The effects of the Indica are generally described as an enjoyable body sensation. Indicas are perfect as a stress reliever, for relaxation and for an overall sense of serenity and calmness. Indicas also are quite effective for overall body pain-relief, and quite often applied to treating insomnia. A number of pure Indica strains are incredibly potent in THC, and have the ability to cause the "couch-lock" effect which allows the user to simply take a seat and savor the experience.
May 24, 2012
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