Why am I still positive?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by TheShocker, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. TheShocker

    TheShocker New Member

    Hi, First time poster but long time reader. I quit smoking pot 29th of November almost a good 30 days ago. I did purchase 3 At Home Drug test for THC from Walgreens testing myself on the 2nd week again on the 3rd week and finally using the last one today a few hours ago. All of them I failed without even a faint ghost line on the last test. I just got word that Tuesday I will need to take my urinalysis on my dime and whatever time I want. It is a 10-panel drug screen with a 50 na/ml cutoff for THC. The way things are looking I might need to do the dilution method and or over dilute to get a second drug screen. I still have a good 3 more days if you don't count Tuesday but the problem is why am I not clean yet? Little background may help , I am the proud owner of a Volcano for almost a year now and vaped only the "DANK" from it. Have been smoking for almost 2 years now after a long 4 year break of no drugs. I'm 26yrs old 6ft 250lbs. Haven't worked out or brought myself to even break a sweat in this past month to prevent THC from my fat cells coming out. Also those that have done the Dilution Method and have seen success please give me a tips (maybe what B2 Complex to purchase or which Creatine) Also maybe the Master of Dilution gracing me with a reply would be great also. Thanks in advance!
  2. hopenbilly

    hopenbilly New Member

    If you can get a dilute and your employer will give you a retest, then go for it. 6' 250lbs is a little on the larger side, so it may take you a little longer to get 1-2 years of chronic smoking out of your system. Read N2's dilution sticky, as it is one of the bests according to many people. If you can get a retest for a negative dilute, then I would advise exercising. Sweat, Sweat, and Sweat some more. This is one of the most important factors in ridding getting yourself passing.

    If you tested yourself on the first void of the day and failed all three, try diluting and test your 2nd, 3rd, etc... to give you a better idea of where and what your THC levels are. If your test is near, start taking creatine now, as it will help when you dilute. Do some good research, because there is a wide array of information on this site.

    PS-don't work out for the 3 days prior to your test... you need to fat load on highly fatty foods

    Good Luck!
  3. TheShocker

    TheShocker New Member

    I plan on today buying some more tests and do a practice run of dilution. What creatine is best to buy? Are b2 or b2 complex best? I still have another 7 days left before the test. Any other type of drug i should buy? AT HOME from walgreens seems the normal that I see on the website from pictures?
  4. TheShocker

    TheShocker New Member

    Okay just purchased 2 at home THC drug tests from CVS and 3 At Home THC drug tests from Walgreens.
    Took first test from CVS with the second void of the day being sure to use the midstream urine and not the beginning. After 5 minutes of waiting Control line came up strong and bright but the THC line failed to appear. Going to drink exactly 48 - 50 oz of water over the course of the next four hours replenishing what I void out and attempting next test at 1:30pm ....
  5. hopenbilly

    hopenbilly New Member

    You will want to buy Creatine Monohydrate in pill or powder form. It is available at GNC and most health stores. CVS and Walmart carry it often too. Most people "load" which means they take more than the daily dosage. Drink lots of water, or you will have some messy poo.

    I like Vit-B complex, and it can be found at grocery stores and health food stores. you should be able to buy creatine and B complex at the same time. Also, it is a good idea to buy two different brands of home tests, but I always use FirstCheck.

    You should sweat for 3-4 days, and I mean train like rocky. Get at least 30 minutes of good sweating in. If you can run, buy a jump rope and do interval training. Keep yourself hydrated, eat salads and non-fatty foods until 2-3 days before your test. You have to do something, or you could look into buying some cleanse products. Just buy from a reliable source and get something without masking agents.

    Good Luck!
  6. TheShocker

    TheShocker New Member

    Thanks I'm going to get the creatine and b-complex here in an hour so when they open. Am right in believing that the b-complex and creatine is only needed for lab tests and not for the "AT HOME" tests?

    As for the FirstCheck I bought two of them and just finished using one that I failed. (The one where you add 3 drops of urine?)

    Little more good news came my way in the form of extended time for my drug test. Technically I have until next week Friday so that might by me an additional 7 days on top of today being day number 32 without interacting with bud.


    P.S. How do you post pictures? When I am finally able to produce a line on both the THC and Control I want to be able to post it just incase there is a question on the infamous "Ghost Line"?
  7. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    The not exercising only helps in the couple of days before your test and actually would have helped if you had been doing some exercise in the past few weeks--strenuous exercise is an important part of releasing THCA from the body exactly because you do burn fat.

    If you indeed do have 7 more days I would recommend some strenuous workout over the next couple of days, then retest on the third morning and see where you are then. 37 days is a long time, but we've seen longer! Good luck to you TheShocker. :)
  8. hopenbilly

    hopenbilly New Member

    Don't kid yourself, sweat like you are training for the olympics. This is far more valuable than anything else. THC is fat soluble, so you need you exercise to release those metabolites.

    Keep us informed, because your story might help future members to beat the B.S. of the 21st century.

    Good Luck
  9. dadrone

    dadrone New Member

    Hey TheShocker,

    I'll be interested to read your progress. You may or may not find comfort in this but I am suffering a very similar situation as yourself with very similar body composition. I'll go ahead and tell my story as I think this thread will be appropriate for both our stories.

    6'2, 250 lbs.
    Last smoke: Dec 3

    So... prior to Dec 4, I had been smoking the finest pretty regularly, most every day. I was going through an 1/8th per week for upwards of 6 months. I have always smoked in some capacity but it's on and off as my job is subject to drug testing. It's not a safety specific position so I've only had to take one in my 5 year career and it was a pre-employment one for 1 of 3 jobs. I carry synthetic with me daily in the event of a random but mostly because I'm paranoid. A friend of mine was caught using synthetic in the Pacific Northwest recently so that method is no longer desirable. According to him, they told him the results were "fail for non-human/substituted urine" and he was fired. This is after he had successfully used synthetic probably half a dozen times successfully so there is reason to believe he did the process correctly/had the right temp, etc. Could be wrong... of course.

    I have been training as if it were for the Olympics. I decided to get on a health kick about 4 weeks ago for general health purposes with detoxification as a secondary benefit. I had been scoping some new jobs and figured it was a good time for it all. I've been working out 4-6 times a week for 4 weeks now. This includes some 5k runs, some aerobics classes where my shirt is literally drenched afterwards, and lifting weights.

    So similar situation, with lots of exercise, and still can't piss clean 29 days in. I'm currently negotiating a new position that will most likely require a urinalysis. Next week I am supposed to have 2nd interview that will likely result in doing the paperwork, then receiving an official offer, and then ultimately the piss test. So I probably have at least a week before the test or possibly longer. That would be 35+ days.

    If I can't piss clean, my fiance could provide a clean substitute. For all the obvious reasons, I would prefer to just piss myself and pass. Anyways, good luck to you TheShocker and I'll keep you guys posted and my own progress as well. I'm testing daily at this point. The last two days, it seems as if there's a darkness behind where the line would be that hasn't been there on previous tests but you can't really see it via iPhone pic. Maybe I'm imagining it.

  10. TheShocker

    TheShocker New Member

    Sorry haven't updated but here is my update since then.

    On that same day I purchased Creatine Mono-hydrate 2250mg and since then have began loading. That day I was able to produce a clean/negative test after 5 voids and only drink 50oz of water. When I go to take my test I will attempt to void at least double that amount prior to going. I also purchased B2 which I will take 10x the amount prior to going also.

    This morning I did another test on my first void of the day and again I failed. However I believe there was a line but again I think I was imagining it. I am becoming more and more nervous as some people on this forum have failed after still being able to produce a negative on their At home tests. Hope this helps!
  11. hopenbilly

    hopenbilly New Member

    You should practice diluting with your vitamins asap. If you just try it before you go in for you test, you might be totally glowing. I would advise following N2's dilution sticky, as it is the norm and has proven results. Don't forget to fat load a couple days before your test, as this could absorb a few metabolites and help you get below the 50n/g cutoff.

    Good Luck and please post results.
  12. dadrone

    dadrone New Member

    Minus creatine or vitamins, I'll be running a test dilute scenario today. I'm going to continue working out and eating healthy too until a real test date becomes apparent also. I have to believe sweating it out will help. This is day 30 with no smoke so I'm becoming very frustrated and want to get that 2nd line.

    1330 PST: Second void of day is positive
    1345 PST: 16 oz water
    1400 PST: 8 oz water
    1415 PST: 8 oz water
    1430 PST: 8 oz water
    1445 PST: 8 oz water
  13. TheShocker

    TheShocker New Member

    Finally was able to bring myself to be super dilute and added B2. Took about 10 pills of 100mg B2 first void an hour after taking it the urine was neon. Second void was urine yellowish color. However I used one of the First Check At Home Tests and still am positive with no visible line. This is not good and can't understand why. Any feedback?
  14. dadrone

    dadrone New Member

    I'm right there with you TheShocker... still positive, although I did not follow the dilution instructions completely.

    Will try again tomorrow with aspirin included. Heading to the gym now to run for about 40 minutes and sit in the steam room. If I have to test this week or next, I'll have to go with substitution.
  15. hopenbilly

    hopenbilly New Member

    I must say, that it does take time to rid yourself of THC. You need to exercise hard, wear multiple layers and cover your head with something to induce the most sweating. If you have time, eat healthy until a couple days before your test. IE-eat 6-8 small meals a day, like salads, small lean meat portions and snack on fruits,nuts, and veggies. The goal here with this diet is simple: speed up your metabolism and burn more fat than you are taking in by eating.

    If you still have adequate time, do this until you fat load before your test. Exercising and dieting are essential. If you have the time, exercise in the morning and evening, and drink plenty of fluids. The harder you kick your ass, more THC metabolites will be excreted.
  16. TheShocker

    TheShocker New Member

    Well unfortunately I don't have anymore time. Just can't bring myself to take a chance especially with a life changing job in the mix. So I have opted to SUB as Dadrone said. Beginning my practice runs for subbing as I always knew my brother was clean so I scored a full 16oz of yellow urine from him. Practicing with 3oz as we speak and doing trial runs at how long I can keep it warm at a minimum of 100 degrees. I purchased quick fix a long time ago but don't trust it right now with the possibility of being caught for not giving human urine. Also my storage of it was not the best. So i emptied the bottle cleaned and refilled with my trial SUB urine. Purchased 20 packages of Hot Hand - Hand Warmers as they are the ones that get the hottest.
  17. TheShocker

    TheShocker New Member

    I can keep 3oz of urine at 110+ degrees for 30minutes before it drops to just over 100. Walking around with it in my spandex shorts for 15minutes to simulate waiting to urinate then transferring into a plastic cup and testing again with thermometer. Keep it warm in hot water microwaved for 2minutes in a coffee mug. Luckily the testing area is less than 3 miles away about 6 minutes. If it is still too hot I will blow on it a bit. However still debating on taking thermo in with me or just testing before I go in. Doing the test tomorrow in the afternoon so i can spend most of the morning worrying and practicing more.
  18. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Best of luck TheShocker. Here to answer questions if you have more.
  19. TheShocker

    TheShocker New Member

    So this story is long !

    First attempt to SUB was insane! I showed up with urine in a extremely warm cup around 120 degrees. I pulled it from cup in parking lot and tested it with a baby thermometer until the temp was 104.7 degrees. I jocked it with no heat warmer and went in. Needless to say everyone and their mother was apparently sick or had a work injury because there was a line. After waiting for exactly 30minutes my confidence in the heat of the urine was diminishing. So I got up and left before even checking in with the nurse. Got back to my car in a dead sprint and checked it! Sure enough 97.8 degrees drops 7 degrees in 30minutes.

    Drove all the way back home re did the entire setup with new piss from my saved batch. Got the urine to 108.9 before heading in again with two hand warmers wrapped around it. Feeling confident again. Waited this time only 22 minutes before starting paperwork which was very long and extensive. Tons of waivers and what not and had to pay for my testing =( . And was told to wait again in the waiting room for the technician to get his/her paperwork ready. What must of seemed like 10 minutes I was finally called in she handed me a very large plastic cup and marked a purple line on it and said " I need at least this much dont turn on the water and dont flush!" THAT WAS IT! no search ..... no removal of clothing.... no witness of urine coming from my body..... NOTHING!.... I calmly got in and locked the door then proceeded to pour my setup SUB into the cup which was WAYYYYY more than the line she marked but the temp strip read 100. I swirled it and gave it a few blows until it read 98 - 100. and made sure to urinate into the toliet as most people can't stop mid stream .... I wanted to be seen as normal.

    Afterwards she recorded the temp I signed and that was that. I was even given a copy of where it was being sent and everything else. Even the temp recorded which the box was marked between 90 - 100 degrees. A huge weight of worry has been lifted that the SUB went well. I've never had to do this before but feel that SUB is better than dilute since too many variables are left to chance versus getting clean piss and keeping it warm. Practice .... Practice .... and Practice..... I made sure to do this at least 25 times last night and if you wanna count the first miss fire then add an extra 5 this morning. If i had to do it again though I will probably abstain for an even longer period of time maybe 2 - 3 months. I am far from fat actually the exact opposite a gym rat but no matter what the damn THC didn't wanna come out be it the supplements or diet I couldn't get clean in under 40 days.

    Thank you Everyone and Good LUCK!

    P.S. I will post results of the drug test ... However I know they will be clean and not neg dilute as this piss was super dark yellow .... Made sure my lil bro was a little under hydrated lol. Also the test was going to Quest Diagnostics.
  20. dadrone

    dadrone New Member

    Great job TheShocker !

    I have a question... Will a home test read positive if creatine levels are too low (diluted)? Hate to start another thread and quick search did not produce answer.

    I'll keep you posted on my progress TheShocker and maybe that will help your planning in the future.

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