OK, so does niacin really work?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by LordMaiden, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. LordMaiden

    LordMaiden New Member

    My friend claims it does. He said he took 4 of them the day before a urine test and passed. Can anyone else confirm it works?
  2. cudikid

    cudikid New Member

    Short answer = No

    There is no proof that niacin has any immediate benefits. Most people who claim that it worked will probably also tell you that they diluted using N2's method or some variance. Niacin could possibly work over longer periods of time say 10+ days but there are too many contributing factors to prove if it helps at all for those extended periods of use. Niacin is also terrible for your Liver if you take more then the recommended dose. I would suggest trying to sub or dilution if you have a test.

    I believe that all this is correct, I am going off what a few long term users of this site have said and what I have read elsewhere. If someone thinks I'm wrong on some point please don't hesitate to post a quick fix.
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    It never has. It never will. Some people came up with the idea that, since doses of niacin give you a "hot flush", it somehow is "burning the THC out of your system". This is total nonsense.
  4. cudikid

    cudikid New Member

    Also, (don't know the validity of this 100%) I read that L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, wrote a book about niacin saying it was an amazing drug for purification and detoxification of drug addicts without a medical degree. And come on folks lets be honest, Scientology?
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  5. notoriouss

    notoriouss New Member

    niacin ONLY speeds up the metabolism rate at which you expell toxins from your body. it opens up capillaries and allows "stuck" toxins to "cling" into your blood stream.

    so, basicly.. imagine you have all this fat in your body, just like on a steak. except on one side is all filth. your blood travels here, but not as often as in an artery or in a veign. you have "debry" along the side of the highway, if you will.. after taking niacin, this "highway" is opend up wider, allowing more "traffic" to flow through. with all this "traffic", that "debry" is bound to get picked up, or atleast move along. this is exactly what happens. it extremly increasing the rate at which your body burns off the THC. but as for, testing positive immediately after taking niacin, not going to happen. you'd actually be working against yourself by taking niacin before a drug test.

    so, in conclusion.. niacin does work, if you have days before your drug test.

    sorry i know and understand i'm new here and there are a lot of respectable people posting, but anyone who tells you "there is no proof for such a claim", or "niacin does NOTHING!!" are dwelling still on their own failure and have yet to realize that, quite the contrary there is a huge amount of scientific evidence for such.

    there are actually detox centers in california and here in Ann Arbor, MI(where i live) that use niacin based detox as a regimin to help addicts recover faster from the effects of having drugs still lingering in their system. IF YOU DON'T THINK THIS IS PROVEN DO SOME RESEARCH
  6. cudikid

    cudikid New Member

    Niacin is used to remove cholesterol, granted cholesterol is a type of fat but its not the type of fat cells that store the THC metabolites.
  7. notoriouss

    notoriouss New Member

    atleast you've started researching..

    although maybe you should re-read what i posted. never did i make such a claim that niacin burns off fat, because it doesn't. all niacin does is dramticly decrease your detection time for marijuana. nothing else.
  8. cudikid

    cudikid New Member

    Well I'm sorry but thc is only detectable in blood for up to 72 hours approx. So i suppose I don't understand how "widening my blood highway" would help when there is not enough thc metabolites in my blood stream to be detected.
  9. notoriouss

    notoriouss New Member

    without using niacin it toook me about 14 days to get clean from marijuana. while working out, and doing everything else.

    when i started taking the niacin in addition to EVERYTHING i did above(only thing different i did was take niacin. literaly.) i would test clean with a maximum amount of 7 days, about half the time. most often i'd be clean witth the first piss of the day after 4-5 days.

    in addition to my personal experiance, there are many published articles online that say the same thing.
    and also i tested myself using at home drug test kits, daily, the entire time.

    and..i was using the term highway as a metaphor. if you have THC already in your blood, the next step is either storage for later use, or to be removed from the body. but regardless, if you're attempting to fool a blood drug test.. not sure what advice to give ya because i've never done that. but the goal of niacin is to get the THC out of the top layer off fat, into your blood stream. if you're trying to remove it from your bloodstream that's a whole nother ball field
  10. cudikid

    cudikid New Member

    Tested daily huh? And how many times did you test this out since you said "about half the time was 7 days". Were you buying straight from the manufacturer to do the hundreds of tests. And if you are testing yourself more then 3-4 times to get your average time until being clean i think you need to get a new hobby.
  11. notoriouss

    notoriouss New Member

    your insults are a short sign of desperation
  12. cudikid

    cudikid New Member

    I'm just implying that anyone can make up exaggerated results. I could say that I did 10 experiments after smoking daily for a month. Every other experiment I would take niacin. My results showed that when I took niacin it tripled the time for me to pass a UA.
    I'm extremely skeptical of your testimonial simply because there are hardly any people who claim niacin works on a reputable website, and a large number of people who say it does not.
  13. Webdox

    Webdox New Member

    Wow, just wow.
  14. notoriouss

    notoriouss New Member

    unless you have done an experiment such as i have which i realize and understand i have no proof (you can buy a thousand test strips online for about 100$ on ebay, more or less given the consistency and company of the strips), instead of just basic trial and error with whatever/whomever has been testing you, it is apparent to me that you have no reason/right to talk on this subject.

    sorry, i just feel as if all the people saying it doesn't work are people that used it hearing about it from friends/peers and got horrific results.

    it is a fact that vitamin B3 can assist in the removal of toxins from the blood stream, and also increase blood flow resulting more toxins being emited into the blood stream rather than just by "sitting" ontop of the fat.

    and i don't even care anymore, really about being on this site. i'd love to help/share useful information i've come accross/been succesful with..although it appears to me that some people sit on this site solely to criticize and give negative feedback.

    just because it failed for you and you obviously didn't do it right doesn't mean it doesnt work. niacin doesn't make you 100% clean. although it dramaticly reduces the length of time one will test positive
  15. mateo30l

    mateo30l New Member

    Omg!! I hate when People act like they know What theyre talking bout...
    Niacin certainly does work.. it has worked for me and my family for years.. the best place to get it is at GNC.. you have to get the niacin 500mg. Don't get timed release or flush free.. my uncle has been in the air force for 3 years already and every time he comes back home we smoke a few here n there.. then he takes niacin about a week before he gets deployed again.. the same goes for me.. I have never failed a drug test after taking niacin the right way.....
    Your supose to take two 500mg twice a day for 3 days before your test and.. drink plenty of water. This method has worked for me since I was on probation. And still works when I'm planning on getting a new job and they drug test me.
    So yes niacin does work. You just have to go thru the pain of turning red all over and it sux..
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  16. notoriouss

    notoriouss New Member

    LOL i forgot all about these threads. Just got notified of a post via email.

    uhm so basicly...update on my self.(to kind of prove niacin works..)

    shortly after my most recent post, i had a suprise drug test at my probation department.

    thankfully, the past 2 days i'd been taking niacin.(i used to do this whenever i'd meet with her. stop smoking for two days, and start doing niacin detox from then on till when i meet with her.)

    i ended up passing the drug test, and got let off of probation, all because of this niacin trick.

    if it weren't for niacin, it's very likely i'd be in jail/prison.(assuming of course that "laws are laws" and regardless of my crime, because it was a felony(i was with someone who attempted to b&e therefore i got charged) it's probable i could have gone to prison.

    but, i didnt. thanks to niacin being a part of my monthly diet. i never took it prior or post the two day period, until the next month came along.

    and no, i did not drink heavy amounts of liquid. being on random drug testing, it got really irritating after the first 5-6 visits, when i didn't get tested.

    oh, and by the way.:soapbox:(thank god congress didn't pass that!!)
  17. magic dragon

    magic dragon New Member

    I'm not saying that Niacin works to "flush" your system, because it doesn't to that. Niacin, is an essential nutrient for humans, its extremely common for people to take 250mg to 500mg depending on body weight to take it frequently. It is also used widely by doctors to treat a variety of different conditions and under medical supervision can be taken at a much higher dose. Niacin, aka B3, is basically harmless as long as you ingest less than 3000 mg. The "flushing" feeling is completely normal and as long as your not ingesting unhealthy amounts. There is a list of normal and abnormal side effects if you type into google "side effects of niacin." Yes, if you've never felt a sun burn then its gonna annoy you. If you wish, take 4 aspirin to help with the flushing feeling. You may get an upset stomach, if you eat before and drink a lot of water this should go away in 30 to 45 minutes. The biggest "risk" is if you take large amounts over an extended period of time, then yeah your gonna cause some damage. The solution to that is take a moderate dosage, the recommended dose of 250mg over an extended period and if you're really desperate take 500-1000mg, sometimes more depending on body weight and your overall health, over the course of a few days. Do not take the extended release because thats actually worse on your body and do not buy insolitol hexanicotonate aka "flush free," it does not do the same thing. Go to a GNC store and spend $6.99 on a small bottle of 250mg niacin pills.

    Niacin is not a miracle worker and like everything else your gonna see both sides, this works and this doesn't. I'd like to point out though, that N2 dilution method recommends you take B-Complex pills 10 times the regular dose. I acknowledge, you can take B2 as well. B3, which is niacin, is in a b-complex pill. You may not have the same brand as me, but in a b-complex pill there is 50mg of niacin, that means if i follow the N2 method I'm taking 500mg of niacin along with a bunch of other stuff. There's really no difference between 10 times the regular does of b-complex pills and 2 250mg of niacin, a multivitamin, and for shiggles take 1 b complex or b12 to turn your pee yellow. Basically, all I'm saying is it almost the same and the only difference would depend on the person. The most important key to getting clean is drinking a ton, I mean a ton of water. Try to not smoke for as long as you can, workout as much as you can until a few days before the drug test, and eat whatever you want a few nights before the test.

    I came here looking for an answer and you're not gonna find that. I failed 3 at home drug test using the N2 dilution method and I didn't smoke for 30 days, I'm 5'4 and 123lbs and I'm active. So this you'll get clean in 30 days is odd, it really depends on many factors. You need to try all your options and figure out what works for you. No one besides you knows your body and there are a lot of options to pass a drug test. If you were in the same boat as me I could not sub and I thought I was screwed. I had a pre employment UA and they sent my sample to a lab, so there are many different stories to this process.

    And yes, I passed with niacin. I took 500mg twice, one day before the test. Ate a shit ton of food after it and drank so much water I could barely leave the bathroom. Niacin is water soluble as well, so take it a few days or if necessary a few hours before the test to pee it out. I would not recommend this you to if you're taking a blood test, unless you tell them you take niacin frequently.

    I wish you the best of luck!
  18. Vellie716

    Vellie716 New Member

    Well I have a drug test coming up and I have a nice fat bag of kush and 420 is next week a lot of people on here said it works so I'm going to try it and see how it goes First I'm going to do a home drug test
  19. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    I would not take more than 1,000 mg a day, you will start to do harm to your body if you near 2,000+ mg a day. The recommended daily value for a grown adult male is about 16-20mg, so 1,000 mg is 20x the RDV.
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  20. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member

    I found all of this interesting to read. I remember doing a little research about Niacin a while back when I was on probation trying to get clean before my first couple of drug tests. I think I may have taken some back than.

    Anyways, my question is since this works or at least helps to flush THC out of your system, which is fat soluble, would it also work for toxins that are water-soluble? Would it work better for toxins that are water soluble or for ones that are fat soluble? Or does it not really make any difference?
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