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  1. ADabLDo
    Sitting here smoking. Have you checked out our videos lately? We are on Youtube :)
  2. chad krasinski
  3. Lima J
    Lima J
    So i have a drug test this Thursday and it was random. Without any negativity can someone tell me if the Champ Detox pills work ?
  4. Cannashew
    Can someone tell me what is the best detox method for a UA between just a drink from a head shop, or using Certo?
  5. Terry Vera
    Terry Vera
    Hey Guys! Any tips on denying the fact that your high and how to cover up the smell without deodorant
  6. Terry Vera
    Terry Vera
    Hello My fellow Stoners. How can i hide my high
  7. PrivacyBluntzConflict
    Dat Man: The Killing Toke
  8. PrivacyBluntzConflict
    Always blew out from the 4th blunt
  9. ADabLDo
    Trying to upload an avatar and it won't let me.. Anyone got any tips? Been a member for a while and wanna stay..
    1. AngiezPlanet
      @ADabLDo Unfortunately we are still trying to resolve the issue with the avatars. If you would like you may send your avatar image to me and I can upload it to your profile for you. You can email the image to

      Feb 26, 2018
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    2. ADabLDo
      Hey @AngiezPlanet Thanks so much! Been busy and just saw this but I will send that along :)
      Mar 22, 2018 at 11:20 PM
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    3. AngiezPlanet
      There you go :)
      Mar 23, 2018 at 10:24 AM
  10. Geeb Guy
    Geeb Guy Roberta Flack
    any kind of directions or experiences you can recommend from the activated charcoal?
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  11. Halfpasthigh93
    It's a hardcore hobby
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  12. Johnny Wishbone
    Johnny Wishbone
    Woo-hoo,moving to Durango next month.
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  13. ADabLDo
    Hello forum friends! Wanted to share a new video from Adabldo. We recently visited TPE in Las Vegas.
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  14. Bootwash
  15. Ali nettles
    Ali nettles
    CERTO can a lab detect it
  16. Melgabriel_33
    what is the least euphoric strain? non-horny weed
  17. Mark Gordon Cooper
    Mark Gordon Cooper
    Thanks for stopping by, as a Plant Scientist, Organic Chemist and Formula innovator, may I answer any questions about Cell Respiration.
  18. Carrie Thomas
    Carrie Thomas mjxenadmin
    Hello there. Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering how I make a name to use on the on the Forum? Obviously I don't want to post under my real name (the name that is probably showing up when I send this message) but I'm not seeing where to create a screen name, only to put a dob, etc. Any help is appreciated.


    1. AngiezPlanet
      Hi Carrie,
      If you would like to change your username to something more anonymous please just message me here via the forums inbox system with the username you would like to change to.
      Feb 2, 2018
  19. TheDunmer420
    I think I'm gonna be the gamer dude on the forums. I play so many RPGs I'm gonna start sharing the good ones..
  20. ADabLDo
    Hello :) Dropping in to say HIGH
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