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  1. budsbud

    budsbud New Member

    Can anyone describe some of the hallucinations they get while high?

    People say it doesn't make you hallucinate but I think I would disagree...
  2. smokedup

    smokedup New Member

    sometimes i see like swirling colors or like things flashing sort of like slowmotion
  3. newcarcaviar

    newcarcaviar Sr. Member

    Budsbud, can you elaborate? Personally, I've never had hallucinations on marijunana. The only time I've even been close is my first time actually getting high. I got baked as fuck and had some closed-eye visuals for a little bit, but I've never had any full blown hallucinations.

    That is all.
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  4. TwoJoints

    TwoJoints New Member

    I thought I saw the silouette of a bear once, but I'm sure that has more to do with the fact that I was out in the woods past midnight and I couldn't see much of anything.

    Being baked doesn't really affect my vision - just the way I feel.
  5. mud_head

    mud_head New Member

    a buddy of mine got so high, that the very music he was listening to caused the hallucination. he was listening to some crappy rap song, and he saw himself in an ocean with a giant hole. the song was being played through this giant stereo set, and for every beat, there was a ripple through the water. the ripple in the water pushed him away an equal distance to what was pulling him into the hole in the water. so he was being pulled by water, and pushed by the music, the entire time he listened to the song
  6. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 Pot Stirring

    How long have you smoked pot for? In 16 years of smoking, I've never had a weed induced hallucination, even after smoking absurd amounts of quality marijuana, nor has a single one of my smoking companions....ever....and some of them have been toking since before I was ever born. Let me further venture a guess that you've never done shrooms, acid, or other psycadelics? Believe me, once you've had true ahllucinations, its doubtful you'll ever describe any of pot's effects as "hallucinations". Cannabis may cause slight "visual distortions" in some people, but no one I know who has done a true hallucinogfen would every classify ANY of pot's effects as "hallucinations". So no, I can't describe any weed hallucinations to you, becasue, IMO, they are a very rare occurance, if they occur at all.
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  7. CameronTheInsomniac

    CameronTheInsomniac New Member

    I wouldn't call them "hallucinations" but I do believe that I can trick myself in imagine something (whatever) is true.
    For example, I love to smoke a bowl and go for a long walk. On the long walk, I'll imagine that I'm somewhere else; like on vacation or something. I imagine that I'm not in my home town anymore but I'm... close to the ocean (or somewhere I've already been and know well). Suddenly it's just like -- Boom, I'm there!

    Well, it certainly what I feel like it anyways.
  8. Dewey

    Dewey New Member

    I don't know whether this is considered hallucinations

    BUT I always seem to see people suddenly like a flash in front of me. I know its the shadows playing tricks on my eyes but I can see a person so vividly.

    One time I thought I saw some guy hiding in the bushes watching me out the front of my house. So I run inside, go upstairs n peek out the window. Thought I could see the shadows of him getting out and moving around.
    In the morning I checked it out and I could see that I was just tripping on the shadows.

    But even then another example, I was home in my house and i look into the kitchen, I thought I could see a man leaning on the table. It was gone after a second though.

    Can shadows really manipulate your eyes to that extreme?
  9. nornerator

    nornerator New Member

    I agree with TM.

    I have never had anything that I would call a real hallucination on Cannabis (I have had a real psychedelic before) . The closest thing would be getting really high, then listening to some binaural beats while watching lights flash at a specific frequency meant to induce visuals. I have seen some interesting things while doing this under the influence of Cannabis, but definitely not a hallucination. The second I take off the headphones or look away from the lights the visualization is gone.

    Other than that, some closed eye visuals, and some interesting visuals during meditation.

    You can certainly have interesting experiences with cannabis, but hallucination is not the right word to describe them. Its more like an enhanced imagination.
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  10. Privaron

    Privaron New Member

    Only time I ever get close to tripping is when I eat over 2 grams of KB in firecrackers. Even than it's nothing compared to any of the off topics I have done over the years.
  11. mastro

    mastro New Member

    I've never actually had visual hallucinations, but the first time i got high i could've sworn that a wolf was going to jump over my buddies fence and i just kept imagining that over and over, as scared as i was it was pretty sweet :p
  12. budsbud

    budsbud New Member

    Yeah, the only other thing I've tried was salvia, and there wasn't much to say about that. So yes, I am not experienced in hallucinogens.

    But I have stared at rippling water from high above on a bridge with light shining across the rippling water, and when I looked at it my mind could make scenes, faces, and fireworks out of the ripples of light in the water... In that case I'm not really sure what to describe the phenomenons I get while high.
  13. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

    Only time I would say I've hallucinated when I took my first break from smoking weed and then lit up again. I was going CRAZY. But yea, they were more of closed eyed visuals. I could think about something in my mind and it would show up, but not when my eyes were open. Still, it was very similar to experiences I've had with shrooms (except for the whole fucking with your mind thing) and DXM.
  14. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    The first time I got baked, I watched a friend's head morph into a Lion's. :laugh:
    Nothing like that has happened since.
    There are times when music produces some interesting sensations, or lucid dreaming. Listen to "1983" by Jimi Hendrix while you're smoking, sometime.
    It was specifically made for that purpose and throws out all the stops, when it comes to tweaking a stoned brain.
  15. IKILL3RI

    IKILL3RI New Member

    I don't think hallucinations can happen smoking pot.
  16. AsianStonerMan

    AsianStonerMan New Member

    i once smoked some weed sprinkled with either: a) salvia, which then i would understand why,

    or laced with: b) percocet, but im not sure how i would've hallucinated

    but i was on my friends deck and i looked over and his deflated inflatable couch chair looked like a turtle, and it told me to "ride the poose", so i talked to it for over an hour to find out what a poose was, but it never said anything. it just did turtle stuff.

    i think poose was supposed to mean pussy, but it could've been porn goose? or pants loose? idk
  17. Thedayoudied

    Thedayoudied New Member

    i once thought a trash can was a cop on my way to the mall.

    freaked me aout for a minute there. not trying to make any puns or anything tho, it was a big black round trash can that i saw out of the corner of my eye and i was pretty baked.

    ^^Lol at last post, "it just did turtle stuff"
  18. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 Pot Stirring

    I never said weeed couldn't kick the imagination into overdrive, or make it "easier" to see "optical illusions" :cool: but yeah..I know EXACTLY what you are referring to......these sorts of things are an entirely different monster than true hallucinations. I've yet to see walls melt, pirate ships in the sky, tents "breathing" and morphing, or fires that cast everything in rainbow colors....but all and far more happened during my last psychadelic experience. If you ever choose to experiment with stronger drugs, you too will laugh at the idea of cannabis being a "hallucinogen".... at least everyone I know of who has tried both substances came to such a conclusion. You'll find very few poeple experienced with acid, mushrooms, peyote, or the like that believe marijuana can cause true hallucinations. It may in some people, but I've yet to experience it or meet anyone who has claimned such an exeprience....and I've met a LOT of smokers in my time. I'd be willing to bet you'll come to the same conclusion should you ever experiment further
  19. Nando

    Nando Sr. Member

    Never happened to me, I smoke daily.
    I think its impossible to halucinate from THC
  20. Thedayoudied

    Thedayoudied New Member

    ya u dont rly hallucinate, if u do anything its just like a trick of the eye kind of thing.

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