Failed drug test using synthetic urine!

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Marshal478, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Marshal478

    Marshal478 New Member

    So I get tested monthly and one month I decided to have some fun! I know when my tests are, so a few days before I went to a local headshop and asked about synthetic urine. The only product they had was "Dr. Green's Agent X". I really wanted Quick Fix's products, but I decided I'd pay the $35 for agent x. The test was Saturday morning and I stayed at my friends house the night before. I warmed it up in the microwave and put the heating pack on. I was all set after 30 minutes or so. I drove home super happy and confident that I was going to pass. WRONG! My dad doesn't watch my dick or anything, but I thought it was cool how it sounded like flowing pee. I heard that the temp decreases quickly on synthetic urine. The strip on Agent X said 100'F but after I poured it the strip on the cup read 92'F (just a warning for everyone out there planning on using synthetic urine) Well, the post title says it all, but I thought it was funny how it only failed me for THC. You would think it would just come back as unreadable, but nope. I just don't get it! How would a take home, 12 panel drug test from a doctors office be able to do this? There are litteraly thousands of positive reports from synthetic urine! I have only found 1 post on another forum about how it didn't work, but he is just ranting and sounds like a dumb ass. Mine, however is sad yet true. I failed for THC using synthetic urine.

    If your local headshop doesn't carry Quick Fix 4.0 or later models, don't settle for the other synthetic products!!

    But maybe God just wanted me to fail... I really just wish it would've worked :(
  2. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    that same thing happened to my friends older sister, not sure which brand though
  3. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    A temp drop is expected when transferring a warmed liquid into a unwarmed container. To minimize temp drop, I always "prewarm" the sample cup by tucking it in my armpit area as I close the bathroom door, unzipping, etc. Also, once the synthetic is poured in the cup, I never set the cup on any cold surface. Often, I have to grab some toilet paper and make a "coaster" .

    a). If theres a misinterpretation of the test results. Was there a faint line? Many untrained individuals misinterpret a faint line as a fail. But when they send off the sample to the GC/MS for confirmation, the sample comes back as a negative. You should have the sample undergo a confirmation GC/MS test. That way you'll obtain a quantitative value.

    b). Although slightly more far-fetched, another possibility is that youve been scammed. For all you know, you probably purchased some scam artists "dirty" urine that was passed off as synthetic. Be sure to deal with only reputable brands and when settling on a brand, be sure that the packaging doesnt appear damaged or showing any visible signs of tampering.
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  4. LabTech

    LabTech Member

    the problem lies in the temp strip not the urine , the urine cant change temp any faster than anything else. the temp strip is not what you call a 2 degree offset like what is used on the lab collection cut so it was really 98-97 and you do loose a degree or so in the cup the "fake it" urine in the oneshot has a offset meter and unfortunately their is noway to know if a meter has this just by looking at it.
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  5. Secs

    Secs New Member

    What in the hell are you talking about?

    He didn't fail because of the temperature. He failed due to a non-negative THC panel.

    What in the hell is an "offset meter"?

    One would think I would have heard of this before if it existed.
  6. LabTech

    LabTech Member

    google liquid crystal thermometer with 2 degree offset ,, it exist its a terminology only people who really know what there talking about use i guess.;)
  7. Secs

    Secs New Member

    We are talking about drug testing. Collectors use the temp strip on the cups, not digital devices.

    The labs don't worry about temperature because by the time the lab gets the specimen, it does no good to take the temp.

    Because you have access to a fancy device doesn't mean you know any more about drug testing. :rolleyes:
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  8. LabTech

    LabTech Member

    fancy device ?

    who is talking about digital devises? the temperature stripe on the collection cup that says if it is in temp and ok to test, ? that is what im referring to its not a fancy device . ;)

    [​IMG] (passitkit temp meter)

    the cheap urine bottles like the quick **** are known for standard meters a good devise uses a 2 degree offset like the collection cup , they compensate for the difference taken away from the cup so you have a truer record of temp.
  9. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    All I see is a temp strip - hiding under a fancy name. :rolleyes:
    From the look of that pic, that temp strip looks no different than the one on the QF bottle. Only difference I see is it reads 88-102, while the QF strip reads 90-100.

    And I bet you its function is no different than the one on the QF bottle.
  10. Marshal478

    Marshal478 New Member

    Guys, I did not fail the test because of the temperature. I was just saying that to warn you all: the temperature will drop quicker using synthetic urine rather than it does coming out of yo dick.
  11. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Most of us know that your temperature was ok. We just have one member who insists on posting misinformation.

    Thanks for sharing your story.
  12. Joelolly

    Joelolly New Member

    Well. Reading that just scared the hell outta me. I just used QF on an escreen test. I got the temp right, I just hope the rest comes out fine. :confused:
  13. lswanie

    lswanie New Member

    Arent the only logical explanations for this that he must have had resin on his hand and contaminated the sample somehow or the test was bunk. I figure if you have some pot residue on your hands and touch the urine or inside of the cup that would probably do it
  14. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Doesnt work that way. Drug tests look for THC metabolites - not residues. THC would have to be metabolized in the body in order to be detected on the U/A.
  15. Marshal478

    Marshal478 New Member

    I think the Dr. Greens Agent X would've worked on a cheaper, store bought test. But when I found the instructions for the test, I found an adress for a lab. I checked it out and it turned out to be a pretty high $ test. You just wouldn't think a take home test could do that.

    Oh well! Shit happens. And I hope you have better luck joelolly!

    Peace guys!
  16. smoking_chic

    smoking_chic New Member

    this is outdated but if anyone is reading it now as I am, it may have been due to using the microwave. instead, use hand warmers to heat it up. my directions explicitly said no microwave. hope it all worked out
  17. DanK84

    DanK84 New Member

    Wanted to make a post from test-day to results day about Dr Green's Agent X 7.0 to help spread the good or bad experience with others. It seems harder and harder to find recent reviews!

    Had an interview on Monday that went well, haven't been smoking for a couple days already at that point and I got called Wednesday for a second "interview" (UA & a cardio-heart physical) to be done today. I went with DrGAX7.0 because I couldn't afford the $30 somethin extra for overnight delivery; Wish they had sold Quick Fix at the head shop I had to drive to but it wasn't there. I was thinking of going with the dilution method but I was just too nervous and after calling ahead to find out what was available (DrGAX7.0) and doing some research on it here (and a few other boards)-- synthetic was my plan.

    I found it pretty simple to use-- everything that was in mine was as follows
    - a 3.25~oz flask-shaped container with 3oz synthetic pee.
    - an optional cap with a flip-up nozzle to squirt instead of pouring.
    -heating pad
    -rubber band
    -small instruction sheet

    I warmed it up by keeping by my fan on the laptop overnight and then in the car on the way there off the car-heater. About 40 minutes away I pulled over and attached the heating pad to the backside (opposite the temp-strip) of the already ~94 degree container, wrapped it up with a sock ( was worried about it possibly burning me), and then wrapped an elastic hairband to keep it from unraveling (I figured that stupid rubber band, although strong looking, would break with my luck). I then took some gorilla-duct tape and secured it on the inside of my leg, alll the way up next to the chin-ticklers. Why such strong duct tape you ask?? Well, I knew the physical-heart/cardio portion of the test would involve going up/down stairs and crouching and did NOT know if it would be before or after the piss test.

    I got there and waited about 20 minutes before I was called back there so the container had been against my leg for a good hour at this point and I could feel that it was warm by placing my hand over it through my jeans ( tried being inconspicuous in the lobby but I figured hey... guys gotta itch their nuts sometimes - fk it). After she called me to the back room we took 5 minutes going over some papers and it was off to the bathroom after emptying pockets.

    Everything about that bathroom seemed to be freezing cold-- moment of truth; I was wiggin' out of course. Quickly relaxed-- ripped the gorilla-duct tape off (( held in some unhappy sounds/words )). I got it off, checked that there was a temp registering on the cup and it appeared to be right about mid range which got me a lil worried that I should maybe step up the pace in that cold bathroom. Quickly warmed up the cup a bit-wrapping my hands around it. Was about to pour with the hands and let some of my natural go to be inconspicuous but I had nothing in me!! Opps! I had also forgotten to "shake it" which has me concerned however I figure I was ''shaking'' it the entire time, every time i walked and I poured almost all of it in the cup, with the exception of maybe half an ounce to make up for my lack of being able to squeeze out the slightest bit. I also didn't get to see the exact number on the cup but it def. registered ( I saw colors coming up ), made sure not to set it down anywhere and just hurried myself up to get it in her hands before the temp dropped any lower. She didn't mention anything about how long it took ( to me, it seemed like forever ) I signed and initialed for it and that was it. We continued on with the physical portion of the test and I hear back from them soon. Hopefully it's good news... I'll update to let ya know--

    Some other side notes--

    The forms on which I signed were "LabCorp"
    It appears as a 10 panel? Form says it's testing for - Amp, Coc, Thc, Opi, Pcp, & Nitrite-Creatinine-pH-Specific Gravity

    Will update soon--
  18. willygreen

    willygreen New Member

    Man Im sorry to hear about this, Tbh Quickfix isnt that great of a product either, Its a gamble everytime with them, Hence all the different formulas they are coming out with, I learned the hard way with 2 different formulas of theirs, One was 6.1 and the other was 6.2 I believe, Both were garbage and I should have trusted my gut but what can you do. Ive been using the golden flask from ALS and I have never had an issue with my results. I do DOT and it has never been a problem, Hopefully this will help you out.

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