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Morning Glory

Morning Glory
Morning Glory

Strain Data

Strain BreederBarneys Farm
Lineage/GeneticsAfghani Hawaiian x Skunk
Indica/Sativa %40% / 60%
Yield450 g/m2
SexFeminized, Regular
Flowering Period9-10 weeks
Height75-85 cm



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Morning Glory is an active and cheerful variety with an interesting range in its flavors and excellent yields. it has been popular among Barney's Farm selections since its Cannabis Cup win in 2002. Morning Glory combines the exotic island flavors of a Hawaiian sativa mother with the durable quality of the Skunk in the paternal line.

Skunk varieties are known as versatile plants that contribute many desirable qualities to more delicate and challenging strains. Sativas are generally known to be lankier and more finicky in the garden, and this can often be a greater concern with varieties adapted to specific locales. Hawaiian varieties, like other island-acclimated strains, may lose their special Polunesian flavors and vibe when moved to more temperate locations. In Morning Glory, the Hawaiian mother has been infused with skunk genetics, adding a hardy efficiency to its growth. Yet the surprisingly subtle earthy floral flavors of the Skunk also allow the island qualities to drive the flavors and effects.

Morning Glory plants are somewhat branchy, working best when branches are retained rather than pruned to a single-stem plant. This plant's growing structure is truly hybrid, with medium leaves and a medium height and structure. Barney's Farm recommends growing Morning Glory in soil with organics. Plants finish in early October outdoors, or in 8-10 weeks of flowering indoors, with average yields of 450 grams per square meter.

In their natural state, Morning Glory buds have a distinctly strong, citrus aroma, but the smoke is mild and just a bit earthy and spicy, with subtle hints of almonds and white pepper. The high is soaring yet simultaneously relaxing. It can enhance energetic or social activities, making it a true "morning glory", yet it serves equally well when more sedentary or passive activities are planned, whether laying on the beach or simply watching a summer movie.
Morning Glory is a unique strain that has an active high with excellent yields. Morning Glory has been a popular strain from Barney’s Farm since it won the Cannabis Cup in 2002. Morning Glory stems from a Hawaiian Sativa mother and a hardy Skunk II strain which combines the flavors and hardiness into one great strain.
Different Skunk strains are well known for being versatile plants that can be crossed with other strains to make them easier to grow and more durable. While Hawaiian strains tend to lose their special flavors and performance when moved to temperate locations. That is why Morning Glory is a cross between the tough Skunk genetics and the Hawaiian Sativa to make a more efficient and tougher strain. The Skunk adds earthy and floral qualities onto the island qualities of Morning Glory.
Morning Glory plants can become quite branchy and grow best when the branches are tied up, instead of cut to a single stem plant. Morning Glory has a hybrid growing structure with medium height, structure and medium-sized leaves. Barney’s Farm recommends that you grow this strain with organic fertilizer in soil. Outdoor plants can finish around early October, and indoor plants will be done after about 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, averaging yields of 450 grams per square meter.
Morning Glory buds have a strong and citrusy aroma that is combined with a mild earthy smoke. Throw in a few hints of spices, almonds and white pepper for an excellent taste. Morning Glory has a soaring and relaxing high at the same time making it great for social activities. It also does just as good in more quiet activities like laying around or watching a movie.
Get a 5 or 10-pack of feminize Morning Glory from Barney’s Farm Seeds
Morning Glory cannabis seeds from Barney’s will produce a Sativa dominant plant with some of the great Indica traits thrown in for good measure. Morning Glory cannabis plants are well formed with long stems that will support huge buds, forming dense kolas along the length of the stems by the end of the flowering period.
Morning Glory marijuana is a good producer for its size, growing fast like a Sativa and thick like an Indica. It’s an easy plant to grow and shouldn’t present too many problems for first timers.
When smoked, Morning Glory weed will remind you why it’s a good idea to mix Sativa and Indica Strains. It produces a soaring Sativa high that seems to start somewhere in your boots, and this is accompanied by a deep, relaxing physical stone that will put a Smile on your face.
They call it Morning Glory but I’d be happy to have it at any time of the day, providing I didn’t have to do anything too strenuous or requiring too much concentration.
This strain brings it all together: Excellent yields, relatively short flowering time, interesting flavors, and effects combining the best of both Sativa and Indica. The carefully selected genetics for this plant make it easy to grow. In their natural state, the buds have distinctly strong, citrus aromas, but the smoke is mild and just a bit earthy and spicy, with subtle hints of white pepper. The high is somehow soaring and relaxing at once. A plant that aptly demonstrates how careful cannabis breeding and husbandry can lead to fascinating results.

May 18, 2012