90 days and still dirty? Why and what can I do?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by blunt_force, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. blunt_force

    blunt_force New Member

    Greetings. I am looking for work in Southern California and have not smoked or been around smoke for 89 days as of today. I was heavy-set but have been going to the gym and sweatting out as much of the toxin as possible. As a result I lost 50 pounds and have been flushing out my system regularly with water (about half gallon a day since 3 months ago). I took two different home tests last night, both of which are different brands. I came up positive on both. I am floored by the results and am astonished as to how this could be given my length of time without smoke and my exersize. What am I doing wrong. I keep hearing that people are fine after 30 solid days with out weed and here I am still positive? I was a very heavy smoker with some fat around the gut. I have lost most of the weight and haven't had a single hit. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member

    Mel has stated before that he has seen a 400lb man that took 98 days to be clean. But that was an extreme. You may be taking something that is causing a false positive for THC. Be sure to read the sticky above about that.
  3. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    yup...98 days......400lb man......about 6 months ago here on Marijuana.com....he is officially in my Guiness Book for longest time to detox....but you are not far behind.

    In all seriousness, the working out you are doing is most likely dumping large amounts of meatbolites into your urine, hence the positive result.

    Try an experiment; quit working out completely for 48 hours, and test yourself after 48 hours with a urine sample that you have not diluted with water, and see what your result is. My guess is that the working out, which turns fat cells over very quickly in the human body, is causing your urine to be extra concentrated with THC metabolites.

    If you still test positive after the above experiment, then you probably should try some dry runs using dilution.

    Good luck
  4. S2

    S2 Just another bonehead

    Probably a good idea to eat heavily in that 48 hours too-- do what you can to go from fat burning to fat storing-- though it seems to me tht metabolism doesn't shift that quickly-- 48 hours might not do it.

    Thats always been my rub with the advice to execise and burn fat--- maybe if you are like 5% body fat that is a good strategy but those carrying a little extra (or more) may actually be delaying the time they could pass by burning fat.

    What if you could put your body in storage mode? Seems like if you aren't buring the fat, the metabs won't be released.
  5. ^_^truth

    ^_^truth Sr. Member

    After that long a period of time I would assume you are clean, just as you assumed so I would suggest you try a few more personal tests (perhaps from other test companies). It might be that the test is having an error.

    If it keeps coming up as positive, then it might be time to lay off the exercise for, I would suggest, at leastt 48 hours to perhaps five days. Give your body a chance to go into the storing system (if you are as healthy as you sound, it may take the five days for your body to start storing at an adequte level).

    And if all else fails use a diluision method until for awhile until you are sure that it has passed through naturally (continue that exercise if you do this though).
  6. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    Another testiment to how different everybody is in regards to this issue.
    And, in my opinion, another reason to not take just anyones advise in .."am I clean" ..I've stated before, that home tests can be purchased on E=bay for like 3 bucks. Test your self. You will find different results under different circumstance. I certainly have. I have tested clean in 18 to 20 days after a binge, and tested very close to positive a couple days later.
    Get to know the reasonable window of time it takes YOU.
    I think I have to agree with the previous threads though, I think all the working out you have been doing have been putting (perhaps) more metabolites into your urine....you MUST be close to below cutoff levels...I also think there advise is prudent.
    Please let us know how things go for you.
  7. blunt_force

    blunt_force New Member

    Still dirty

    Ok everyone......Here it is day 103 and I am still testing positive. I went from 287 pounds to 228 pounds with the aid of a lot of excersize, water and abstinence from weed. I have laid off the excersize for three days and took a home test kit. Actually, two seperate tests from two seperate companies. I still came up 'dirty'. This is unreal and I am floored by this. My bones are indeed marinating in resin. I have taken flush capsules, milk thistle, cranberry juice and more water than any man should ever drink. What the hell is wrong with me???
  8. B.O.W.

    B.O.W. New Member

    Diet Soda Works Every Time... Since You Are A Larger Person I Would Drink Up To 2 Liters 1/2- 1 Hour Before A Test... Urinate A Few Times Before Your Test And You Will Pass... I Drink Up To 30 - 40 Oz Of Diet Soda Before A Test And Pass Every Time... The Sugar Free Ingrediant Is So Strong It Covers Up The Pot.
  9. imported_joe_mama

    imported_joe_mama New Member

    Just curious, you're SURE the tests are reading a positive result? I took the Pharmtech AtHome test and at first assumed that two red lines meant I was positive but in fact two red lines were really a negative result and only one red line (test line) was a positive.
  10. blunt_force

    blunt_force New Member

    Yes, I am sure

    I double checked both results. I made certain my findings were positive and not negative. I really am not that big now considering I am 6' and mostly muscle at this point. I lost the fat weight and kept the muscle weight per a specific program. My metabolism is plenty high and I am just confused as can be. I mean, what the hell??? 103 days and positive? The cut-off for one test is 35 and the other is 50. If I was so upset that I cried, I feel as if I would have green tears.

    I never heard of the diet soda and as I much as I can't stand drinking diet soda, I will do it, with asprin. I am absolutely amazed at this and so are my friends. I have another friend who isactually heavier than me and was my habitual smoke buddy and he is clean as can be after 55 days.

    I am not around any second hand smoke, nor am I ingesting anything that could be construed as a THC false positive.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. imported_joe_mama

    imported_joe_mama New Member

    I read in this forum that high doses of ibuprofen can cause a false positive for THC.

    I guess your example just shows in theory how flawed these tests really are. You're no more under the influence of THC than some other guy is drunk from the beer they drank last week.
  12. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    That's definetly messed up man... wish one of us had an explanation for you.... you a riddle wrapped in an enigma :doh:
  13. ^_^truth

    ^_^truth Sr. Member

    Ok, one more thought to possibly slow down your metabolism:

    Don't exercise for 2 weeks at min and 3 at max. During this time do not drink as much water as you usually do, sure drink some, drink enough so you are confortible, but don't drink the amount you are doing now. And try eating more carbs and animal fats, particularly those with high levels of cholestrol.

    It will be terrible for your body, but the added weight may cause your metabolism to balance out and thus the THC to work it's way out when you start exercising after this period of rest.

    If this doesn't work, I would suggest changing your diet to something that contains more fat, but still exercise as this is happening, the fats should trap the THC for later burning. Or change your diet to more carbohydrates so that fat doesn't have a chance to build up and the THC must continually flow out of the body.

    If nothing works in 100 more days, you are some odd engima of nature that actually be producing the THC itself (note the sarcasm).

    Good Luck, it has to break eventually.
  14. l3ryant05

    l3ryant05 New Member

    ive been clean since december 6th and am 5"11 about 240lbs i have a drug test monday i will tell u how it goes im going to buy the home drug test today and hopefully i will pass
  15. TheAncientOne

    TheAncientOne New Member

    280 lbs .. tooke me 110 days

    I am 280 lbs 48 years old. I was busted and put on probation.
    It took me 110 days to test clean. I tested myself every week.
    Be patient.. You are on the edge.. another week or two..

    I am now off probation. drug tests for a job are a laugh after you go through
    a long time being watched and tested every month by the state law..

  16. brooklynyte

    brooklynyte New Member

    Haha, thats true, after all those tests, you get used to it, I just took my first test yesterday, I wasnt supervised and was still shaking like a leaf. I will post my results when they come.
  17. blunt_force

    blunt_force New Member

    Follow Up

    Ok, I have my drug test on the 14th or 15th depending on what my new employment wants me to do. I just took a test and it has come out negative, but only barely. The line is extremely faint, but it is better than before. I took a second test from another company and it came back as barely negative also. So, it looks as though I am right on the line of positive/negative depending on the sensitivity of the test.

    At this point, it has been 4 months and I am finally breaking the record for most unlucky pot head this side of the Mississippi. Now that I am just about there, can anyone please tell me what to do and what not to do? I can always go to ureasample.com but I want to use my own urine. I am really tired of the stress of faking it.

    Thank you in advance.
  18. Locutus

    Locutus New Member

    sorry, but i really don't understand why you want to do it the hard way... instead of solving the problem via substitution? wouldn't that take away the stress of trying to get naturally clean?

    but, have you tried testing yourself after practicing the gatorade-aspirin dilution plan properly to see how much that can help you?

    good luck :)
  19. d4rk3

    d4rk3 New Member

    to tell you the truth blunt_force, if i was you...

    as long as you passed with your first urine of the day, without any water loading from the night before (thus having sort of dilluted piss when you wake up) you are fine! go take your test and enjoy the fact that you are clean!
  20. blunt_force

    blunt_force New Member

    Damn Damn Damn

    No joke, no lie, not even a slight exaggeration my fellow smokers. Here I sit after FOUR months and failed my employment drug screen. I saw the results and I failed. I went from 287 pounds to 219 in four months through massive amounts of working out and burning fat, flushing my system and taking capsules that supposedly helped the process of removal of metabolites along. I spoke to some 'professionals' and made some calls. There are a few cases of those who have actually tested dirty right around the five months mark. My last post indicated that I was teetering between positive and negative. Well, I guess I know which side of the fence I was on that day. It was my fourth urine of the day and not too yellow, but not too clear. Just right I guess. So, onwars and upward I guess. I asked if there was anything that could have been misintreperted as a positive. They said, "No, and please feel free to reapply with our company in one year". So, ureasample, here I come.

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