Having sex when your high

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by eaglez771, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Ghost of Gravity

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    I have never had a bad situation with being high and having sex. Smoking before sex has always given me more energy, made me last longer, and it feels amazing. I was dating a girl a few years ago that didn't smoke (well she did, but not around me, weird situation, different story) but never minded when I smoked before we had sex (see above reasons). What it DOES do is make you pass.the.fuck.out whenever you are done. Best sleep ever :D

    But no, it won't turn you off to having normal, sober sex. That will (or should) always be fun! There will always be great sex, mediocre sex, bad sex, long sex, quick sex, slow sex...you just have to pick the right time and right person to get baked and do you thing...
  2. euphoric dreams

    euphoric dreams Sr. Member

    I'm a fanatic about having sex high.
    My boyfriend had told me that it decreases his sexual drive but as soon as I smoke I just want to rub and touch everything... I pretty much get super horny.
    I smoke everyday so you can imagine that for the past 3 years (about the length of time that I've been having sex), I've had my fare share of intoxicated sex.

    It has it's ups and downs. Some people say (mostly women) that facial expressions turn them off because they get distracted from the experience and focus on the envrironment (keeping alert), which in turn becomes a negative experience. I don't care what kind of facial expressions are had because I look super dumb when I have sex anyway. Some people can't keep it hard, some people get confused, some feel ill, some get paranoid, some start thinking about pregnancy and it turns them off.... etc.. etc.. If you're driven to be distracted of have negative thoughts, it's possible that sex will be a turn off.

    On the bright side, marijuana has be reported to be a good aphrodisiac (which explains why I always get really horny after smoking). It enhances the pleasure of stimulation and it tends to bring me deeper into the experience. When I'm not high, I often get distracted or "out of tune" but I'm always guaranteed to be super into it after a bowl. I also tend to feel a lot sexier when I'm high so my desire to ride on top increase = woho for the boyfriend.

    Heck, I've even gone so far as to smoke a pipe while getting eaten out - now that's a treat.

    Next on the list - smoke a joint while having sex. I've been saying this to myself for the last few months so it's going to happen. Soon.
  3. locket

    locket Oodalolly

    Hahaha, I have to suggest this. Not sure if he'll go for it though. What position would be best do you think? Girl on top?

    I can just imagine my boyfriend's face...boobies AND joint!!
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  4. metanoia

    metanoia Smoke. Weed.

    Having sex while you're high is a great experience no doubt, but as troublemaker pointed out, too much weed can really negatively effect the way you feel downtown.
  5. veemnixx

    veemnixx New Member

    Oh my god I love sex high!!!! Occassionally it is just lazy work but it does do the job. Honestly though, it doesnt kill your sex drive.

    By the way, if you enjoy sex while under the influence of marijuana, then definately look out for sex on shrooms. Now that is a real treat. :D
  6. Danthestonerman

    Danthestonerman New Member

    Absolutley mind boggling. Try it once in your life, for sure.
  7. euphoric dreams

    euphoric dreams Sr. Member

    I think the best would be the lotus - close - close enough to share... but more importantly, close enough to shotgun ;).

    Heck the more I think about it, the more I think that this has to get done soon.:p
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  8. Scoobie-Doobie

    Scoobie-Doobie New Member

    This is an emberrasing question, so please bare with me

    Can you lads "get up" whilst high???........I don't have any problems at all normally just to put that out there! but, yeh I was high and drunk at the time

    I ask this because I wanna give it another try high but obviously not the best situation to be in again
  9. D.0.B

    D.0.B New Member

    would of been the wee drinky that stopped that mate:p
  10. Scoobie-Doobie

    Scoobie-Doobie New Member

    I aint in a relationship, sex comes whilst drunk at party's, haha
  11. euphoric dreams

    euphoric dreams Sr. Member

    But you don't necesarily have to be drunk... especially if you want to score and you think that you'll have a hard time getting an erection. Drink socially and scope out your chance - can't loose really.

    I wouldn't know but, perhaps overdoing the alcohol will make it difficult to get an erection? My boyfriend(s) has never had a hard time getting an erection with marijuana alone but it can be difficult if he's too drunk.
  12. euphoric dreams

    euphoric dreams Sr. Member

    SexPot: Want to Have Great Sex? Smoke a Joint | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet

    Not the best article that I've read about marijuana and sex... but it gives you the gist of it. If you're interested, do some more extensive online searches - this way you'll find a lot more information about historical use and biological relationships.

    I like that this article mentioned the physical goods as well as the emotional bads.

    I've been in situations where sex would physically feel good but I'd realize that I wasn't happy with my partner... in this case, it can make or break the situation. If you use marijuana for a one night stand, I doubt that anything would go wrong if you're completely into the idea of getting it on without comitment. In the case of a relationship, marijuana can make you evaluate certain things that you'd rather leave undisturbed.
  13. MacDRO

    MacDRO New Member

    Yes, definitely! Sex itself is incredible. But being high puts it on another level. The sensations, desire, lust, romanticism, they are enhanced to, depending on what you smoke, a greater level. In my case, I'm married, both my wife and I smoke and we don't always make love while being high but when we do its great. One minute feels like five, and (for me anyway) the energy is always higher, the passion as well. Inhibitions are on a lower lever so you're willing to try, or experience more things. My case is that the passion while making love is through the roof. We make love for long periods of time(1-3 hours) on a normal basis, but while high a good 4 to 6 hours(sometimes 7 or 8) is not something I'm exaggerating about.

    Do I encourage it, most definitely just be careful. You won't regret it, try it.
  14. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    Depends on the weed.... if its just OK weed... sex is exactly the same, if it's GOOD weed then yeah i would say it's better, but not by much. Sex is great anyway, have sex and THEN smoke the weed!!!! :D
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed New Member

    Weed is an absolutely amazing aphrodisiac, makes everything more intense and makes you come like a great sperm whale. :bananaride:Also, it's a well known fact that chicks tend to be a lot more fun when high (or drunk). Watching porn & spanking the monkey while stoned/high is pretty awesome too, btw.
  16. Lazar

    Lazar New Member

    I lost my virginity when I was baked... it lasts forever, the girl loves it, but I couldnt finish.... Ive never had sex sober. LOL im soo fucked up
  17. MochaBit

    MochaBit New Member

    My boyfriend almost ALWAYS have sex while being at least a little high. (Unless of course it just sort of happens and we don't bother to stop in order to toke up.) I actually find that when I'm high I'm definitely much more... "ready to go", without going into explicit details.

    I find if I'm/we're sober the sex is more vanilla. I love sex in any shape or form, so that's perfectly fine with me. If we're stoned? Mm-mm. Delicious.

    Dry mouth blows though. Nothing ruins the mood like giving him oral attention and having to stop in the middle to get a drink.
  18. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    I take back what I said in February. Get REALLY,REALLY messed up and then have sex, Drugs and Sex go together like apple pie and ice cream.
  19. Steve Cool

    Steve Cool Guest

    Yeah, I wouldn't go quite that far... but it does beat a sharp stick in the eye. It helps if both are - high, not stoned - and experinced in the art of elevated loving. Pot helps you forget the troubles of the day... and focus on the joy in front of you.

    In this video Relationship Expert / Actress Stacey Nelkin discusses how drugs can be used to enhance your sexual experience. Topics include: marijuana, cocaine, mushrooms, alcohol and more.
  20. WilliamHowe

    WilliamHowe New Member

    Im based in the UK and doing some research for a pro cannabis campaigner. I'm looking to talk to couple who have sex whilst high.

    Get in contact if you don't mind talking about the subject.

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