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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by codyp, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. codyp

    codyp New Member

    Hey guys I was wondering if you guys can give me some advice on CERTO. I am being drug tested sometime tonight by my parents and at 4:00 cst i drank CERTO. I am a daily smoker. Im 16 years old, 135 lbs. I have heard and read that CERTO is supposed to give you a 1-2 hour window in which to pass a drug test. As far as I know you are supposed to mix it and drink it an hour before your drug test, then drink water, then piss once or twice before your actual test. My parents can test me at any time tonight so I figure that if I drink more certo around 6 i should be set for the rest of the night seeing that my parents go to bed around 8:30. I have read that CERTO has worked for many people. If anyone knows anything about CERTO or has used CERTO before and was successful please let me know and post me some feed back. Thanks.
  2. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    There is nothing that will instantly give you clean pee, even for a 1-2 hour window.
  3. codyp

    codyp New Member

    What about all the people that i have read said it worked for them? You dont think there is any way?
  4. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    i just read something on another thread from this forum (THC and Drugtest 101 everything you need to know) that if you add visine to your piss it can give a false negative, i dont know much about certo so no help their but if you dont do anything you will be screwed and take the piss sample mid stream
  5. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    Assuming that visine does give a false-negative (Which I have no reason to believe it does), if the test comes with/includes an adulterant test... you'll fail the adulterant test.
  6. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    Are you both prone to believe everything that you read on the internet? The internet is a medium in which anyone can say anything, true or not.
    Rather than rely on "what you read", I highly suggest doing some realio, trulio research into what you need to do to pass a drug test.

    Again, there is NOTHING that will instantly give you clean urine. There's no magic pill or drink to make you piss clean.
    Sorry if that isn't what you want to hear, but it's a fact.

    Hell, with this Certo crap, they say to drink it an hour before you whizz. In most people, it takes longer than an hour for the body to process liquids and run them through the digestive system, then through the kidneys & into the bladder for storage until you can get to a toilet.
  7. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    The urban legend lives on

    People that have tested negative after using pectin products did so because of the water that was consumed. The Certo had no effect on the tests outcome. It was the water that did all of the work. These same people would have accomplished the same result by following the Dilution guidelines and saved themselves from the expense and nasty taste of Certo or any other pectin product.

    Its all about the water.
  8. redleader173

    redleader173 New Member

    I'm a daily smoker and i don't know much about Certo, but fastest i've been clean was 4 days. I was shocked when i passed but what i took was lots of B-12 and lots of 100% cranberry juice. I know that really doesn't help you now but maybe in the future. Good luck with your parents and try to work in the line "at least I'm not on meth"
  9. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    B-12 does nothing to help you pass a drug test. Cranberry juice will have only a slight positive effect. It acts as a mild diuretic, which serves to dilute your urine. You can do the same thing by drinking a lot of water.

    The efficacy of Certo is an urban myth.
  10. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    I have done some research on Certo recently and this is what I have found. First of all those that have passed usually are also diluting at the same time they take the certo. Many will mix it into a bottle of gatorade then fill the bottle with water and drink it down, which ends up being about the fluid amount used in dilution. Certo can also have a slight diuretic effect. Finally, certo contains fruit pectin, which is a form of soluble fiber. I have called the makers of certo, which I think is Kraft, and asked them how much soluble fiber is in a box of certo. All they can tell me is that it has soluble fiber in the form of pectin but they don't know how much (at least the operators for the 800 number didn't have access to that info). In fact, I think the product code is this: 4300029320. See, on the box it says less than 1 gram per serving but there are 64 servings in a box. So that could be anywhere from nearly 0 to almost 64 grams. Why is soluble fiber important. Your body eliminates most THC metabolites through renal and hepatic elimination (kidneys and liver). Hepatic elimination results in THC metabolites excreted through your feces. Soluble fiber can help prevent these metabolites from being reabsorbed from your feces back into your body. Next, soluble fiber removes bile from your intestine. Your body must then replace the bile so your body pulls cholesterol from the blood to make bile. This process can help make more THC metabolites available for elimination by the liver and less metabolites available for elimination by the kidneys thus less in the urine.

    So, most people who pass using certo are passing because they are diluting and adding fiber to the dilution process.

    I would like for Kraft to tell me exactly how much fiber is in a box of certo but until then, I continue to recommend Metamucil because that is a good source of soluble fiber and I know how much fiber is in it per serving.
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  11. ss37

    ss37 New Member

    I've been reading this forum all day because I have a test comn up and I have used it as well as others and it has worked. I stated in another forum for the non believers that my boyfriend was smoking when he got the call, went to the store bought the certo and passed his test within four hours. There is no way you will get me to believe that water alone, and not the pectin passed his test for him...no way especially knowing how much he smoked on a daily basis.

    I think it works Besides, the stuff costs about three bucks. The dilution method will have you spending about 30 bucks between the creatine and the vitamins (which I do like that idea cuz i needed a way to darken my pee) depending on your level of usage. Ill be pre-testing this weekend so I will let you guys know my results. before and after the test.
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  12. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Whether you want to believe it or not, youre assuming that pectin was the reason for you and your BF'S success on passing the U/A. Just because B happened doesnt mean that A caused it.
  13. Secs

    Secs New Member

    If ss37 really wants to prove her point, then she will drink an 8 ounce glass with certo dissolved in it exactly 90 minutes prior to her test and drink nothing else at all in the 3 hours before she tests. If she passes, then that would go a long way to showing the pectin to have magical qualities when it comes to passing drug tests.

    Of course, we don't know ss37's frequency of marijuana use or when the last time she smoked, so we can't assume she would test positive if she drank nothing what-so-ever.
  14. jessemfprice

    jessemfprice New Member

    ok, i appreciate that most people say that the people who passed the test with pectin are ASSUMING thats the reason, but since you say its the water, arent you also ASSUMING it is from the amount of water? i have seen you guys shoot down every single claim that it works because it does not have any scientific evidence that pectin was the reason, without presenting one bit of scientific evidence that it was NOT the pectin. the real way this method needs to be tested is for someone to buy THREE home drug tests, and do the following:
    1. since you are obviously dirty, piss in one test, to ensure you do in fact have dirty pee.
    3.wait 4-5 hours to let your system rid of the certo, or even wait a day if you want. now, this time, drink 48 oz. of water, wait one hour, and take the third test. if you passed the second time, it was the pectin, if you passed the third time, it was the water. i challenge anyone from either side of this argument to do this experiment, and honestly report their results to finally put an end to this
  15. mexghetto2010

    mexghetto2010 New Member

    Thank you for saving my breath (so to speak). I will say it anyway though, Certo has no research to show that is causes a false negative. if anything it is the simple dilution that comes with mixing the powder into a drink. Personally I see myself as a master of dilution. I do it very often and pass my probation tests. I usually give myself 2 days of being clean, but I have passed with 2 hours notice and I had smoked a few hours prior to that. If you are going to dilute N2 has a wonderful sticky at the top of this forum with some of the best advice I have been able to find, and I credit most of my current freedom to him. One hour though, you still have to give your body time to begin urinating often and constantly processing more fluid. Usually takes longer than that for me.
  16. angjen0816

    angjen0816 New Member

    I have tried Certo a bunch of times. If its a quick test, with instant results you are fine. Although, just drinking a lot of fuilds will work just as well. If the test is going to a lab, just drinking fluids isn't going to do it. Read the sticky for tips on creatine and ph levels. Certo doesn't pass the test for you. Both my bf adn i had to learn that the hard way. Now i just sub. its way better.
    if your parents are testing you and its an immediate test, just drink about 60oz of fluid and you should be fine.
  17. jessemfprice

    jessemfprice New Member

    I appreciate with your reply, but yet again, your statement has absolutley nothing to do with anything i said. and also, i never once stated anywhere that i believed either the "water" side of the argument, or the "certo" side of the argument so lets get that clear i am a very intelligent person, and in no way believe everything on the internet, which is why i have planned this experiment because yet again, neither side has presented any scientific evidence that proves they are right. again, if you really want to know the true answer, do the experiment i have provided. i would love to post my results, but i will not until somebody else does this, for fear one would think i just "made up" my results, as i to would not believe many peoples results, since, you know, i dont believe everything i read on the internet. maybe you should read my posts completely before replying.
  18. Vellie716

    Vellie716 New Member

    I have a drug test coming up this week and I heard about the certo method so I tried it mind u I took 8 hit of a blunt yesterday and I've been smoking since 17 and I'm 23 now anyways I went out and bought a couple of home drug test and passed no cheap ones either all I did was mixed my certo with a blue power aid and four b12 vitamins u might have to take more cuz my piss was not that yellow at all so fuck who ever said that this method does not work cuz I'm proof and there are a lot of other people that said the same thing and I'm a real heavy smoker I'm talking like 1 once a week don't believe my come to new York and chill with me for a day your lungs would hate u for the rest of your life
  19. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    Interesting results Vellie, did you also run a test on your pH and whatnot or was it just testing for THC metabolites? I'm interested because anything that can help is worth a try.
  20. Vellie716

    Vellie716 New Member

    What u mean by ph levels what's that lol. And I'm only testing for weed that's the only drug I do . Try it out before the real test because u have to figure out how many b12 u need to make you pee yellow I only took 4 and it had alil tent to it but I passed all the drug test

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