Do Or Are They Likely To Test Hormonal Levels To See Weather The Ample Is From M Or F

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by liquidblue, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. liquidblue

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    comments , suggestions please?
  2. Lolo69

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    This question has been answered in the FAQ section, but my guess is no. That would require DNA testing which is pretty expensive. As for testing the hormonal levels, there are home tests available to determine if a woman is going through menopause, as well as pregnancy.

    Are you a male borrowing urine from a female, pregnant or possibly peri/menopausal? I have read posts on this forum of men borrowing urine from pregnant and non-pregnant females (the Seinfeld episode of Elaine's drug test with borrowed pee from Jerry's mother be damned).

    If you are a female who is taking a pre-employ drug test and physical and the company specifically states that urine will be tested for diabetes, menopause, pregnancy, etc., then yes, possibly the hormonal level will be checked. However, I think to check for things like pregnancy and/or menopause for the purpose of excluding a potential employee from being hired is illegal. (Anyone?)

    I am a peripausal (entering menopause) female, and my urine was not tested for hormonal levels last year. When the doctor asked if I had entered menopause, I told him I still was getting my period regularly (not true) because frankly, it's not my employer's business whether I'm going through menopause and possibly excluding me from employment due to insurance purposes.

    I've also worked with many a new female employee at my last company which did a pre-employ drug test, who after one or two months on the job announced they were pregnant, which means they were pregnant before they started.

    So, my educated guess is that no, pee will not be tested for hormonal levels.
  3. JackBauer

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    Why are you yelling? :laugh: They can tell if it is male or female (and they can do it without DNA testing) but they have to inform you and have consent of all tests run on your sample. So they don't test for gender. So you are safe to use any gender urine. Don't use the dog's urine though. Oh, and one little friendly and minor point. It is whether and not weather!
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    sorry there jack

    didnt mean to capslock yall :)
    so should i go ahead and go for it ya think?

    and thank you to the lady before jack here for your long entry i really appriciate you taking the time to type all that out :):wave:
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    That's okay, I type about 120 per minute, on a computer.
  6. lew scannon

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    No genetic testing

    Labs (at least in the US) are prohibited by law, to perform any form of genetic analysis on a urine samples unless written authorization is granted by the donor. Such authorizations are made on an entirely seperate and detailed consent form.
    Labs are only permitted to test the temperature, Creatnine, ph, Specific Gravity, and for excessive Nitrites; before the sample gets tested for drug metabolites.

    With that being said, gender is totally irrelevant. Any clean human sample can be used as a sub.
  7. liquidblue

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    birth control

    Will her being on birth control have any effect?
  8. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Nope. Birth control pills are not being tested in a urine sample.
  9. liquidblue

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    thank you all alot

    Im going to try it using the shampoo bottle and have it pressed against my body in my crotch area , this should keep it at the body temp right?
    as long as i pre heat it first?:eek:
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    Not on the drug test, but it is 99.999% effective to prevent a pregnancy.;)
  11. liquidblue

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    tokin very funny :p :p :p:D
  12. liquidblue

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    her peroid starts on wed. would this matter?:(
  13. FakeBoobsRule

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    She could get some blood in the sample which wouldn't affect the test in any way but it would be odd if a man handed over a sample that had enough to be visably noticable. You should get the sample from her now or by the end of the weekend and then freeze it.
  14. liquidblue

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    Im gettin the sample tomarrow :)
    6am sharp baby , goin to the DR at like 10 or so :)

    thank you all so much for your help
  15. needgreen

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    no. i use wifes samples all the time

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