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  1. peodia
  2. Life's a hit
  3. PeakHeart
    Hi, new to this community. Who's on here?
  4. Abhinav Pandey
    Abhinav Pandey DrugTestDave
    Hi Dave.
    Need some reassurance. I smoke weed may be twice a month. I did a pre employment drug screen yesterday (21 days clean). i jogged for 3 miles maybe 7 days. I did test myself with the first void of the day with home drug tests,passed them all. My only concern is the GC/MS which has a limit of 15ng/ml. Thoughts?
    Sadly I had alcohol during this period
  5. Smags
    Could a “zombie” epidemic be caused by a new strand of mutated rabies or am I just that clapped?
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  6. Ganjaman101
    I am a seasoned stoner lately been getting panic attacks from smoking been thinking of trying cbd e juice any one have knowledge on this
  7. BillyBobBuckBoard
    Looking for a grower, In the Philomath, Or. area. Any help would really be great. Thank you for your time. bill j.
  8. Kurt Darrell
    Kurt Darrell
    It is good to be a member of this community.
  9. Trippininoregon
    I’m testing on Monday and was thinking of subing, but I’ve done home tests today, 3 times and all were negative.
  10. Deeana
    Deeana 420
    If I token 2 hits of weed how long will it last in my system I'm not a daily smoker
  11. Smags
    I smoked some good shit yesterday, but I had a terrible coughing fit after! I rarely do that! It was bad like gagging, vomit coughing!
  12. Randy White
    Randy White
    I am new to Madison Alabama. Things are dry hear compared to where I lived. Maybe someone one can point me in the right direction.
  13. AToMiC_RoYaL
    Currently clean and working torwards passing the almight nuisance, the dreaded drug test!
  14. RasItal
    Why oh Why RO water 003 vs tap 190
  15. RasItal
    RasItal buzzmobile
    hey there old friend
    1. buzzmobile
      This is why I have a mantid face hanging around. It is good to see you again.
      May 27, 2018
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    2. RasItal
      I see the sea and watch the ships sail.
      hot days now hotter days ahead
      keep me company pretty please while I keep these ladies HnH
      May 28, 2018
  16. RasItal
    still the stoned penguin
  17. Pneumothorax420?
    Hey guys in case you couldnt tell from my name, my lung collapsed. Im currently looking for a way to build a relationship with a "sponsor"
  18. weedhydro420
    weedhydro420 buzzmobile
    Hey it's possible to inquire some growing questions? FB?
    1. buzzmobile
      I can help. I don't do FB.
      May 17, 2018
  19. BobBitchen
  20. 413GRAMS
    smoking, drinking, creative stoners, always open to collabs