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  1. stubble

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    this may or may not be helpful.. as it may already have been posted previously.

    as someone who recently stopped smoking in an effort to pass a hair test in the coming months.. i'm doing research like everyone. i'd like to thank those of you on this forum that have taken the time to share information - both personal as well as gathered.


    i will continue adding info and thoughts to this as i gather/consider more info.
  2. Jerry G

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    Does anyone know the PH level of vinegar?

    While it is a acid, the PH may be high enough to open the cuticle, at least somewhat. That would go a long way towards a scientific explanation of why the Mac treatment works(at least some of the time).
  3. stubble

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  4. 1tokeovertheline

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    It's listed someplace in this forum. My understanding from the reading when I first came to the site was that vinegar opened the cuticle and the C&C with the salicylic acid did the trick. Somewhat the same way taking aspirin screws up the piss test.

    The first hit in a google search shows vinegar has a PH level of 2.4-3.4
  5. 1tokeovertheline

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    Who knows......

    I found this on hairstyle(dot)com in the home hair care tips:

    So, who knows what it does in the Mac method.:shrug: I don't know why, but will keep recommending the MacCujo/Zydot combo until something better comes along and I will refer real heavy smokers to Jerry G for bleach/dye instructions.;)
  6. Soop

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    My guess is that the acid simply dissolves some hair, especially when combined with the salicylic acid in Clean and Clear. I think you're more or less creating pores, fissures and cracks in the hair, and letting the amphiphilic compounds in C+C and Tide (meaning they're designed to bond with oily substances and make them water soluble), work into the inner shaft, making the THC water soluble and letting it be rinsed out into your tub.

    MacCujo seems a little bit like voodoo, and this acid=contraction vs. basic=opening of the hair shaft info is slightly contradictory, but I think that the point is that the vinegar is not "opening" the hair so much as it is helping to destroy it. That's one nasty combo to have on your hair for 30 minutes.

    I believe that although it has indeed shown success, nobody can firmly say MacCujo works to any certain extent without some volunteer at-home science tests by forum members. Of course, I know that nobody around here actually guarantees results, but I'm just saying that would be the only way to prove how much more effective it is than sobriety. I'll run the T-tests :)

    I offer myself as a control patient: 90-95 days stone sobriety. :wave:

    Think I'm going to pass with a 1.5" haircut? Can I get it cut to 1.25" without anyone being upset? Will that help?
  7. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline Well-Known Member

    It has been tested by MacCujo and several others. Read the Results Thread.
  8. jimsuzo

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    acid vs. base...... or both?

    Interesting information you've dug up about opening the cuticle. As I have thick hair and have been a fairly regular smoker (except for the last 33 days), I think I've heard enough to make me want to slightly modify my approach for my upcoming test

    I'm thinking about a morning treatment consisting of standard macujo (vinegar, C&C, tide in the mornings) and an evening treatment of a baking soda paste rub 'n soak followed by a deep cleansing shampoo (Paul Mithcell 3 cos I can't find deep cleansing aloe rid). Did my first 'evening treatment just a short while ago. Shit, even the baking soda paste burns like hell. I figure something useful must be happening up there (fingers crossed).

    No pain no gain, right?

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