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Strain BreederDutch Passion
Lineage/GeneticsAfghan/Skunk x Skunk #1 F1
Indica/Sativa %100% / 0
Yield500-750 g⁄m2
SexFeminized, Regular
Flowering Period8-9 weeks
Height100-200 cm


2nd price `High Times Cup` 1999
2nd price `Highlife Cup` 2002
This is an upgraded selection of our valued former Afghan/Skunk. We improved the variety in 1997. The taste is softer than before and we managed to improve on yield. The Afghani (Mazar-i-Shariff) part is a very short christmastree- like plant, 100% Indica and very resinous. The F1-cross with Skunk#1 gives the variety a bigger yield and better taste. Very good `up` high. As both parents are very consistent, the offspring is very consistent too.

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Named for the cannabis growing center in Afghanistan, Maza-I-Shariff, this variety derives from a resinous indica descended from marijuana's motherlands, and Skunk #1 mother that adds some of her sativa traits. This plant does well outdoors, in the welcoming climates of Spain or California, but her November finish at Holland's latitude encourages an indoor setup. Mazar also makes a good greenhouse plant.

Growing vigorously in either soil or hydro, Mazar tends toward a squat dwarf-conifer silhouette, a meter (3 feet) tall or less, this suits sea of green cultivation. She carries long chunky colas and thick leaves that stay green over her whole cycle. A third flowering waves comes just before harvest, so growers that are able and willing to let her continue growing may be rewarded with additional yields.

An obtrusive pine and sandalwaood aroma makes Mazar easy to conceal, and easier on the lungs and palate than other hashy varieties, this inhale full of soft incense is a quick ticket to turning up the technicolor of psychedelic enjoyment, but may also lead to couch lock and even heavy sleep. Smokers are slow to build up a tolerance to Mazar so this strain can be reliable as a nightcap. The occasional Mazar expresses sativa phenotypes, including a more upbeat and heady stone. Mazar won second prize in both the 1999 High Times and the 2002 High Life contests.
Every cannabis seed bank that wants to play a serious role in the breeding business has a good classical Afghani indica variety in stock. A pure original Afghan actually is indispensable for breeding purposes, since it has truebred, unaltered landrace genetics that for example perfectly blend with a pure sativa strain, resulting in very vigorous and homogeneous hybrids. Afghan genetics are contained within nearly every indica, indica/sativa or sativa/indica variety available on the seed market. Afghan-dominated strains often bear significant names like e.g. Afghani #1 or Mazar. The latter was created from pure Afghan and Skunk #1 by Dutch Passion a long time ago, simply named "Afghan/Skunk" at first and renamed as "Mazar" in 1997, being improved by special selection also. At that time, its taste became milder and the already good yield was further increased. Mazar's name comes from the hashish cultivation area Mazar-i-Sharif in Afghanistan, indicating the origin of one of its ancestors. The mother of Mazar is a pure 100% indica Afghani variety that grows like a christmas tree, bearing very resinous buds. Crossing it with the world's probably best hybridisation strain Skunk #1 results in very uniform plants from seed that give a better taste and larger harvest amounts, effected by Skunk #1. In 1999, Mazar scored second place in the indica competition of the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and also second place at the Highlife Cup 2002 in the bio category.
Cultivation test
In 1999, I let three feminised Mazar seeds germinate in Jiffy pots. After four days, all of them had come off the ground and were transplanted to 6 litre soil pots, developing very well under some fluorescents for the first two weeks. The plants were short in height and had dark green leafs, exhibiting a classical indica look. Beginning from week three, the plants were illuminated by a 400 W HPS lamp and had grown to a height of 40-50 cm four weeks after germination. There was very moderate side-branching, suggesting that these ladies would basically yield one fat and long main cola in the end. However, flower development had to be thoroughly observed, since the plants were grown from feminised seeds. And indeed, two of the plants revealed 2-3 single male flowers during week four of blooming. These were detected and removed in time, before they had the chance to release their baneful pollen. No additional male flowers would show up during the remaining weeks of flowering so that the two plants could develop proper unseeded buds. Probably this very slight hermaphrodism was caused by the fact that the Mazars were not grown in accordance with the Dutch Passion cultivation recommendations for feminised seeds, it was e.g. far more warmer in the grow room than recommended. In the same year, two Mazars were grown from feminised seed in a greenhouse in Northern Germny and turned out to flower 100% female, reaching a height of about two meters in the end, with giant rock-hard resinous colas. But back to the indoor Mazars: Those three plants were very homogeneous and almost stopped length growth after they had entered the flowering stage.
End results
In the end, they measured only 50-60 cm, exhibiting long, thick and resinous main colas and some smaller, but very solid side-buds. The calyx-to-leaf ratio was quite favourable, offering many fat calyxes along with a moderate amount of flower leafs, everything frosted with resin. The buds smelled very sweet'n tangy and yielded 23-28 grams per plant. Keeping in mind those 19,5% THC that an independent laboratory has measured with Mazar, the expectations for its psychoactive turn were rather high. And whew, it really gave a very strong mental performance, effecting a long-lasting, stoney indica high that was slightly freshened by a certain sativa influence, too. The taste was spicy-sweet, not acrid in the mouth, but quite mild for a mostly indica.
This is an upgraded selection of the former valued Afghan Skunk. A 1997 improvement was made on its yield. The taste is softer than before. The Afghani (Mazar cannabis seeds-i-Shariff) part is a very short christmas tree like plant, 100% Indica and very resinous. The F1-cross with Skunk #1 gives the variety a bigger yield and better taste. Very good ?up? high. As both parents are very consistent, the offspring is very co nsistent too.
Specifications: ~ Flower: 8-9 weeks ~ Harvest: 1 week of Nov. ? Dutch Passion Seedbank s t

Started with 10 seeds and all germinated and sprouted. Two sprouts didn?t make it. One just wasn?t able to push out real leaves, it wanted to, but couldn?t get it done... chop went the blade. The other grew but lagged behind.... chop went the blade. Of the 8 that were left 3 were female and 5 were male. This was nice since news of hermies with the Mazar cannabis seeds was heard but none were seen. This is unquestionably indica in appearance and smell. Wide dull dark green leaves with smoother edges on the blade serrations. Two of the 3 females were somewhat similar in appearance during flower with the other doing it?s own thing. They looked pretty much identical during veg growth. Differences showed in bud structure. The oddball had the braided city skyline look. I'll explain later. The other two grew tight compact buds with smaller calyxes. 2- First let me tell ya bout some weirdness. The plant grew leaves from so me of its leaf stems. Weird huh, anyway.
This plant suffered from shading of taller plants but did OK consid ering. It was kept mainly for how well it did through the shading since curiosity was peaked by its performance. This plant got thrown into the mix by accident and wasn?t smoked by anyone that knew they were smoking it. It?s a mystery plant u ntil grown from clone. 3- This bad boy girl grew a fat top bud and may have been the heaviest of the three if it didn?t suffer from some overcrowding vs. the top producer. This bad girl also had the heaviest covering of resin.
This has potential to be a producer except for the long flower period, which would need to be dealt with if you?re into speed.
Note: All of the plants were harvested in approximately 10 weeks but it could have been done earlier and probably should have been. So just figure a 9 weeker for now. 5- Yep this is the braided one and this is what was meant. The plant was trained so that the main stem was horizontal. Looking at the Big Bud from eye level gave you a city skyline look with the buds, which look like braided hair with the big calyxes. This plant also had a nice covering of resin and was the stronger of the 2 that were smoked. It was also the heaviest plant. The one possible problem with this plant is that it did sho w a male flower or two early in flowering but that was it. An eye was kept on it and it didn?t show another sign of male flowers until a few days before harvest. The late start of a male flower or two could very well have been due to leaving them to flower too long before chopping day.
Aroma: An earthy spicy thing with a skunk background. Not overpowering would probably require attention when packaging.
Buzz Above average. NL x Shiva hates this plant in this neck of the woods and for good reason. Mazar cannabis seeds is an up and comer that could become the next couch lock champ when it?s old enough to compete. Itsthat good now. This was stoner weed period but...
It was harvested much too late which could have caused this type of buzz. There seemed to be an edge to the buzz lurking so we shall see. If it wasn?t because of the late harvest there will b e so me KOs when others get to smoke th is chit.
Taste Distorted by feeding. It had a spicy taste to it that isn?t bad and could be a good one when given the right feeding schedule.
Yield Slightly above average with 5 better than that.
Comments: This is looking like one of those plants no one likes to smoke because it ends their day. It?s surprising that it took as long to finish with this strain, we?ll see what happens from clone. Buzz will probably improve with age and better growing conditions.
Curiosity is peaked about the type of buzz that will be had when the p lant is harvested on time. Except for 5 shading was a problem for this strain so yield is really up in the smoke right now. All and all so far so good since the buzz is making up for the long flower time. ? Flick

May 18, 2012