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Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold
Malawi Gold

Strain Data

Strain BreederHoly Smoke Seeds
Lineage/Genetics100% Malawi Gold landrace Sativa
Indica/Sativa %0 / 100%
Yield650-750 g⁄m2
THC14-18 %
Flowering Period10-12 weeks


Straight from Africa!
Finally available in souvenier cannabis seeds form the World renowned Malawi Gold by Holy Smoke Seeds, South Africas most sought after Sativa famed for its sweet, earthy to lemonesque scents and flavour with heavy results common as dense buds swell and grow and a stone of exceptional quality, beautifull earthy and introspective that works on so many levels you can feel the history these plants have with mankind...
Traditionally these buds are wrapped in banana leaves and buried to cure which produces a very smooth and lush palette. A very popular choice for those in the know...
Flavour: sweet/ lemon

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Malawi Gold is what everyone expects when they think of a pure Sativa plant. It has large, slim fan leaves that typically become a very dark green in color, it grows tall and branches heavily and as it flowers it develops a reddish-purple coloration. The structure of Malawi Gold is just like a Christmas tree. This strain will grow large with multiple branches, all of them containing some lovely, heavy buds.
Malawi Gold is an equatorial Sativa so the flowering time is quite considerable, but the finished buds are covered with sticky, visible resin glands. The buds can grow up to 2 feet long when grown outdoors. Malawi Gold’s smell is sweet and refreshing with a slightly bitter pineapple and almond aftertaste in the smoke. The buzz of Malawi Gold is clear, alert, and energetic and is very psychoactive. The high is long lasting.
Malawi Gold is known as some of the best and finest Sativa marijuana coming from Africa. When it is grown in its homeland, they cure the buds after tightly bounding them in a banana leaf which results in a potent, and compact gold-colored harvest. It is grown outdoors in several regions in Malawi, Africa, and they can reach sizes between 6 to 12 feet tall depending on the growing conditions and time. This strain prefers warm climates that have daytime temperatures of over 80 degrees F and at least 5 months of frost free period. You can improve germination by matching this strain’s native conditions.
Malawi Gold is the name given to cannabis originating in Malawi. In chichewa, it is locally known as chamba.[1] Chamba is grown mainly in central and northern regions like Mzuzu.[2] It is internationally renowned as one of the finest sativas from Africa.[3] According to a World Bank report, it is often referred to as the "the best and finest" Chamba in the world.[4]Malawi Gold is also known as one of the most potent psychoactive pure African sativas. The popularity of this strain has led to such a profound increase in marijuana tourism and economic profit in Malawi that Malawi Gold is listed as one of the three 'Big C's'in Malawian exports 'Chambo' (Tilapia fish), Chombe (tea) Chamba (Malawi Gold)'.
Malawi Gold is the quintessential sativa, with large slim fan leaves that often become very dark in color. These plants like to grow tall, and branch heavily, and may develop reddish-purple coloration as they mature. The structure is pyramidal, much like a Christmas tree. Malawi Gold likes to grow large with multiple branches, all of which will yield some lovely buds.

As an equatorial sativa, the maturation time is considerable, but the resulting buds are sticky, with visible resin glands. Outdoors, buds can grow up to 2 feet long. The smell is pleasantly sweet and refreshing, while the smoke is slightly bitter with pineapple and almond aftertastes. The buzz has an enjoyably alert mental clarity, but is very psychoactive and the high is long lasting.

Malawi Gold is well known as some of the best and finest sativa from Africa. In Malawi, the buds are cured after being tightly bound in banana leaf to give a compact, potent gold-colored product. This variety is grown in several regions of Malawi, where it can range in size from 6-12 feet depending on the conditions and growing time. Malawi Gold likes warm climates with daytime temperatures over 80 degrees F and 5 months minimum frost free periods. Germination is improved by matching this plant's native conditions.

May 18, 2012