Dilution and aspirin-- the technique.

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    Can anyone tell me how much aspirin is needed for the dilution method? with the directions of taking 4 a few hours before.....is that 4 200mg, 325mg, 500mg??
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    How often do you smoke? Do you eat healthy cause i dont thats for sure so im curious if this will change the the result?
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    I have a UA at 10 AM tomorrow morning.
    What am I going to do?
    I smoked last Thursday
    I have a small blatter
    which means I urinate 13 times a day at the most. and 9 at the least.
    I did the whole rolaid and tums and Vid. B and I took 3 asprins.
    Willl I be clean by tomorrow if I keep it up?
  4. FakeBoobsRule

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    Is smoking last Thursday your complete smoking history over the last few months? What is your height and weight?

    Now, dilution does not mean cleaning out, it means increasing the water content of your urine to lower the THC metabolite concentration to a point it is undetectable. You will have to start this process between 4-6 hours before the test.
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    Ok so I did a dry run for myself with just asprin and water. Followed everything to a T. When I pissed on the panel 2 lines are supposed to show up for a negative (C line only means positive, C & T lines mean negative)result. I did get 2 lines BUT the T line was extremely faint. Barely visible. I'm taking 325mg asprin. Did I do something wrong? Should I up it to 500mg? Should I pee sooner? (I pee'd at 2 hours then again 1 hour later just to see if i'd get a stronger line, no luck.) I stopped smokin march 2 and sweated a ton. I wanted to try going witho out diluting but I'm still dropping dirty. I report to my p.o. tomorrow. Any help will be greatly apperciated. THANKS!
  6. camorandis

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    5'9 145lbs. Abstained for 3 months. Smoked some dro twice on occasion within the last 2 weeks, last time was 4-5 hits 6 days ago.

    Called in for a laboratory screen from my employer. Delayed screen by 24 hours, after which I quickly found this topic. Given my limited options, this was the route I chose to take.


    6:00 AM (T+0:00) Woke up and immediately drank 32 oz salt water. With no access to gatorade or powerade, I was hoping the salt would help elevate my specific gravity level. I also did not have namebrand Aspirin tablets in my medicine cabinet, however I did manage to find an expired package of BC Headache Powder which includes the following active ingredients: 1) Aspirin 650mg 2) Caffeine 33.mg 3) Salicylamide 195mg
    I ingested 2 of these powdered packets, which by the way, were very disgusting.

    8:00 AM
    Drank 32 more oz of regular water, and decided to make an extremely concentrated "cocktail" containing salt-water and 2 more BC headache packets. Contained approximately 4 tablespoons of salt, 1300mg aspirin, 66.6mg caffeine, and 384mg salicylaminde in 10mL of water.
    Ingested 2 Vitamin B supplements each containing 100% daily reccomended values of all B vitamins, including B2 and B12 to provide a colored urine sample.

    9:00 AM
    Followed the same steps as I did at 8:00 AM, this time using 3 BC headache packets. Left house for a 30 minute drive to the laboratory for screening, stopped by convenient store and picked up a small pack of Tums. Ingested 4 Tums as reccomended by the topic author.
    Consumed 16 oz of liquid, with another cocktail of 2 BC headache packs and several tablespoons of salt. This was all the fluids I was willing to consume, worried about over-diluting the sample.
    Ingested 2 more of the Vitamin B supplements, giving myself a total of 400% reccomended daily value.

    9:30 AM
    Took the screen and passed with flying colors. Dilution was tested for, but not flagged. Immunoassay test method was used, however GC/SM confirmation equipment was available at the laboratory. Specific gravity, and 5 panel drug metabolites were also tested for.
  7. SaraT

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    I just wanted to report that I tried this, and passed multiple drug tests with it.

    The first time I had only about 10 days free of weed (I had smoked bout a 1/4 of really dank bud the week preceding it. Hadn’t smoked for about a week before that, and before that, had been smoking regularly)

    Before I tried it, I had bought a bunch of at home tests, and was definitely positive, even after massively diluting my pee. So I followed the aspirin instructions (except I took one additional aspirin at each step, only because I’m 6’1’’ and 190lbs) but I didn’t mess around with any creatine, or additional salt or anything else. I just used the aspirin and took a vitamin. Took another test and it came up negative. Took another an hour later, still negative. So I felt comfortable going to the lab and taking the official test. Passed with flying colors!

    I had another test a week later (I’m getting a series of outpatient procedures and my asshole doctor decided to make me take a test before each one b/c of my medical history...am clean from heroin for 6 months). I followed the same procedure and passed. A week later, same thing.

    So I just had another test 2 days ago. I didn’t use the aspirin this time (stupid on my part) because I assumed after a month I would be fine (in the past, even when I smoked heavily I never tested positive after a month). Wrong. Failed the test. I contested it, and they sent it for confirmation and it was positive. Which really sucked because they cancelled my procedure because of it.

    I made a big stink about it not being possible and demanded a retest. They agreed to retest me while supervised this time. Used the aspirin regiment again and test was negative.

    So I am really grateful to the OP for sharing this...it really saved my ass. I strongly doubted it would work, and bought a 10-pack of tests off amazon (only $10) to play around with it, to give me confidence before taking the test. So I would recommend doing that if you have time.

    Good luck! ;)

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