Dilution and aspirin-- the technique.

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by S2, Apr 30, 2003.

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    I would like to know the answer to this question as well. I have a drug test for employment I have to take tomorrow (Tues) and I smoked about a gram and a half over the weekend. I'm going to dilute with water and salt (taste doesnt really bother me, I'll deal with it to pass) and I'm gonna be taking the asprin as well as multivitamin pills. Hopefully this works, God knows I'm crossing my fingers. I've read a lot of success stories, and I'll post mine (hopefully) when I get the results.
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    B Vitamins

    High, nice site :cool:
    I've been looking for more info/details on the use of Vitamin B in your dilution method as well as N2's. I've read this whole thread and several others for hours. I hope you don't mind if i compare them both on one post.

    you say:
    just 1 b vitamin is enough? what kind/mg?

    and your method uses 4 quarts of water, compared to N2's uses more like 2 quarts or so (maybe 80 oz) total

    but he says:
    10 times really seems like a lot, if you really take 10 b vitamins won't your urine color be abnormally bright yellow? and that's with about half as much water as S2 is only taking 1 b vitamin with? so i even went to GNC today and checked out all the different kinds. does B1 or B6 do anything for the good urine color, or is it only B2 & B12 that work? but the B complex is probably just best since it has all 4 and more? also these pills all come in different sizes like a B-complex might only have anywhere from 50mg B2 & 50 mcg B12, to 3 times that. if you get the B2 separately it comes in 50 or 100mg's, but the B12 separately comes in 500/100/1500 mcg! << i realize that is mcg, not mg, but that's a lot more than what comes in the multivitamins. so which kind should i get, what strength and how many should i take, or how many mg/mcg of each do i need? i'm afraid one b vitamin is not enough, but i sure don't want my piss to glow in the dark either.

    thanks in advance to anyone who can help clear up this mystery for me
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    I think our friend here raised a valid point.
  4. S2

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    the timing of most recent consumption doenst have as big an effect as long term chrinic use-- Bottom line folks, we relaly dont know what our concentration of metabolites in our urine is so the appropriate voume to dilute is case specific-- that is why I strongly recommend experimentation with home tests to idnetify the lowest possible amount of dilution needed and the right amount of vitamins to take to keep the color in the normal range-- if the test is imprtant enough to you you need to pop some time and money to find the right approach for your individual case-- the techniques described are guidlines, not absolutes
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    Well I took the test Tues morning and its now Friday morning and havent heard anything yet.....I'm crossing my fingers that this is a good thing cause I have orientation tomorrow. And I doubt they would have me come dressed up for work and go to the orientation just to tell me I failed. As I recall, the last time I took a drug test for this company (Target) they called me up to tell me there were some discrepancies. On another note, I took only 1 vitamin B pill and my urine is GLOWING yellow, like it was radioactive or some **** :laugh: But I did take 4 asprin 2 hours before the test and 3 1 hour before the test and then held it in, lol. I'm telling you, by the time I got to the clinic I was about to explode. And on one more note, I'm also really pissed that I did check out the place before hand. I heard some places make you empty your pockets, etc. etc. so I was expecting that, and thats why I didnt subsitute, turns out it was a couple of 70 year old women and they didnt make me do a damn thing. :redhot: So I could've walked in there with subsitution urine EASY. Grrrrrr, that kinda ticks me off. If they do say they find something, I'm gonna try to dispute it and see if I can take a retest and substitute that time. But oh well....still crossing my fingers that I dont get a phone call today (Friday) wish me luck guys :)
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    the rolaids definitely is not needed the aspirin and the gatorade works just fine I added rolaids to the detox diet and it made me vomit and it is not at all neccessary
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    Well I just got my results and I passed....I dont know how....but I did. I smoke a gram and a half the weekend before the test (I took it on Tues) and before that I smoke almost everyother day for the past 3 months. And I passed.....all I did was dilute with water and take a **** load of asprin. I skipped the rolaids, salt, creatine, etc. and still passed with just a **** load of water, asprin and a B vitamin. Woo Hoo!!
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    Thanks S2! that makes sense! and thanks Trance_addict too. if one vitamin b made your piss glowing then i'd start there and try to time it better before it starts to glow. Just curious, but what kind of b vitamin did you take, a B-Complex? how much B2 or B12 did it have?

    which makes me wonder about taking antacid tablets with it? could the rolaids be counter-productive to the benefits of the aspirin?
  9. CheebaMonkey

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  10. Locutus

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    yes, but i meant that if the aspirin works because of how the salicylic acid it provides interferes with the test, then wouldn't taking antacids like rolaids along with it possibly be counterproductive by interfering with the beneficial acid that you you're taking the aspirin for? we need the salicylic acid so we take the aspirin, but antacid counteracts acid, right?
  11. S2

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    Basically, yes. But I dont think the salicylates in aspirin are converted into salicylic acid until metabolised and the antacid enters your system as ions not as a carbonate that would react with any acids in your blood system. Alka Seltzer and buffered aspirin are a combination of aspirin and an antacid.
  12. cypher

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    so im thinking about doin the niacin daily, and then aspirin and dillution for the test. what i wanna know is when drinking gatorade and all the tums and **** is your piss color clear or anything.

    the people who test me are *****es when it comes to color.
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    I recently took a urine test today. The last time I smoked was two days ago and nearly daily three weeks before that. I took 15 times the regular dose of b12 and 2 asprin I drank a ****load of water too. I was pissing every 10 min but it was neon yellow. I pissed 3 times in the 25 min I had to wait to give the sample. I also have a fast metabolism because after smoking at least 4 to 5 times a day for 4 months I passed a urine test 10 days after I stopped without diluting or anything, just a regular sample. I just want to know what you think but I don't see how any cannabanoids could have been in my urine if I pissed 3 times in the half hour right before the test. But I still took a urine test, which is supposed to go back up to 2 months, 2 days after a weekend of being smoking :bong2: . Also does increased bowel movment like diariaha flush out THC cannabanoids.
  14. CheebaMonkey

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    If you drink lots of fluids and don't do anything to keep the urine color yellow, then yes, it will turn more and more clear. This is why you take the B vitamins, to keep the color of your urine yellow.


    About two-thirds of THC and it's metabolites are excreted in your feces (the other third being your urine).

    I don't really see how having diarrhea will help speed this process up. You loose a lot of water when you have diarrhea. This isn't a good thing. Considering how cannabinoids aren't very water soluble, I don't see it having much of an effect.
  15. cypher

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    so niacin (b2) is in the group of b comlpex. so you could use naicin to color your sample?
  16. S2

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    yes no problem
  17. blinky

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    by doing this dilution is it a temporary cleaning of thc or does it actually rid it all out of ur system?
  18. CheebaMonkey

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    Temporary. Only your body can get your system completely clean of THC.
  19. stayclean

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    Is the total time across 2 hours or 3 1/2 hours?
  20. stayclean

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    Also will this method pass a 15/ml or 50/ml test?

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