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  1. lauden mills
    lauden mills
    Available WiFi OG (Hybrid),Cherry Diesel (Hybrid),Wedding Cake (Hybrid),THC Bomb (Hybrid),Lord Jones High CBD Tincture - Peppermint
  2. TrashPand420
    I love smoking roaches my guys
  3. Anita Griggs
    Anita Griggs
    Need relieving pain from injury to knees and pain back surgery from burst fracture. Looking for reliable place to purchase in Washington DC.
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    2. AngiezPlanet
      @Anita Griggs search at for a dispensary in the D.C. area :)
      Sep 12, 2018
  4. K75
    1yr and back, cannot find any old posts!
  5. Daniel3320
    Daniel3320 Weedmaps
    Hey folks New here!
  6. ADabLDo
    Adabldo for me and YOU!
  7. 1tokeovertheline
    1tokeovertheline Buzzby
    I am back! How you doing?
  8. GreenBudLife
  9. GreenBudLife
  10. GreenBudLife
    GreenBudLife AngiezPlanet
    What's a thread?
    1. AngiezPlanet
      @GreenBudLife THREAD is the initial *starting* post.
      POST is a reply to a THREAD or a reply to a post within a thread.
      POST is a form of COMMENT - they are mutually exclusive:
      Jul 25, 2018
  11. mmjScientific
    Wondering how to add a photo to the profile, change avatar?
    1. AngiezPlanet
      @mmjScientific please email me at If you send me the image you want to use for your avatar I will add it to your account. Unfortunately we are still glitched in adding an image for your avatar. Some people are able to while others are not and we cannot seem to figure out the problem. Again if you would like me to add it to your profile just email me at the email I provided above. :)
      Sep 12, 2018
  12. peodia
  13. PeakHeart
    Hi, new to this community. Who's on here?
  14. Abhinav Pandey
    Abhinav Pandey DrugTestDave
    Hi Dave.
    Need some reassurance. I smoke weed may be twice a month. I did a pre employment drug screen yesterday (21 days clean). i jogged for 3 miles maybe 7 days. I did test myself with the first void of the day with home drug tests,passed them all. My only concern is the GC/MS which has a limit of 15ng/ml. Thoughts?
    Sadly I had alcohol during this period
  15. Smags
    Could a “zombie” epidemic be caused by a new strand of mutated rabies or am I just that clapped?
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  16. Ganjaman101
    I am a seasoned stoner lately been getting panic attacks from smoking been thinking of trying cbd e juice any one have knowledge on this
  17. BillyBobBuckBoard
    Looking for a grower, In the Philomath, Or. area. Any help would really be great. Thank you for your time. bill j.
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  18. Kurt Darrell
    Kurt Darrell
    It is good to be a member of this community.
  19. Trippininoregon
    I’m testing on Monday and was thinking of subing, but I’ve done home tests today, 3 times and all were negative.
  20. Deeana
    Deeana 420
    If I token 2 hits of weed how long will it last in my system I'm not a daily smoker