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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by NeedSomeHelp1, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. NeedSomeHelp1

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    I have a pre-employment drug test with LabCorp on Saturday 9/3. The last time I smoked was 8/20 and it was a blunt. Before that I was a chronic smoker but stopped the beginning of May. I'm 5'10 170 but have lost 6 pounds these past few days. I've been hitting the gym and sauna twice a day since Saturday 8/27. Also, been drinking a lot of fluids. I was wondering if I keep this up will I be able to pass?
  2. bogo

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    buy a home test kit and see how you do and follow the link below for dilution
  3. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Follow bogo's advice and pick up a home test kit. If you can pass on your own merits you won't need to risk any heavy dilution.

    In the future, very little of the metabolites are excreted with sweat and while hydration is good, you cannot flush or wash fat soluable THC from your person. The only thing you will have accomplished by "drinking a lot of fluids" is just more frequent trips to the bathroom.
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    DO NOT DILUTE on a LabCorp test, they will most likely catch you for low creatinine and/or pH balance. Buying a home test may help, however labs test for trace amounts, nanograms...a home test cannot detect trace amounts like a LabCorp test can. Your honest to goodness best bet is to find an HONEST, CLEAN friend, put his urine in a small bottle that will fill up nearly half of a urine sample cup, keep this urine between your legs, contacting your skin, on the way to the test site. Also, try taping a handwarmer to it. When you get to the testing site, MAKE SURE you have it sitting under your junk in a pair of tight underwear. They will not watch you, they will most likely shut the water off and possibly stand by the door. Just pull it out, dump it, and put it back. This is the best way to pass a lab test. Synthetics are ALWAYS a gamble, they may not have the required pH, etc... even though their boxes say they do. Good Luck!
  5. Ruckus

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  6. Webdox

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    More uneducated and suspect FUD with a side helping of agenda??? Dilution or substituting synthetic is a slam dunk for those who can read and follow directions.
  7. NeedSomeHelp1

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    Thank you everyone for your input. I will definitely get a home drug test.

    But doesn't the home drug test measure at 50ng/ml? cause I went to Lab Corp's website and it says they do GC/MS testing which measures at 15ng/ml. Even if I do pass the home test, I could fail the lab test.

    Also, I was able to push back the drug test to 9/6. So that should give me some time. I will be 17 days clean.
  8. Ruckus

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    GC/MS is used for confirmation testing.

    See here:
  9. NeedSomeHelp1

    NeedSomeHelp1 New Member

    So here is my result from the home test. It was my first void.

    It's sort of hard to see the lines in the picture. But what do you think? Should I be able to pass? and should I still do N2 dilution? My test is tomorrow.
  10. DrugTestDave

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    That line looks great to me. Maybe a really gentle dilute. But nothing more. Let us know how you do!
  11. VirginiaDoll

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    Looks like they screen for 50ng/ml and if you mcan hit that you pass. If not, then they send it for further tests and that cutoff is quite a bit lower, 15 ng/ml.

    Take a home test, they screen at 50ng/ml as well.
    Good Luck!
  12. Ruckus

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    If you had taken the time to read the complete topic you have certainly noticed that the OP not only took a home test but posted the result for comment.

    Labs do not dictate the cutoff level for pre-employment tests the employer does.

    When failing the screen the sample is sent for confirmation testing where the 15ng/ml cutoff is functionally equivalent to the 50ng/ml cutoff level on the screen.
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  13. NeedSomeHelp1

    NeedSomeHelp1 New Member

    PASSED!!! Thank you everyone.
  14. Ruckus

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  15. VirginiaDoll

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    Is there anyway to find out what the cutoff for a non gov. employer is?
  16. DrugTestDave

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    Way to go! Cheers friend :)

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