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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by texas420, Apr 5, 2004.

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    Hello all, thanks for reading. Here's my situation. I found out today that I have to take a urine test for a (very important) job -- the test will be in about 3 weeks. I have smoked morning to night every day for the last decade, usually about 10-12 bowls a day. Call me a chronic smoker. I'm 27 y.o., 6'1" and 175 lbs. I stopped smoking weed yesterday.

    I went to my local head shop today, and they told me the best thing would be to use Vale Perma-Clean, so I bought a bottle. The guy there said I'd be clean in 15 days. Has anyone used or heard anything about Perma-Clean?

    I'm also trying to drink at least a gallon of water every day and will start exercising daily. Do y'all think I'll pass? Any other tips?

    Thank you!
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    Response to Scott

    Vale Perma Clean does work from what I have heard. I am trying a different product as of right now but only b/c they claim its faster (and I had an issue with the Vale 4X quick clean solution)- the lab I went to was in a hospital for a nursing job, and their equipment detected a low creatnine level- diluted urine- and when I returned a couple days later they surprised me with a pop retest. Needless to say that went poorly, so I am trying this other companies product, but if I still test positive at the end of the detox program I will be turning to the Perma Clean for cleansing. They are all made of similar herbs- usually echinecea, milk thistle seed, and burdock root, among other various antioxidants. We will see how they work I have had friends successfully pass tests with many of Vales products. They are good and have good customer service.
    As far as tips go- be careful with all that water consumption. It can be dangerous if you consume too much, you may develop water intoxication. It is a condition where your body becomes too diluted and your electrolytes balance may be disturbed leading to neuroligic emergencies, like siezures, retardation, and even death. So be sure that you consume other fluids also to prevent this. The cardinal sign is a severe headache that will not subside. The Mayo Clinic recommends dividing your body weight in pounds and drinking that much water in ounces. Of course you want to flush your system so a moderate amount more than that is ok but other drinks are, cranberry juice, detoxifying tea, and nutrient rich water drinks like propel or 1/2 gatorade 1/2 water. You want to avoid foods high in fats and in sugar, coffee and other duretics (except specifically detox tea). You want to consume foods high in antioxidants like beans, berries, broccoli, pears etc. you can google it... It is also recommended that you exercise moderately- sweating for AT LEAST 15 mins/day. A couple of days before your test, however, you should lay off the exercise b/c burining calories burns fat which releases THC into the system, since that is where our bodies store it. If you stop exercising then your fat will hold onto any THC it still has- probably too little to be detected anyway the limit is 15 ng/dl- I think, but you sound pretty lean at 6'1'' 175, and that will be on your side. Some of the stranger things I have heard are to sleep on clean sheets everynight and to obtain toxin absorbing foot pads- I've not read anything either way about those last ones, but I am all for alternative therapies, so who knows? Anyway, I hope this info helps some- oh and by the way get some THC test strips they are like 4 for 12$ or something online- and worth every penny! Good luck getting your job.
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    Texas420, Just take a home test about 2 weeks before the test and follow the dilution method or substitution. You can get 10 home tests on ebay for like 2 bucks each. Stay away from those so called "detox drinks or pills or whatever" because they often don't work. It's all of the water they are drinking that helps them pass, but they could also test negative-dilute. If that happens they will either retest you or fail you. I wouldn't chance that. So with all of that being said just go to the dilution and substitution stickies at the top of this forum.

    Good luck!
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    perma clean defenitely works

    i bought them and home test kits and i was passin the tests in about a week (probably cause prema clean has the same ingredients as the temporary drinks, so take the recomended dosage) then left for boot camp and if i passed a government test its safe to say i was clean
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    Holy necropost, batman!

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