Ultra Pure Synthetic?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by r33f3rm4dn3ss, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. r33f3rm4dn3ss

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    Hello, I have a pre-employment screen in the morning...
    Bought some Ultra Pure Synthetic - was wondering if anyone had good results with it?

  2. Ruckus

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    Using the forums search engine with "Ultra Pure Synthetic" as the pharse, notice it is wrapped in quotes, just might get you started.

    Pay it back by coming back to give us some detail on your experience and then results.
  3. DrugTestDave

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  4. r33f3rm4dn3ss

    r33f3rm4dn3ss New Member

    UPDATE: Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine by Ultra Kleen

    @ Ruckus, tried that and got the same results as a search without the quotation marks. Most of the related posts were very old... so I am here to spread the word about my Ultra Pure experience this week.

    As I mentioned earlier, this was a pre-employment screen. I received an email saying I was already registered, just print the email and take to the nearest LabCorp collection site. I went this Monday, 7/11 first thing in the morning. I followed the directions on the Ultra Pure box (quick heat way in the microwave) to bring the product to a good temperature. I used a body thermometer to check the temp - TOO HOT at 114° but I figured it would cool down on the 25 minute ride to site. I attached the heating pad to the bottle and left. On the way to the collection site I checked the temperature frequently and did stick it on the defroster for a few minutes to keep it extra toasty. I drove past the collection site, checked the temp, and stowed the bottle. I will say that I'm a lady and my hiding method is a bit different than the guys. ;) Either way I stowed it away down my skivvies and returned to the test site. There was one person ahead of me for some sort of medical screening - so I waited 15 mins or so. Once he left, the single employee showed me to the bathroom where I emptied my pockets and put my purse in a lock box. I washed my hands in a different room and returned to the bathroom where there's no sink and blue dye in the toilet... whipped out my bottle of Ultra Pure (temp OK between 90-100°) and filled a bit past the line, then dumped some in the toilet. I added some TP to the mix and handed the tech my sample. He checked the temp (OK) and sealed it up to be sent off.

    I started the job this morning, so obviously Ultra Pure WORKS!!!!! I tell you what, though, if you had told me 15 years ago that one day I'd spend $83 to have a bottle of fake piss overnighted to me I wouldn't have believed you. FYI the shipping was only so high because of next day air w/Saturday delivery. I didn't have much of a choice the hiring process was VERY fast.
  5. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Well done and welcome to the sub club! :hail:
    Your experience was very well described and with much detail. No doubt that many will benefit from it.

    It was extremlely kind and thoughtful of you to return to help those that are now in the same boat as you once were. Many promise to but don't bother once they have what info they need.

    Wishing you much success in your new position.
  6. Lips02

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    Hello there,
    Just registered today to enter in my story on ultra pure synthetic urine. I have a pre-employment drug screening in about an hour. Just purchased the ultra pure synthetic from my local headshop after doing pretty extensive research on synthetic urine in general. I've followed the directions thusfar and am now in my car with the bottle still wrapped in the large warmer and it put between my legs for added warmth. I'll be going to an Aspirus clinic for my screening.
    The reviews I've read sounded promising and im praying that they hold true but i will keep everyone posted so that theres another more recent post on the use of synthetic urine.
    Wish me luck :D
    I'll be back soon with my results.
  7. Darthy

    Darthy New Member

    So what happened? Did you pass?
  8. Lips02

    Lips02 New Member

    Alrighty, got a call back from my now employer yesterday saying everything was a go for my start date. Sorry, would've been back sooner but I didn't want to assume no call was a green flag. Anywho, I would recommend using ultra pure synthetic. It worked as it said it would, word of advice though, it took longer than the said 45 minutes to warm up but only by about 15 min. If time is of the essence there's always option to microwave. Also, if possible, put it on the dash for about 5 min with the heat blasting shortly before your test. It'll give you, basically, a few degrees to play with before you actually pour it in the cup. I got mine to 99 degrees before walking in the clinic with the bottle between my cheeks. 20 min later it read 96 while in the bathroom doing the deed.
    GOOD LUCK! I hope everyone who tries it comes back with a story like this.
    Keep on tokin!

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