Dilution and aspirin-- the technique.

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by S2, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. S2

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    Dilution doesnt clean anything out of your system. Think about the word: Dilution.

    Think of oh, lets say Kool-aide. lets say you want to test a 5 gallon pitcher to see if there is any kool-aide in it. you start with an inch of kool aide in the bottom of the pitcher. taste that and sure enough, theres gonna be kool aide in it. Now add 5 gallons of water- taste that and it will taste like water and be clear as water-- but guess what, that same amount of kool aide is in that jug.

    I have no idea what total time accross means???

    Aspirin will help you pass any immunoassay type test-- it does not help with GC/MS. dilution will help pass any kind of test BUT, thing is the labs will test for substances that every body has in their system-- dilution dilutes everything in your urine--not just thc metabloites-- so by looking at creatinine level and specific gravity, the lab can see that you drank so much water that your normal chemistry is dilute and therefore you could have thc metabolites in you that the lab didnt detect-- they flag those results as dilute and some times you can retest or sometimes too bad charlie-- your out!
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    Thanks for all the info S2, this thread really helped me hopefully be ready for a pre-emp test coming up. I do have a couple questions:

    I believe I saw that creatine should be converted to creatinine in the body. I picked up GNC's Creatine Monohydrate, they had another kind but they both said they will be converted to creatine phosphate in the body. Is there another kind I sould be looking for?

    I also ordered some home test kits and was wondering if just taking aspirin without dilution, on this test and maybe in the lab, might give me the false negative result too? Would it show up to the lab as negative with comments or something? I guess I am worried they might test for apsirin like some places test for bleach.

    I am going to at least be ready for dilution which hopefully should work if I do it right. Thanks again
  3. shgrdii

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    S2....do you think your dilution method would work if I didn't take the creatine pill and just took everything else you listed?? Does the creatine pill really make a big impact on the results??
  4. Questions1000

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    Testing questions

    I have not smoked for 15 days and smoked 3-4 times/week for about 2 months before that. I will be tested in 3 days and am worried about the test. I took an at home test 2 days ago and looked like it came up negative (though the lines were very faint). How accurate are the at home tests? I have been taking Sonne's #7 for a few days and have also been fairly active with exercise. If I take another at home test first thing in the morning and pass and I also drink a lot of fluids take a B2 vitamin and 4 aspirin before the test, should I be ok? Any ideas would be great as I am also considering substitution with a synthetic.
  5. S2

    S2 Just another bonehead

    any question like "Will I pass if....." is answered by: I don't know-- check with a home test

    Reminder: techniques in the aspirin/dilution method to increase creatinine levels by ingesting creatine supplement and keeping specific gravity up in the face of dilution by consumption of salts and minerals is only educated guess, I have never seen any research that indictes if this works and by how much. I based my aspirin and dilution formula on the best guess I could come up with- given my limited understanding of how concentrations of chemcals in the body are translated into concentrations in urine-- The effect aspirin has on immunoassay type tests is scientifically validated- the salt,gatorade, creatine stuff is logical but unproven-- until someone gets a hold of some specific gravity and creatinine tests and tries various levels of consumption in conjunction with dilution, they will remain educated guesses and the testee is strongly encouraged to validate their program with home tests.

    Question 1000, this thread is intended to specifically discuss the aspirin and dilution program-- you would do much better starting a thread with your question or asking a moderator to move it to its own thread.

    Aspirin alone without dilution can trigger false negative on both home and lab tests-- depends on how much you have in your system-- to my knowledge it is not tested for or flagged as an adulterant. I am not aware of any adulterant test for what you consume--only for what you would add to the sample after its in the cup--like bleach or nitrates
  6. S2

    S2 Just another bonehead

    OK, I found some reasonably priced test strips for specific gravity and creatinine-- two labs I spoke with said this is what they use for adulterant check (told them I was putting together a testing program for an alternative high school)

    I ordered a bottle of 25 strips and I'll do some dilution experiments to see how various amounts of creatine and salts/minerals affect SG and creatinine and post my findings.

    It won't exactly be a double blind research project but I will put some thought into it and design as robust a study as I can.

    it might take a few weeks, I dont want to be drinking a gallon fo gatorade every day :laugh:

    Anyone else wants to tr messing around with this can buy the strips Here
  7. VapeDaKine

    VapeDaKine New Member

    I bought a 10 pack of drug test kits off ebay this week. Like $30 with shipping and they for test 5 drugs. Im drinking gatorade as we speak since I got a call back for a second interview on Monday :cool: but I smoked yesterday so its time to quit again haha I figured since they hadnt called me yet, they had found someone else. Oh well...

    I've also got a fish tank and am able to check the salinity of my piss. I'll see how the gatorade comes out, it starts off around 1.025. I saw the salinity and creatine accepted levels but will have to search for them again. Will post what I find...
  8. VapeDaKine

    VapeDaKine New Member

    Well dilution works but I def need to get a lot more salt down :rolleyes: I was close to 1.000 right off the bat. I only took a lil salt later but forgot to check it. I did smoke this week and up to the testing...
  9. Bodhi36

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    I'm still confused about the TUMS- why is that part of the dilution method again? Yall are saints for doing these experiments so thast others may benefit...
  10. lubed

    lubed New Member

    Hi to all
    Just wanted to ask what type of mull you guys puff ? is it cr%#py leaf or hydroponic heads ? as The latter is the only type thats available here, and is very very potent
    I'm having trouble finding any home test kits here in Sydney , Aust.
    Im over 42 , 5 foot 11 inch and about 165 pounds (sorry for the weight non abbrieviations but we have metric here ,took a while to convert too.. we don't call a Quarter pounder with cheese a royal though, go figure, LOL) Now does the potency of the pot relate to amount of dilution/ aspirin to do prior to test? Or is this method universal I've done about an Oz. in the last twelve mths smoking every day and have been for around thirty years ..
    P.S. the first time I ever heard of a pre. emp test was 2 weeks ago during my initial interveiw , stopped my adventures then and must get the test done
    (EMIT) at the latest by 15 march 05 . Wish me LUCK... will let you guys know how I went .... thanks and toodles
  11. Locutus

    Locutus New Member

    >> I've done about an Oz. in the last twelve mths smoking every day

    you're saying an ounce lasts you a year? how do you get high from less than a tenth of gram per day? an ounce only lasts me a week, and of course it just the buds, not the leafs

    that's awesome S2! thanks for making the investment and effort to test these theories out. :) i'd like to suggest a couple of scenarios for your test, although you probably thought of them already. will you also be testing with thc home panels too? because the amount of fluid you drink can affect the the specific gravity and creatinine levels as well as the thc reading. so if the SG is too low after drinking 4 quarts, reducing that amount may be a solution, but the dilution results would also need to be tested to make know if it works as well on that end. so i like to suggest to try reducing the total amount of gatorade from a whole gallon down to only 2 quarts in 2 hours (like N2's method) and/or a mid-level compromise of 3 quarts in 3 hours and see how the difference in SG relates to the dilution results for thc. i'd also like to suggest that you try it once without the added salt, to see if the high sodium content already present in gatorade might be sufficient without adding more. wouldn't it be great if you found that adding salt wasn't needed with gatorade, and that by only drinking 2 or 3 quarts, you can still be diluted as well as if you drank a whole gallon, but without lowering the SG & creatinine levels as much? and i'm not trying to argue, it's just my 2 cents you probably didn't need to help refine this method, i usually just lurk all the time instead of posting much, but i really wanted to say how much i appreciate your efforts, i've learned a lot here, so thanks again, and i'll be looking forward to your results here.
  12. S2

    S2 Just another bonehead

    I appreciate the help, Just got the strips and have begun thinking about the process, Im starting a new thread where we can discuss this and then we can post a summary here when we are done.
  13. PayLater

    PayLater New Member

    Another idea

    On top of what everyone else has suggested, with the water, gatorade, aspirin and multi-vitamins... wouldn't it make sense, if you knew you had a test coming up, to start taking a fat burning supliment to speed up your metabolism and break down your fat cells? Just curious
  14. Locutus

    Locutus New Member

    PayLater, a lot of people do think that way, always trying to take this or that to fluch their system right before their tests, but i think it is a common misconception, because it depends on how much notice you have before your test. as i understand it, such a program, just like excercising, requires a minimum of 2-3 weeks, because it takes about a week to really start working, then another week or more of actual fat-burning, but the real trick is that you need to stop doing all that kinda stuff about a week before your test and reverse the fat-burning process by eating big to store up a fresh layer of clean fat cells. otherwise the thc metabolites will be flushing out into your urine at an increased rate for several days and still doing so when you take your test, which is obviously not good. so if you don't have 2 or 3 weeks notice, then trying to burn fat won't really help much, and if you do so during the last week before your test, it can actually cause more harm than good, by raising your levels of thc metabolites coming out through your urine.
  15. PayLater

    PayLater New Member

    ahh, that makes sense I suppose. I used to be a heavy smoker, 4-5 times per day. I quit back in June/July time frame. Have smoked maybe 6-9 times, the most recent over superbowl weekend, I had two bong hits (KB) and a one hit. Trying to get myself cleaned up for a test coming up in the next month or so, abstaining sucks ass.
  16. Rad512759

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    HOW DO U MAKE CREATINE I HAVE A DRUG TEST TODAY !!! HELP I didnt smoke for 3 weeks i did the day b4 my test if i dont pass i loose my job :bawl:

    BRIZNET New Member

    Make Creatine???

    I don't believe you "MAKE" creatine. Correct me if I am wrong but creatine is a substance which may be found in a Heath Food Store or Pharmacy. I wish I knew some specific names of some brands you can look for - just go in and ask for creatine - it's not like they're gonna look at you funny and say - "You're trying to pass a piss test aren't you??" :poke: My boyfriend used to take it all the time in weightlifting. Good Luck!!!
  18. VapeDaKine

    VapeDaKine New Member

    Your body naturally makes creatine and more will show up in urine if you take a creatine supplement(needs about 3 days to convert in the body), or you eat red meat(probably needs a couple days to convert also) You can try dilution but it might dilute the creatine in your piss, or you could use aspirin.
  19. Rad512759

    Rad512759 New Member

    the only thing i could get was crappy golden seal . I smoked on thursday and friday and then i had 2 take my piss test on monday i dont know if im clean i get my results back 2day next piss test ill get some of that creatine . thx for the tip.
  20. Dr.Crusher

    Dr.Crusher New Member

    Thanks S2!

    I really want to thank S2 for all of his time and effort in sharing his knowlege to help us all out! Now, on that note, I hope your advice is correct because I will be trying your method pending I pass my home drug test first.
    I am a female, early 20's and about 145 - 150 lbs. Now that sounds big, but I have a lot of muscle, so I am really not 'fat' per se. I would put my metabolism at about a moderate rate.
    I would say that I am a moderate to heavy smoker, but I did quit in late december for about a month. I only started again when I broke a bone in my body and had nothing else to do but sit around all casted up. I got bored, what can I say?
    I only found out that I would be asked to piss on february 10th. I quit that day. The test will probably be on the 24th of february, but I am not going to take it if I fail my home test. I have an advantage because of my broken bone - I can tell the job that my doc doesn't think I am ready YET to go through the vigorous physical training required for the job that I am applying.
    Because of my broken bone I cannot exercise, so that is a disadvantage.
    I am going to try S2's methods at home, if I pass I will repeat the method for the test and let you all know!

    And thanks everyone! You are all great!

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