Dilution and aspirin-- the technique.

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    What do you mean by over-dilution? A person could drink enough water to cause a lethal response, but that takes a ridiculous amount of water.

    You can dilute to the point of where the urine sample is considered to be diluted. They can check for creatinine and specific gravity levels, and if they're too low, it's considered diluted.


    No, you need to use aspirin.
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    As per DOT

    If you use DOT regulations as guidelines a diluted sample must (a) have a Creatinine level less than 20 mg/dl AND (b) a specific gravity of less than 1.003. Both criteria must be met for the sample to be labeled diluted. But wait, there are 2 types of diluted results. Possitive and diluted or negitive and diluted. So if you get a diluted negitive results, you are just told that the results were diluted. But if your results were diluted possitive, you are simply told you failed. Since Creatinine levels are the first indicator of a diluted results, raising them is important to your test results. Here are the DOT regs for both.




    Subpart F--Drug Testing Laboratories

    Sec. 40.93 What criteria do laboratories use to establish that a specimen is dilute or substituted?

    (a) As a laboratory you must consider the primary specimen to be dilute if the creatinine concentration is less than 20 mg/dL and the specific gravity is less than 1.003, unless the criteria for a
    substituted specimen are met.
    (b) As a laboratory you must consider the primary specimen to be substituted if the creatinine concentration is less than or equal to 5 mg/dL and the specific gravity is less than or equal to 1.001 or greater than or equal to 1.020.




    Subpart F--Drug Testing Laboratories

    Sec. 40.97 What do laboratories report and how do they report it?

    (a) As a laboratory, you must report the results for each primary specimen tested as one or more of the following:
    (1) Negative;
    (2) Negative--dilute;
    (3) Rejected for testing, with remark(s);
    (4) Positive, with drug(s)/metabolite(s) noted;
    (5) Positive, with drug(s)/metabolite(s) noted--dilute;
    (6) Adulterated, with remark(s);
    (7) Substituted, with remark(s); or
    (8) Invalid result, with remark(s).
    (b) As a laboratory, you must report laboratory results directly,
    and only, to the MRO at his or her place of business. You must not report results to or through the DER or a service agent (e.g., C/TPA).

    As for how much and when Creatine should be taken to raise your Creatinine levels, I found this link to have very usefull info. http://www.healthy.net/asp/templates/Article.asp?PageType=Article&Id=1188

    Hope that helps. N2
  3. S2

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    From what i understand it MUST be aspirin-- its the salycic acid not the generic type of painkiller
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    this is all good info, but some people should not do asprin. ad for you in large doses. ( stomach bleeding,etc.) why not just do the Qf,Or get your clean buddy to suply sample? Just my 2 cents worth Feeln
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    1. You can skip the aspirin part if you need too.

    2. I don't know what you mean by "Qf."

    3. Sometimes people don't have the ability (or desire) to use substitution.
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    New labs haven't lowered the cutoff levels, not if they conform to DOT standards.
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    YOUR RIGHT! the labs haven't lowered the cut off, the D.O.T. has raised the cut off for maryjane in the past year or so. I would have to research when that happened. sorry for the mis wording.
  8. S2

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    obviously if you are sensitive to aspirin you should not use this method--
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    I also PM'ed S2 this question, but incase he doesnt have a chance to answer me as i wont be around a computer for a while maybe one of you guys could help!

    1. All the liquids you talk about the day of the post, you are referring to gatorade or water?

    2. Should i dillute the days before the test, and if so with gatorade or water, as i seen you said to mix with salt, i wasnt sure if that was the prior days, or the actual day.

    3. Last, the creatine, how much should i take the week before?

    Any and all help is appreciated, you people really are the best :liplick:
  10. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    1. Either one, preferably gatorade.

    2. You only need to dilute the day of the test.

    3. A few days before the test. Once your muscles have been loaded with creatine, adding more is just a waste of money.
  11. jubilee00_99

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    what i would like to know is do you have to list the aspirin on the test form? or does it not show up at all?
  12. S2

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    I wouldn't unless asked specifically have you taken any aspirin and if so how much. On a basic EMIT, it will not show up and if they weree to look for it and ask you about it all you got to do is say "Aspirin? WTF, I thought you were asking about Rx medications, yeah I think I might have had a hang over, and took sime aspirin that day. I take a mutivitamin every day too-- should I have put that down?"
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    i gots a ?

    i am going to be tested in a few days/weeks... im thinking i probabley know the answer to my question.. but what is creatine?? where do i get it.. and could i drink a salt water solution, and a seperate gaterade solution.. and still get the same results? (instead of drinking the salt in the gaterade :puker:)

    thank you so much s2!!!
  14. S2

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    creatine is a human amino acid that metabolizes into creatinine which is what the labs look at to see if your sample is diluted-- get it at any health food/supplement store-- can drink salt separate from gatorade-- the key here is to try to keep the lectrolytes up as you are diluting your body fluids-- salt pills would probably be a good idea too. calcuim magnesium, phosphorous, sodium chloride etc will all help-- Ive tried to find hard data on the realtionship between ingestion of them and urine specific gravity-- I am advising in this area out of sheer speculation-- one of these days Im going ot get a SG test kit and do some experiementation--hmmm a thought just occured to me-- I could use my Hydroponic TDM meter to at least measure the concentration of the urine as I dilute both with and without adding the electrolytes and at various levels-- next time I feel like abusing my body over the weekend I'll give it a try
  15. melanotaenia

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    What kind of aspirin and what dosage pills?

    There are lots of brands of aspirin, also with different amounts of aspirin in the pills, such as 81mg for the st johns aspirin, while much more for Bayer or Excedrin. With this technique, what kind of aspirin should I use? Extra Strength? Maximum Strength etc? Is there any ideal brand of aspirin that I should use? Bayer? Excedrin? Generic?

    And if I use this aspirin, should I still follow the original post with regards to the number of aspirins i take?

  16. Triton

    Triton New Member

    Has anyone successfully passed with this method yet?
  17. PoPimp

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    does anyone know if there are any other ingredients in CHF, or now known as GHF?
    the main thing i see is B2 for color and creatine to hide dillution.
    If not, i always only have 24 hrs. without smokin before a test, never failed, and it's for parole. I'm curious if dillution will work even after smokin the night before. I test in the morning, but hesitant to try. I was going to use the asprin water and creatine,and of course vitamins for color. Ya think it will work? After realizing what made CHF work for me, I will feel better knowing I can pass the test alot cheaper now! It should as long as there are no hidden ingredients to CHF that make it work so well.? :indiffere
    What I'd like to know also is, if anyone had dilluted and passed a test after smokin the night before? ::bounce::
  18. PoPimp

    PoPimp New Member

    important ? for S2

    Hey, S2, did u smoke the night before u took the test using this method?
    or did u go 24hrs. smoke free before the test?
  19. liteundrdadoor

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    the things you dont do for us S2 ,here AND there( H.C.)
    first time i have looked around at cheaptalk, but i think i will be back!
    K+++ to ya ( and good ole mamabudz toooo)

    [ BTW, i used to take creatine powder by the pound when i worked out. i would get it at GNC in 5 lb containers
  20. S2

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    I stop smokning the moment I am under the impression that I might be tested-- ie, as soon as I am job hunting or the minute I get laid off-- I never tested with less than 2 weeks abstaining. If I knew I was getting tested the next day, I would think it very conterproductive to my future to smoke-- it would be stupid.

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