Dilution and aspirin-- the technique.

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by S2, Apr 30, 2003.

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    Yes I have 3 times-- tested positive with home test and no dilution or aspirin-- passed with dilution aspirin-- I have no idea if creatinine or specific gravity was checked. Its supposed to be SOP at the labs but I bet the techs cut corners when the boss isnt around and when the testee looks like a middle aged square (ie me!)

    That's why I go right at the minute they open-- usually only the newbies that are there-- they are preoccupied with starting the day and just wnat to get this early bird out of there and the boss often gets in later so as to cover parts of both shifts
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    great method in theory, I will find out if it works for me soon as my test is tomorrow at 10:40 in the morning

    one thing I'd like to mention, however, is I'm using Powerade to dillute... not watrer, not Gatorade... compare the vitamins in Gatorade & Powerade, Powerade has many more B-complex vitamins.. in fact, Gatorade has none at all... drink about a gallon of Powerade in the hours leading up to your test & you're pretty much guaranteed to have nice, yellow, normal piss with a good SG... I will be taking aspirin as well just for added insurance, and I've been eating alot of hamburger the past few days.... dont have any creatine supplements, but I'm hoping that'll work out just as well...

    I'll let yall know how it goes

  3. Fang1111

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    Why and how much creatine?

    Why should I take creatine during dilution? The label says that it helps breakdown fat, that seems like it would be counter productive. How much should I take?

    Is there any advantage to starting the dilution process more than 2 days in advance?

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    In order to dilute your THC count to below cutoff levels, you also dilute your Creatinine ans S.G. levels. In order to prevent people from being able to dilute a sample to the point of plain water, the Gov added Creatinine and Specific Gravity checks as part of a sample validity check. If a sample test at levles below 20mg/dl for Creatinine AND the S.G. is less than 1.003, the sample is labled dilute. So by pre-loading with Creatine, that takes 24-48 hours to metabolize into Creatinine, you raise your Creatinine levels and thus your odds of passing the validity check. Hope that helps. N2


    § 40.93 What criteria do laboratories use to establish that a specimen is dilute or substituted?

    (a) As a laboratory you must consider the primary specimen to be dilute if the creatinine concentration is less than 20 mg/dL and the specific gravity is less than 1.003, unless the criteria for a substituted specimen are met.

    (b) As a laboratory you must consider the primary specimen to be substituted if the creatinine concentration is less than or equal to 5 mg/dL and the specific gravity is less than or equal to 1.001 or greater than or equal to 1.020.
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    Just wanted to throw my results into the ring after using this method. I didn't use creatine or rolaids, just Vitamin-B to color my urine. Also used water in place of Gatorade. After abstaining from smoking for only two days, I went in for my test and it came up negative. Thanks S2! :D
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    Somebody mentioned they used to be in the Army, does the service still use common immuno-assay tests (i.e. the type aspirin will work with) or have they begun using GC/MS? Also, a question about creatine - I'm a vegetarian, have been for 10+ years, so with the entry processing station knowing this, would it be understandably natural for me to have low creatine levels? I plan to drink a lot of powerade before the test and just 1 or 2 aspirins because I'm sensitive to it.
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    I don’t know which of following things I did helped me, but I passed a pre-emp test with 16 days notice (after smoking a quarter oz between days 18-16 before my test). i'm a 24 year old male, 280 pounds. the first day I found out about my test I drank 312oz's of water (2-12oz glasses every 30 minutes for six and a half hours), took 8 100mg Niacin tabs, 10 250mg B-12 tabs. the next day I repeated the same thing. By that time, I felt like ****, and really didn’t care about the test anymore. But, I kept drinking lots of water everyday (enough to keep me urinating about every hour and a half.) the day of my test I took 8 aspirin 4x 4 hours apart, I drank 128 0z's of PowerAde, 6 glasses of water, and a bottle of redi-clean. I dunno if this was overkill or not but I passed. as far as finding out I took the test Monday and my supervisor (who I’m friends with outside work) got a confirmation email from the Lab exactly 7 days later saying that everything was fine
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    I would like everyone to know that just as many people die from asprin every year as people who die from heroin, and it is within a close range of cocaine's death rate... i wouldnt take em lightly.
  9. S2

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    hmmmm... as best as I can determine there were 500 deaths last year in the US due to aspirin and 4800 or more deaths from heroin overdose.

    I agree that aspirin is not benign but I dont buy that it is a greater cause of death than heroin.

    20 or more aspirin can be fatal-- 30 or more is definitely fatal-- the 6-8 that are recommended in the aspirin and dilution method will not kill you. If you are under the age of 16 -- DONT TAKE ANY!!!!!!! you are still at risk of Reyes syndrome
  10. choke-a-toke

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    How long did you stop

    I know you said this method has worked for you and others, but what I need to know is; How long did you stop smoking before you started your asprin/dilution method? I smoked sunday the 1st. and plan on not smoking again till after the test wich will be on the 10th. However, I want to smoke now. Also, what kind of smoker would you consider yourself as, Light or Heavy?
  11. S2

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    I smoke about 2 grams a day-- I have used this techniqe after abstaining anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 weeks and was still testing positive on home tests
  12. GanjConsultant

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    More recommendations

    I work for a large consulting firm in DC. I recently had to take a urine test in order to get security clearance for the project I'm currently working on. I wanted to thank S2 for his post on Dilution but wanted to let all of you know that there is no need to over saturate your salt levels as much as he recommends. Gatorade has more than enough salt naturally in it to replenish the salt levels in your body. In fact most trainers would recommend 1/2 water to 1/2 Gatorade as the best mixture to recover from the normal loss of salts and electrolytes caused by strenuous activities. The reason for this is that Gatorade has more salt and electrolytes in it than is needed and the excess is unnecessarily removed by your liver. Thus if you drank pure Gatorade to dilute in conjunction with the other ingredients, you wouldn't have any problem passing the urine integrity tests. No need to make people puke from such an awful tasting mixture.

    I would also recommend eating a meal about 3-4 hours before the test so that you are getting naturally generated vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats going through your liver on top of the other things you’re doing. Stay hydrated at normal levels up until 2 hours before the test and then follow S2's liquid intake recommendations. Finally, I would recommend taking a multivitamin about 1 hour before the test.

    This worked for me and I hope it can help you pass these pointless tests. Corporate pot smokers unite :)
  13. mapache

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    Hello from Mexico!!

    Yesterday I filled to cups and took them to the lab. I made the firts test at 4:00 pm and the second one at 5:00pm. I drank lots of water all day long and one hour before the second test ( right after the first one ) I took 4 aspirins.

    The results were as following:

    A) With dilution: 51.3ng/mL
    B) After aspirin: 63.5ng/mL

    The lab's limit was 50 ng/mL

    I DID NOT mixed up the cups. Each one was labeled right after having it filled.

    I had been smoking every day ( I'm thin and work out 3 times per week ) for the last couple of weeks so i didn't expect much from the tests but since the results went so weird I decided to post them.

    My questions are:

    1- If my results were ( lets say ) 49.50 ng/mL and the lTHC limit were 50 ng/mL, what would that mean for the tester? Is it like " you are not over the limit but you have THC so either way you smoked!" ?

    2- What could explain the difference of 10 ng/mL from test A to test B?

    3- Should the Dilution and Aspirin method should work for very frequent users if it is done right?

    Thanks a lot and congratulations for this amazing effort.

  14. reefermadness1

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    I think you need to give the aspirin more than an hour to set in. Were you as diluted when you gave sample B as you were on sample A?
  15. mapache

    mapache New Member


    Yes. I just had lunch between both.

    Do you think that could have affected the results?
  16. ch0ng0

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    specific gravity

    I would not worry about SG unless there is a dispute and you are under
    additional scrutiny.

    SG tests are very expensive and not commonly used.

    Creatine levels and color are most often used.

    Vitiams make your pee neon yellow ....so be shure to dilute with by drinking a
    pint of water. I drink a pint of water every 15 min for two hours before the test. I use detoxify quick flush.....its worked around 15+ times....The pills have creatine and B2 I also take 3 asprin evey 15min for an hour before the test.

    Also bring something to pee in when your in your car.
  17. S2

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    Please post something like this as its own thread-- this is a sticky thread meant strictly to discuss the dilution method ( which I assume you did not read since you would'nt need to ask the question had you done so)


    Wrong and wrong
  18. mapache

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    I want to simplify my question

    If you smoked the day before the test and you are a frequent user, should the dilution and aspirin method be less effective? or becuase it's a screen that doesn't matter?
    Thanks a lot and congratulations for this amazing effort.

  19. buddhachrist

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    just a reminder: your results may vary!!! however, i viewed this thread two days ago, followed the advice, tested yesterday, and got clean results today. i do want to thank those of you who posted helpful information. i am not a heavy smoker, but i do it enough to be worried, and my last time smoking was only a week prior to the test. i was pretty scared all day yesterday, so i just wanted to help put someone elses nerves to rest. however, i will say it again: results may vary.
  20. LoveThisSite

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    Mapache, did you ever get a respone to your question:

    If you smoked the day before the test and you are a frequent user, should the dilution and aspirin method be less effective? or becuase it's a screen that doesn't matter?

    I would really like to know the answer! S2? Anyone? Bueller?


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