Dilution and aspirin-- the technique.

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by S2, Apr 30, 2003.

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    For some reason, aspirin triggers a false negative on the common Assay-type urine screens. Myself and some others have been successful using a combination of dilution and aspirin to beat the drug test. this post will describe the method I use and I will leave it open for as long as it takes to work out some questions that may come up, then I will close it and make it sticky as a reference so that the specific method is easliy located.
    Here's what I have done:

    I don't dilute with water, I dilute with gatorade or pedialyte to which I add about 2 tablespoons of salt per quart (it tastes pretty bad)

    I also take a half dozen Tums or rolaids

    The reason I do the above is to consume extra salts and minerals in the hopes that as I dilute my urine I am keeping my specific gravity up in case it is checked-- a low specific gravity, which will occur if you flush you system with excess water and it is a means of detecting dilution.

    I always go to the lab within minutes of it opening-- i do this because there is usually only one or two people working right at the opening and they have to multi task getting the place open and dealing with their first cup of coffe and chit chat etc and they may be more likely to skip checking temps specific gravity etc.

    I always wear a suit and tie (I'm in my mid forties and want to appear to be mainstream, not alternate lifestyle)

    I take a creatine supplement bginnning two days prior and up to test time--creatine does not build up in yor system very much so it doesnt make sense to increase it for much more than a day or so prior.

    Test day.

    2 hours prior to test I get up and urinate then drink:

    1 quart of liquid, creatine supp. 3 aspirin, 4 rolaids

    1hour prior

    1 quart of liquid, 3 aspirin, b vitamin, 4 rolaids

    1/2 hour prior

    2 quarts liquid, 2 aspirin, 4 rolaids

    I uriniate as I feel the need throughout the process and right up to test time, there is no worry about being able to produce a sample, trust me your problem is going to be getting there without going in the car!

    I suggest that you test the process with water vitamin alone sometime prior to test day to determine at what point it is best to take the aspirin. Take it too late and it doesnt have time to show up. Take it too early and it flushes out before your test.

    Color is probably the least thing to worry about though givin thatmost people that drink a healthy amount of water have pretty clear urine.

    Well that's it. That has worked for me three times now.

    I am also a proponent of using home tests and doing dry runs to gain confidence that I am timing thing correctly and that it will work--nothing like that negative home test to eliminate some of the jitters.
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    Could aspirin cause a false negative because it oxidizes the THC metabolite?

    The active component of aspirin is salicylic acid. This is what the Native Americans got out of willow bark when they chewed it. However, it wreaks havoc on the somach so somebody figured out that it can be esterized with acetic acid, and made into aspirin. It's still the salicylic acid that gets absorbed into your bloodstream - maybe it burns off the THC metabolite in your blood, causing a false negative until more is released by your fat cells.

    If somebody could find a transport mechanism to get the salicylic acid to your fat cells, it might effectively remove all THC metabolite from your body - a *true* detox!

    That is, of course, assuming what I done thunk up about aspirin is right. Pretty big assumption.

    Great advice, S2!
  3. S2

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    tuefelfisch, most likely aspirin reacts chmically with the assay material itself and causes the red line to stain--- bear in mind that urine tests are NOT looking for THC, it is the metabolites of THC that are scanned since THC is broken down quite quickly by the body-- frankly a THC test would be much more appropriate since it measures recent use and the current system measures use up to 30 days in the past-- I can understand an employer demanding that an employee not working under the infuence but it is ridiculous that they are essentially barring employment of people who simply use marijuana on their own time.

    NOTE: please restrict posts in this thread to questions directly related to the dilution /aspirin technique, (yours was tuefel)

    Questions pertaining to your specific situation should get their own thread.
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  4. WorriedCitizen

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    does the aspirin technique work on all tests... includin tha cup test?
  5. S2

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    the ones I could find on line looked like they were all assay type test and therefore this should work--frankly dilution alone shoudl work, the aspirirn is just added insurance.
  6. Smokalicious

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    by dilution do you just mean drinking a lot of water?
  7. S2

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  8. S2

    S2 Just another bonehead


    Decreased signal in Emit assays of drugs of abuse in urine after ingestion of aspirin: potential for false-negative results.

    Wagener RE, Linder MW, Valdes R Jr.

    Department of Pathology, University of Louisville School of Medicine, University of Louisville Hospital, KY 40292.

    During routine drug analysis with the Syva d.a.u. Emit immunoassays we observed a high frequency of urines with lower rates of changes in absorbance (delta A R) than the rate for a drug-free urine calibrator. Many of these urines contained salicylates. Among 40 urines with apparent salicylate concentrations between 15 and 420 mg/dL tested for benzoylecgonine (BE), 20 had delta A R < -4 (range +2 to -28 mA/min). The rates decreased with increasing salicylate: delta A R = -0.057 x (salicylate, mg/dL) -0.22 mA/min (r = 0.85, n = 40, P < 0.01). Urines from 100 control subjects (no salicylate) had mean +/- SD delta A R values of -1.05 +/- 2.2 mA/min (range +3 to -7; only two were < -4 mA/min). Although direct addition of salicylic acid (200 mg/dL) to urine specimens did not reproduce the negative bias, ingestion of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) did by -0.09 mA/min per 1 mg/dL (72.4 mumol/L) salicylate. Negative biases observed for other Emit d.a.u. assays after salicylate ingestion lead us to conclude that ingestion of therapeutic doses of aspirin may cause false-negative results for drug screens in urines by this technology.

    PMID: 8149618 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
  9. S2

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    cant quite figure our their absorbtion units but what this says to me is that the samples containing aspririn do trigger false negative but they also behave differently than a "normal" clean sample i.e.' : "...lower rates of changes in absorbance (delta A R) than the rate for a drug-free urine calibrator..."

    This means that there may be a method of detecting the aspirin adulteration down the road-- this is what I am on the look out for.
  10. S2

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    The rolaids and the salt and gatorade are to try to keep the specific gravity up-- drinking pure h20 definitely lowers SG, dont know if the salt/calcium does but I figure it cant hurt
  11. bearwoman555

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    So both tums and/or rolaids do the trick?
  12. S2

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    yeah anything with calcuim, magnesium-- electrolytes-- powdered gatorade mixed with half the water would wrok as would salt-- the idea is to have excess electrolytes so they are bing eliminated in an attempt to keep the specific gravity up.
  13. Dinguskhan

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    S2, you said that aspirin will not work for a GC/MS test, correct? What is the difference between that test and the assay test?

    Also (open for everyone), if you are having a GC/MS test (like I am and thus making the aspirin/dilution technique unavailable to you), are there any other solutions you recommend?

    Thanks for replying.
  14. CheebaMonkey

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    The GC/MS test will tell exactly what the substance is.
    The assay test (such as EMIT) uses antibodies that bind to a certain substance. This isn't always perfect, can be affected by outside factors like additives, and isn't always able to differ between substances (it could cause a false positive).
    It is thought that the aspirin will affect the antibodies or the assay material. But in a GC/MS test they do not use antibodies or have the same testing material, so it is not affected by aspirin.

    Got the GC/MS and EMIT info from here.
  15. Barny

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    Thanks I missed that. Now you said you use Gatoraide, should I use the powder or the liquid? And I have one last question I often here people talking about Cranberry juice. I know its a natural diaretic however does it have any other useful properties or is that just an old tale.. Thanks again
  16. S2

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    I dont worry about diuretic cause with this methodthere is no problem purging your baldder

    I use powder and mix it very concentrated
  17. Barny

    Barny New Member

    One last question and Thank you very much.

    On the powder of Gatoraide I just bought, it says 3 scoops per quart. Should I make it six scoops per quart? ALso I have abstained for the last five days. The test is in ten days.. Is there anythig I can do besides not partaking that will help? This is my uncles business which it makes it imperative for me to pass. The whole hypocritical side of this testing is he partook for many years. AS soon as his busnisess started to flourish his insurance made him test employees.
  18. Barny

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    I take the test this Friday, I find out the results the same day? Is this common?
    I already started taking a creatine supplement, and drinking water even though drinking water in advance probably doesnt do anything. Any other suggestions would greatly be appreciated
  19. S2

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    double strength is fine for gatorade-- I add some salt to mine-- no so much I can't drink it but a fair amount

    There's no "usual" when it comes to reporting results-- test only takes a couple minutes to run
  20. mixedbag

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    Urine Drug Testing

    S2.... I've only smoked 6 times (once a day) in the last ten days. Before that I went a whole month of not smoking to prepare.
    My question....On your instructions about the Asprin and Diluton you say on test day you drink 1 quart of liquid 3 times in the 2 hours prior to testing. What I need clarified is...is the liquid you mention, the Gatorade or some type of Creatine Supplement you can make in liquid form? I know nothing on Creatine so I not sure which "liquid" you are referring to. Just want to know what to drink and when to start. I assumed the Creatine is in a pill you get at the Health store.

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