Real powdered urine?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Mike6623, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Mike6623

    Mike6623 New Member

    Hello, I have ordered what is supposed real dehydrated human urine. I will not post the brand or site because I am not sure if it is allowed. I asked the representatives there multiple times is it is actual human urine, and they say yes every time. I haven't used it yet, I actually bought 2 vials almost 2 years ago, tossed them and just got one more. All that is needed is add water and shake. Has anyone used dehydrated human urine for a test? I only have had one test and quickfix worked, but I always get nervous about using anything fake.
  2. markDee

    markDee New Member

    Yeah I tried it before, once and will never do again. Drinks work very good if you follow directions. Powder Urine is good to but what a pain in the ass
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  3. olehippie

    olehippie Member

    Used some last week, it worked! Not that hard to use.
  4. Mike6623

    Mike6623 New Member

    hey, thanks man! Was it the testclear stuff? did you just add warm water and keep heated? I really appreciate it. I am just really going back and forth as to what to use when and if I apply for another job (or get a random now). I have used quickfix before, and it worked but if this is 100% human urine, just dehydrated as customer service claims, it seems safer to use actual urine. It seems the only way you can fail is if the temp is off, excluding you drop it on the floor lol, right?
  5. olehippie

    olehippie Member

    It is the real stuff, yes it was test clear. Its a little high priced but easy to use. I still use QF+ too.
  6. Mike6623

    Mike6623 New Member

    Hey, thanks!
  7. murk01

    murk01 New Member

    100%, I tried to use a sub before, what a hassle. Drinks work the best, I just passed using certoclear and I had smoked upto a day or two of the UA...not on purpose, they just caught me by suprise

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